Mythical Pokemon Marshadow Finally Revealed

After six months of both Pokemon Sun & Moon introducing the 7th Generation of Pokemon to the Pokemon Universe, the final Pokemon apart of the generation, the Mythical Pokemon known as Marshadow, has finally been officially revealed. Marshadow is Pokemon #802, the final Pokemon found in the Alola Region and National Pokedex alike, and it will be released later this year apart of a given Wi-Fi Event still to come.

However, like most Mythical Pokemon apart of each generation, Marshadow is again one of the worst kept secrets apart of the 7th Generation. Not only do almost every single Pokemon Fan know about it, but it was actually coded way back in the Sun & Moon Demo Version. All players knew this reveal would be coming sooner of later - being done during the trailer of the 17th Movie called I Choose You that recaptures the moment Ash Ketchum and Pikachu first met - but now they can look forward to Marshadow being released after this reveal.

Posted: 8th Apr 2017 by Warrior13
Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Moon