10 Pokemon Sun and Moon Evolutions that Make Sense

#9 - Ninetales

Next up we have Ninetales, the pure Fire Type Pokemon from the Original Generation of Pokemon. Ninetales has been around for virtually forever, being released back in the First Generation Games of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow. It was originally one of the first version exclusive Pokemon back in those games, and it, as well as Arcanine, required to be traded for in order to complete your Pokedex.

Like Volcarona, Ninetales really only has one thing going for it to get a Mega Evolution, and that lies in its Hidden Ability. Ninetales is only one of three Pokemon to receive the ability Drought, and the other two are either a Mega Evolution (Mega Charizard Y) or received a Primal Evolution (Groudon). If history and patterns repeat themselves, then Ninetales will be the next Pokemon to harness the power of the Sun and have the chance to Mega Evolve.

As a Mega Evolution, Ninetales would be built very similar to the way it is now. It already has decent statistics that are in its favor, so it would continue to have these few advantages. We see it receiving a huge boost to both its Speed and Special Attack, one that wouldn't see a loss without no item to further help it, as well as a smaller boost to its defenses statistics.

Since Drought is already a great and unique ability, it would only make sense that it would keep such an asset. Drought allows it to have an extra power boost to its Fire Type Attacks, as well as being a great setup for teams in Double and Triple Battles. As for its typing, well, we'd like to hope Ninetales would finally become a Fire/Psychic Pokemon. Ninetales had always had that Psychic sort of vibe this the original release of Pokemon, and its Shiny Form only magnifies this overall appearance.

Posted: 31st Mar 2016 by Warrior13
Pokemon Sun, mega evolutions