10 Pokemon Sun and Moon Evolutions that Make Sense

It was just recently that the Pokemon Company broke the news of the Upcoming Releases of Sun & Moon. There is still much speculation on what these games will be about, as well as if the concept of Mega Evolutions will continue in the series.

Since the idea of Mega Evolutions were literally just created in the most recent Generation of Pokemon, it wouldn't surprise anyone if the company continued on with the concept. However, the company could easily not included Mega Evolutions and Primal Reversion in the next Generation to be. Some of the executives could very well might want to move on with bolder, fresher ideas, leaving "what happens in the Sixth Generation, to stay in the Sixth Generation."

Yet since it is more likely of the former happening, there are number of Pokemon that come to mind that fit into the theme of the Sun & Moon that could very well use a Mega Evolutions. So we're going to go ahead and list the ten Pokemon that have already been released in previous Generations that make sense to receive one. Most of these Pocket Monsters have have a connection to the titles of the games - the only thing really known about them thus far - but a few go a little passed that mark.

Pokemon That Just Missed The Cut:

There is really only one Pokemon that just missed the cut in our minds, and that Pokemon is none other that Magearna. Magearna was the first Pokemon released that gave hints to Pokemon Sun & Moon, and though it wouldn't surprise anyone if it was yet another Mythical Pokemon to receive a Mega Evolutions, we just see that as not being so likely right now. It has more a connection to Volcanion that anything else, and doesn't really fit the scheme of either the Sun or Moon. Yet, still, we wouldn't be shocked if it even does receive one, should the concept of such continues.

Now without further delay, here are the 10 Mega Evolutions that would make sense in Pokemon Sun & Moon!

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#10 - Volcarona

We begin with none other than Volcarona, the mysterious Bug/Fire Type Pokemon. Volcarona was first released back in the Fifth Generation of Pokemon in Black & White, with a unique process of finding it similar to Rotom back in the Fourth generation Games. It isn't considered to be a Legend, much like Rotom, but it still had a special theme and song when found in the Wild.

What Volcarona has going for it, above all else, to receive a Mega Evolution is its Species Type. Volcarona is one of a few Pokemon that apart of the Sun Species, and no offense towards the other which includes Sunflora, but Volcarona supersedes all the rest within this given species. It also is a better face that would fit into the overall theme of Pokemon Sun.

As a Mega Evolution, Volcarona could be pretty scary. The Pokemon is already a threat in the current games with its access to Quiver Dance, and would a seriously power Pokemon if it did receive one. Since it is already a good statistical Pokemon, we can see it getting or keeping a not-so-great ability like Flash Fire or Swarm. It just wouldn't make sense to make it unbeatable, since no Mega Evolution is. We also see it most likely staying a Bug/Fire Type Pokemon with a Mega Evolution being added, but it would be nice if it actually turned into a Flying/Fire Type to avoid super effective Ground Type Attacks.

With the 100 Base Stat Boost, we could see Mega Volcarona receiving a big boost to both its Special Attack and Special Defense, with smaller but still substantial boosts to its Attack and Defense. To keep it realistic, we don't think it would receive a Speed Boost. It still has Quiver Dance to boost that, and it would give it at least one disadvantage against other Pokemon.

Posted: 31st Mar 2016 by Warrior13
Pokemon Sun, mega evolutions