Pokemon Finally Releases Alola Starters With Hidden Abilities!

It has been close to a year and a half since the Alola Region was first added to the World of Pokemon through the adventure of Pokemon Sun & Moon, and now, finally, players obtain the Alola Region Starters with their given Hidden Abilities. If you don't already know, Hidden Abilities are the alternate abilities that most Pokemon can have, and more often than not, they are all the more better than a Pokemon's regular abilities.

This can also be said for the Alola Region Starters, the same players can now obtain with their Hidden Abilities by having or purchasing the PokeBank App of one's Nintendo 3DS. After obtaining PokeBank, players can automatically earn these Event Pokemon by accessing said app. By doing this very thing, players will have a Decidueye with the ability of Long Reach, an Incineroar with the ability of Intimidate, and a Primarina with the ability of Liquid Voice sent to their versions of either Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Moon, Pokemon Ultra Sun, or Pokemon Ultra Moon.