Top 10 Greatest Pokemon Designs

#1 - Charizard

We know, we know... You saw this coming... But there was just no way, at least in all of the great minds composing these rankings, to not have Charizard as having the greatest (and coolest) Pokemon design... EVER... From its sheek design with its burning flamed tail to its angry looking face and mentality to wings and claws, Charizard HAS IT ALL. He also had the chance to be owned by Ash Ketchum, and that always helps out a Pokemon. There is no question as to why Charizard is probably the most famous Pokemon in existence, even more popular than Mega Rayquaza, Mew, Mewtwo, and, yes, even Pikachu. Why do you think ALMOST everyone chose Charmander as their very first Pokemon? Why do you think Charizard is seen on the most competitive Pokemon Teams (in one of its form)? Why do you think the First Edition Charizard Card is one of the most expensive cards in the world today? We'll tell you this: It's definitely not because of its stats. No. It has 100% to do with its great design.

And if that's not enough, Charizard also has TWO AMAZING MEGA EVOLUTION FORMS. Yes... TWO! Mega Charizard Y continues off of the foundation of Charizard's Regular Form, being a speedy Special Attack Sweeper. And Mega Charizard X actually makes Charizard what it was always meant to be: A Dragon Type Pokemon. It possesses INCREDIBLE strength and speed, easily being able to sweep teams. That's right! Charizard doesn't have just one great form, but three equally as great ones. And each and every one has an AMAZING Design. It's almost not fair, as no other Pokemon (out of 721) has been given this type of favor, except Mewtwo of course. But not even it made this list.

There is no doubt or question that Charizard has the best design in the history of Pokemon.

Final Thoughts:

So much design expertise in this article, even though most of you might have expected Charizard to have the top spot. Ever since the the first generation of Pokemon, Charizard has been a fan favorite. And this mainly was because of its awesome design. Mega Rayquaza is also great looking, but it just will never have that nostalgia like Charizard.

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Posted: 28th Sep 2015 by Warrior13
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