Essential Pokemon Emerald GameShark Codes and How to use Them

If you are not familiar with a GameShark device you may be wondering how you enter all of those codes found on our Gameshark codes page for Pokemon Emerald. Well basically it is a physical cheat device attachment which you plug into your game system, in this case the GameBoy Advance which allows you to effectively change some parameters of the game which allow you to do various creative things like walk through walls, catch your choice of Pokemon, Teleport virtually anywhere and much more.

Where can I get one of these things you may ask... Well I would say because of the age of the GBA, look to get one second hand, on the obvious sites such as Ebay.

So, assuming you have one of these lets move onto how you go about entering your codes into the device to manipulate your game.

Firstly, with your GBA (GameBoy Advance) turned off and no game cartridge installed, insert the GameShark into the GBA, then insert your game cartridge into the GameShark, turn the GameShark on with it's switch, then turn on your GBA.

You should now have access to the cheats menu. There may be a load for your game already pre-installed, in that case, just select the one you want to activate and away you go. Alternatively you may want to enter your own codes, in this game. It'll ask for the 'master code' used to ensure you can use your codes correctly, enter that, then enter the codes as desired and name them for easy reference. Then just press A on each code you want to initiate and press start when you're done. We have a humungoud list of Gameshark codes for Pokemon Emerald right here.

However! If you are gonna use GameShark beware if you enter the codes wrong you could end up with a.............BAD EGG!! wich can kill you save file or even the whole game!!!!! so enter the codes without error or else. Be wary, there are loads of reports of problems with people overusing cheats or pushing the limits too far and spoiling their game and having to start over, so while it is fun to use, it is not without risk.

Check out this video if you want something visual to illustrate the usage of the GameShark.

So what codes should I try out - You have so many!

Yes we do, we are very fortunate to have had so many fantastic GameShark code submissions for so many games to our website over the years. We trawled through our Pokemon Emerald GameShark Codes pages and picked out what we think are the essential ones you should take a look out and experiement with - Remember, this is at your own risk, if they don't work well for you, or damage your save game, please don't scream at us!

All of our GameShark codes for Pokemon Emerald can be found here:
- Below is a selection of some of the best.

Infinite Money

If you need extra help with this code, or would like to comment, please do so on the code page for this submission:

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Teleport Codes

As explained above, set up your GBA and GameShark, select your game and start entering the code you want. Firstly you must enter the Master Code. Then one of the Warp/Teleport codes that are found in this section below.

This code can be found here on our website if you would like to comment on it, or need specific help with using it.

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Walk Through Walls

This is a walk through walls code please read the warning below before using it.

If you need extra help with this code or would like to comment, then please do so on the code page which is here:

7881A409 E2026E0C
C56CFACA DC167904

This code messes with the game. So when this cheat is active avoid using space bar to speed up the game . If you do, don't use it continuously ,if you keep on pressing the game will crash. So use it carefully. Also save the game once in a while so that even if the game crashes you can replay it from the saved part and 1 more thing , after using the cheat disable it, don't keep it on all the time you are playing . Keep in mind once you activate this cheat , even you disable it there are chances of the game crashing. So keep saving. Hope this helped.

TM Modifier

How about a cheat which allows you to change the move that is learnt when a TM or HM is used on a Pokemon. The game will still show the old name of the move, and you will still only be able to teach it to Pokemon that can learn
The original move.

If you need extra help with this code or would like to comment, then please do so on the code page which is here:

Master Code, Must Be On
D8BAE4D9 4864DCE5
A86CDBA5 19BA49B3

TM Modifier Codes
1F05FE3 C17F841D Empty Move
5F64C2FC F93FF70F Pound
E2BC1763 648CC639 Karate Chop
B8D96B39 0C28AA2E Doubleslap
EB4762C1 887567C2 Comet Punch
2A774274 EB02B9A8 Mega Punch
1EB46328 4DC6416B Pay Day
9D5AF334 76BC943B Fire Punch
5DE45BF2 ACA6FE50 Ice Punch
8F3E875F 8C14BC62 Thunderpunch
68B1E26D 2557D200 Scratch
D8ACA69D 65FB12BA ViceGrip
2BF1BA61 8AA2DEBD Guillotine
AA14CB14 AFFBB3CC Razor Wind
E0055F60 4E2BCAD0 Swords Dance
FDC0B14B 6ACA538D Cut
5DF7CC0E 4B4F7A09 Gust
3B28F3E6 BC56D67C Wing Attack
77F824D8 64E6663E Whirlwind
88DC338F 5E3660DB Fly
0F9F8B1A E81CCA8D Bind
21619235 8FDF644D Slam
B9235CF7 202FDD5A Vine Whip
809F9D49 FE0A0152 Stomp
65BD8856 C2D50B67 Double Kick
F9E7D893 8BD405C1 Mega Kick
A10B0C34 B7A5B362 Jump Kick
8DF6B5D8 D10B1E3D Rolling Kick
A686DDB1 2DFE9ED8 Sand-Attack
83130885 003B7B09 Headbutt
5C599878 30CCB105 Horn Attack
1DA6A312 3B284D5F Fury Attack
C9B90D4C C13E39F7 Horn Drill
DB62EA41 9BA7DBDA Tackle
5993D767 E329A7AB Body Slam
5FD8BB3A 9ED41BBE Wrap
704DA159 39D7528D Take Down
CC13E112 0B52DA77 Thrash
8B20ECBF 13AD953D Double-Edge
4848A40B 1D30877B Tail Whip
1C5A8FEA 6F5624C0 Poison Sting
74627454 9EFBBBF4 Twineedle
23E3B81C 99DBCE09 Pin Missile
C19F1E20 9784F1EA Leer
28F42546 10E9A73A Bite
BBFB93DC 0BD998C0 Growl
8FDF8127 2DC213E6 Roar
B7FE9AA3 1CC06C59 Sing
08BD1D9B 5A31A0A2 Supersonic
BB7F5726 CDA80309 Sonicboom
F1854AC6 BC4804D4 Disable
EA45F61F 2EC751CE Acid
67554D68 7CA139EC Ember
F05B8B15 3F01B487 Flamethrower
1F2CE7B4 42C16F35 Mist
AAAA7BA5 1EAF713E Water Gun
0A1C95E6 C12AF0EC Hydro Pump
C2A1D7AF 0A81337B Surf
4EC5D6E1 07E39C06 Ice Beam
FAEBA6E6 B5AA79DD Blizzard
609C0F0E 51C4B281 Psybeam
AAFE5BC8 3CBBD947 Bubblebeam
07C5A823 728113C5 Aurora Beam
0373E193 B8655356 Hyper Beam
7FB1C675 19BAE41D Peck
6F58BE03 804630C4 Drill Peck
3E77B867 6C9F130D Submission
7E130A74 119F6B68 Low Kick
3B06D81A 945F72DA Counter
97432470 C8F4C433 Seismic Toss
8FE6FE85 B7FDB677 Strength
927CE584 D483DAE1 Absorb
A82B72C8 6859E851 Mega Drain
045D9321 EB8BD66A Leech Seed
18DAD274 3716058F Growth
669DA897 4D3D25F5 Razor Leaf
A336383C 998276B4 Solarbeam
A8CC4981 44F861A7 Poisonpowder
1D3C13CA C28E478C Stun Spore
7EFE3D12 4426F25F Sleep Powder
FEF67195 3C3494E5 Petal Dance
26E0CACE 108BD780 String Shot
37C02937 868217D2 Dragon Rage
C7E5C404 910CDB43 Fire Spin
9B798944 E11DE03E Thundershock
DCA74ACE 747456EA Thunderbolt
D379C6C1 32EDFA1A Thunder Wave
47E4C497 1D976868 Thunder
94B88EE5 CADFBA47 Rock Throw
A5CEC545 003099D2 Earthquake
DD8E12A3 78CEA773 Fissure
8D5CBF07 8D5A1382 Dig
56E12107 CCF74348 Toxic
C6C1F2E1 ED18AA95 Confusion
E1BBEB00 856CA740 Psychic
121629B5 8F496CD1 Hypnosis
14989500 1CF49078 Meditate
971AD97C 79893EEA Agility
2885E227 70CDD10E Quick Attack
BD0FAD2D D1204A3A Rage
02569D98 EF6A49B1 Teleport
83E63AEC BED18F03 Night Shade
D4E555DA F19FBF39 Mimic
F69779E2 183E1C03 Screech
591D9074 54BF1390 Double Team
5DF9DCCB F86375FA Recover
1A2B7A42 16A8E1CF Harden
86329388 F7B76842 Minimize
098A28AD E23D90E5 Smokescreen
9A521E08 0E2EB66B Confuse Ray
98179C80 A24A8D3A Withdraw
7BCF927D B4C116A1 Defense Curl
AA01C67B A995E270 Barrier
E0719910 B031D511 Light Screen
E1A86697 4B340BDB Haze
0CE82688 8DA8B656 Reflect
E82927DD 3BD10FEF Focus Energy
07F42838 8DE9A392 Bide
788A0625 BBC98EAB Metronome
99ACCB3C BC30585A Mirror Move
F2933D49 21C910A8 Selfdestruct
C7A91003 2C186312 Egg Bomb
BA1905B8 185BADC6 Lick
F92FA348 0241EF63 Smog
AAC4AC11 243C73BC Sludge
A4A84D9C D2C46896 Bone Club
FA493970 528BC4CF Fire Blast
95CDE7E7 CC525D1C Waterfall
11DAF9EA D81D425C Clamp
9482997E ACF94B36 Swift
34C1118E 0228FD61 Skull Bash
0BB391B8 D4B6E56D Spike Cannon
C1AF637C 0E626C25 Constrict
E39A638D 3E54A113 Amnesia
96176CF0 14A57B24 Kinesis
81356143 2D4BCFA2 Softboiled
330379D9 D1FF202F Hi Jump Kick
D40CCA32 100D83EF Glare