Essential Pokemon Emerald GameShark Codes and How to use Them

If you are not familiar with a GameShark device you may be wondering how you enter all of those codes found on our Gameshark codes page for Pokemon Emerald. Well basically it is a physical cheat device attachment which you plug into your game system, in this case the GameBoy Advance which allows you to effectively change some parameters of the game which allow you to do various creative things like walk through walls, catch your choice of Pokemon, Teleport virtually anywhere and much more.

Where can I get one of these things you may ask... Well I would say because of the age of the GBA, look to get one second hand, on the obvious sites such as Ebay.

So, assuming you have one of these lets move onto how you go about entering your codes into the device to manipulate your game.

Firstly, with your GBA (GameBoy Advance) turned off and no game cartridge installed, insert the GameShark into the GBA, then insert your game cartridge into the GameShark, turn the GameShark on with it's switch, then turn on your GBA.

You should now have access to the cheats menu. There may be a load for your game already pre-installed, in that case, just select the one you want to activate and away you go. Alternatively you may want to enter your own codes, in this game. It'll ask for the 'master code' used to ensure you can use your codes correctly, enter that, then enter the codes as desired and name them for easy reference. Then just press A on each code you want to initiate and press start when you're done. We have a humungoud list of Gameshark codes for Pokemon Emerald right here.

However! If you are gonna use GameShark beware if you enter the codes wrong you could end up with a.............BAD EGG!! wich can kill you save file or even the whole game!!!!! so enter the codes without error or else. Be wary, there are loads of reports of problems with people overusing cheats or pushing the limits too far and spoiling their game and having to start over, so while it is fun to use, it is not without risk.

Check out this video if you want something visual to illustrate the usage of the GameShark.

So what codes should I try out - You have so many!

Yes we do, we are very fortunate to have had so many fantastic GameShark code submissions for so many games to our website over the years. We trawled through our Pokemon Emerald GameShark Codes pages and picked out what we think are the essential ones you should take a look out and experiement with - Remember, this is at your own risk, if they don't work well for you, or damage your save game, please don't scream at us!

All of our GameShark codes for Pokemon Emerald can be found here:

- Below is a selection of some of the best.

Infinite Money

If you need extra help with this code, or would like to comment, please do so on the code page for this submission:

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Teleport Codes

As explained above, set up your GBA and GameShark, select your game and start entering the code you want. Firstly you must enter the Master Code. Then one of the Warp/Teleport codes that are found in this section below.

This code can be found here on our website if you would like to comment on it, or need specific help with using it.

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Walk Through Walls

This is a walk through walls code please read the warning below before using it.

If you need extra help with this code or would like to comment, then please do so on the code page which is here:

7881A409 E2026E0C

C56CFACA DC167904

This code messes with the game. So when this cheat is active avoid using space bar to speed up the game . If you do, don't use it continuously ,if you keep on pressing the game will crash. So use it carefully. Also save the game once in a while so that even if the game crashes you can replay it from the saved part and 1 more thing , after using the cheat disable it, don't keep it on all the time you are playing . Keep in mind once you activate this cheat , even you disable it there are chances of the game crashing. So keep saving. Hope this helped.

TM Modifier

How about a cheat which allows you to change the move that is learnt when a TM or HM is used on a Pokemon. The game will still show the old name of the move, and you will still only be able to teach it to Pokemon that can learn

The original move.

If you need extra help with this code or would like to comment, then please do so on the code page which is here:

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Shiny Pokemon!

How about a code which gives you a Shiny version of any Pokemon, read on for full instructions.

If you need extra help with this one or want to comment, please use this page:

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Pokemon Event Codes

This are the codes for going to faraway, birth island & Navel Rock. Attention! This codes will only work if you get through a door and later you will be in the place you have coded. After this, disable the code to enter their areas.

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If you need further help with this code or would like to comment please do so on this page:

Wild pokemon modifier cheat for Pokemon Emerald

If you need further help with this code or would like to comment please do so on this page:

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A Selection of Generally Useful Codes

Here is a selection of generally useful codes, if you need some help with these ones or would like to comment, please do so on the code page for this submission which is here:

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Action Replay Codes

The Action Replay is a similar device to the GameShark, if you have one of those and needa little help entering your codes with that device, then we have a handy little video explaining how to do just that over on this page.