Top 10 Greatest Pokemon Designs

#9 - Hoopa Unbound

Another Pokemon to have an AMAZING Design is Hoopa Unbound, and it proved you don't have to look nice to have one of the best. Hoopa Unbound, to put it lightly, is terrifying, and it all begins with its look. To start, Hoopa has six different arms, each with a given claw. Each of them can create portals that can cause a fiasco unlike anything ever seen before; each can transport rivaling Legends to one area to destroy the World of Pokemon. Only Arceus, the God of Pokemon, could even think about stopping such a powerful, evil force. But that's not where it ends, as Hoopa's design continues to give up even more horrors. Have you noticed its pointed tail? The horns on his head? The devilish look upon its face? And really, that's what Hoopa compares to most: a devil. It loves stirring the glass, if you may, and will enjoy every last second of it AND every last scream of horror AND every last tear of sorrow. It will stop at NOTHING less than sheer terror. AND IT DOESN'T END THERE... We'd also like to mention the black-hole like portal where Hoopa Unbound's heart should be. It's fitting really, as something with this much evil doesn't really have a heart.

The World of Pokemon has NEVER seen anything like this. Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza were scary, but more because of the power they possessed. Hoopa Unbound bring a whole new level to word "evil", especially found in Pokemon. And along with its incredibly terrifying design comes enough power that can destroy the world; if it takes Arceus to stop it, you know it's pretty darn strong. Nothing, not even all the evil organizations trying to take over the Pokemon World combined, compare to horror that is Hoopa Unbound.

Posted: 28th Sep 2015 by Warrior13
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