Top 10 Pokemon Elite Four Members

They're suppose to be some of the strongest trainers for each of their given regions, these twenty-three (so far) individuals. They're called to test trainers to the absolute limit; to stop them from proceeding and ever reaching the Pokemon League Champions. We're talking about Elite Four Members.

Hey there everyone! It's us again, the Pokemon Experts of SuperCheats, and this time we're bringing you who we feel are the greatest Elite Four Members that have been introduced to the World of Pokemon. At the current time (Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire), there has only been a grand total of twenty-three Elite Four Members. These trainers are suppose to be the best of the best, and in whatever game you play, this will quickly become apparent in battle with them. Now you might be questioning how there has been only twenty-three since it isn't divisible by four; but you must remember that there was one trainer who actually was apart of TWO DIFFERENT Elite Four.

Many factors will go into these rankings:1) How popular the trainer was in both the game and anime series; 2) How strong their given Pokemon Teams were; and, 3) Their specific role in both series. Each trainer will EARN his or her respective ranking; no bias opinion, thoughts, or beliefs will be included in the reasoning behind each ranking.

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Now we usually tend to like listing the selections that came up just short of our top ten, but since there are only twenty-three possible options and we're going to be ranking close to half of them, we thought it wasn't necessary to do so. The other thirteen missed the cut, obviously, because they weren't popular enough, they didn't play a key role in the game or anime series, or they just didn't have THAT tough of a team.

And with that being said, let's get started!

#10 - Lorelei

We begin our search for the best Elite Four Member by starting off with Lorelei, the first Elite Four member of all-time that most Pokemon Fans battled. Lorelei, like mentioned, was the very first Elite Four Member back in original Pokemon Games, Pokemon Red and Blue. She specialized in Water and Ice Type Pokemon, and she was one tough trainer. Unlike Giovanni and the other Gym Leaders, she had some REAL POWER. All of her Pokemon were leveled in the mid-50s, and it was a reality check for many trainers when they got to the Pokemon League.

Her Pokemon included Lapras, Jynx, Slowbro, Cloyster, and Dewgong. Her bulky defensive Pokemon posed many challenges to these new trainers, and she often defeated them before they could even make a dent in her Pokemon Team. The main reason behind this was because her Pokemon also have really good offensive stats. All of her Pokemon can unleash some harsh attacks, and they could then take whatever the opponent (you) had to throw at them. More often then not, many trainers had to go back to Victory Road to train some more just to beat her. But after doing so, they soon realized that it wasn't going to get much easier.

The main problem with Lorelei as an Elite Four Member, like many others, is she doesn't play any real role in the Anime Series. She is she here and there, but we just wish she actually did something there. She also didn't do much in the games she was in either, mainly just fulfilling her Elite Four Duties. At least she eventually had a role in the after-story with Team Rocket in the remakes of Pokemon Red and Blue (Pokemon Fire Red and Pokemon Leaf Green). If it weren't for that and her IMPECCABLE Pokemon, she may not have even made our list.