Top 10 Greatest Pokemon Designs

Baseball is a game of hits. Sometimes you get a single, sometimes a double, and sometimes a triple; sometimes you strikeout and sometimes you get a free walk. But sometimes they hit the ball just right, and it soars through the air for a homerun. Pokemon, in terms of their individual designs, are similar to that of baseball. And this time around, we're going to judge the best of best home runs for Pokemon Design.

Each of the Pokemon found in this piece will be judge solely upon how cool and incredible their designs are, but we'll also mention and describe their place in the Pokemon World and perhaps even a moveset of two. These other details won't have anything to do with their ranking, just a little extra knowledge and such. No bias opinions will be shown in these rankings.

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Before we officially begin, we'd like to mention a few Pokemon that just didn't have what it took to make our list. Many of them still could be considered homeruns in terms of over design, but they just didn't make the cut in our minds. Anyway, here are the ones that fell just short:

Mew - One of the most cute and popular Pokemon in existence.

Mewtwo - Has shear power, and its design back this up.

Dragonite - The original Dragon Pokemon and Pseudo Legend, which will always be cool.

Eeveelutions - One of the most fascinating evolution chains in existence.

Salamence - What you'd expect a Dragon Powerhouse to look like.

Mega Metagross - Uber cool looking with all of its arms and such.

Latias & Latios - The Eon Pokemon will always have that nostalgic look and flare.

Mega Diancie - Beautifully Powerful.

Now that those have been mentioned, let's begin with the real design greatness.

#10 - Mega Swampert

We'd like to begin with Mega Swampert, the ultra buffed Pokemon. Now Swampert in its Regular Form looked nothing like its Mega Form; it's rather scrawny, to put it lightly. And no one knew what Mega Swampert would look like, but we knew Swampert would receive a Mega Form. No one expected what we got. Mega Swampert looks like something that will just kick down anything and everything in its path. Just look at those arms! Mega Swampert has to be the most buffed out Pokemon in existence; it could even be the strongest Pokemon in the World of Pokemon. Any Pokemon, shoot any living being in general, would be terrified if this thing was in its way. It looks like it will mess you up, and enjoy every moment while doing it.

Mega Swampert is also a pretty darn good Pokemon, like most of the Mega Evolutions. It has an incredible Attack Stat, one that allows it to easily sweep teams. But Mega Swampert does best when it's in rain, as its speed immediately doubles. Mega Swampert then has the Speed and Power to literally destroy anything in front of it. And with moves like Earthquake, Aqua Tail and Waterfall - which all receive the added STAB power boost - it can do so easily. Swampert was never anything special - especially because of its speed - but Mega Swampert takes it to a different, much superior level.

But even if Mega Swampert didn't have the stats that is has, it still wouldn't have been popular solely because of its design. Anything, and we mean ANYTHING, that looks as good as it does, it would easily become one of the many Fan Favorites. Step one in being a popular Pokemon starts with design, and Mega Swampert has one of the best out there.

Posted: 28th Sep 2015 by Warrior13
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