Top 10 Greatest Pokemon Designs

#6 - Blaziken

One of the greatest Physical Sweepers in Competitive Play is Blaziken, and its design definitely backs up this status. Blaziken is actually a Giant, Fire Blowing, Hi Jump Kicking Chicken, and even though that sounds like one of the weirdest things ever, it's still very much so amazing. Blaziken looks like what a Pokemon should: a creature that possesses amazing power and will literally crush anything you tell it to. And believe us, Blaziken has more than enough power to spare. Its design is where it all begins, but many factors go into Blaziken's popularity.

And a lot like Darkrai, Mega Swampert and Hoopa Unbound, Blaziken has the statistical makeup to backup such an incredible design. Like we said, Blaziken is one of the best pure Physical Sweepers in the World of Pokemon. It begins with its Speed Boost Ability. Within two moves in any battle, Blaziken is the fastest Pokemon alive. Only Prankster Ability or Move Priority Pokemon can move before it, which isn't much. And when you add this type of speed with just one Swords Dance and the boost from the Life Orb, Blaziken is virtually unstoppable. It has more power than you can possibly image (more than that of non Choice Band Mega Rayquaza), and it can literally sweep just about any Pokemon. And this includes ones that aren't even weak to Blaziken's Flare Blitz or Hi Jump Kick. It's a scary thought, but with Blaziken, it's reality.

But since this is all about design, Blaziken doesn't rank as high as it could. Only a few Pokemon tops its power, and the same is true in terms of designs. Only a few Pokemon match up better than Blaziken is that regard, and each and every one of those Pokemon are found ranked ahead of it on this list.

Posted: 28th Sep 2015 by Warrior13
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