Top 10 Greatest Pokemon Designs

#3 - Blastoise

Sneaking into the top three of our list of the best Pokemon Designs is Blastoise, the second most famous Kanto Starter Final Evolution. Blastoise, we must say, has one of the best designs ever. It has a WICKED designs that goes along with the dinosaur themed Starters of the First Generation. Could you just imagine having one of these things in real life? A Giant Dinosaur Tortoise with giant fire hydrants hidden inside its shell, and it can uses these pumps at will. That alone is awesome, but the physical bulk of Blastoise adds to its design greatness. Up until Groudon, Rhyperior and Mega Swampert, Blastoise was the tank - physically. Just look at those arms and legs! They look like they can definitely pack a punch.

Like the other Kanto Starter Pokemon, Blastoise also was given a Mega Evolution. And it got even more bulky! Its arm and legs grew better, and two pumps were moved to its arm. The two tanks on its back combine together to make one ultra pump. Mega Blastoise has some serious bulk, but it still doesn't compare to Charizard or its Mega Forms. But that's okay.

Only two Pokemon top Blastoise in design, but nothing is wrong with being ranked as having the third best Pokemon Design. And really, some might think it just isn't fair with these other two Pokemon. They have just about everything going for it, and they'll always be better than Blastoise in just about every single area. They have better designs; they have more popularity than it; they have better statistics; they have better moves; they have better EVERYTHING. And one of them is a Pokemon that Blastoise knows very well. If it weren't for these two other Pokemon, Blastoise would easily have the best design in Pokemon. Hands down.

Posted: 28th Sep 2015 by Warrior13
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