Top 10 Greatest Pokemon Designs

#2 - Mega Rayquaza

Having a better design than Blastoise but still coming up just short of the best overall design in the World of Pokemon is Mega Rayquaza. Now Rayquaza in its normal form is still a good looking Pokemon. It's a little terrifying - especially when you consider its strength - but it still has an overall decent design. But in its Mega Form, however, Rayquaza becomes one of the most mighty and majestic Pokemon that the world has ever seen. From it's now perfected body to its tassel flames branching off its core, Mega Rayquaza is a thing of beauty. And really, IT SHOULD BE. Mega Rayquaza was the first ever documented Mega Evolution - revealed in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire - and it definitely looks like it. Mega Evolution is suppose to be a chaotic combination of beauty and strength that ultimately create perfection for the given Pokemon, and that's exactly what Mega Rayquaza appears as. That alone sees it ranked this high.

But if we were to consider beyond the design, Mega Rayquaza might have stolen the number one ranking on this list. The Pokemon who took the top spot has a lot of power in many different ways and forms, but NONE of them compare to Mega Rayquaza in terms of brute strength. Mega Rayquaza is the strongest Pokemon right now in Pokemon, having some of the best stats AND being able to also hold a Battle Item. No other Mega Evolution can do this, and it puts Mega Rayquaza on a level that no other Pokemon can say they're on. It, Mega Rayquaza that is, can sweep just about every team; especially it is being ran with the Life Orb, Choice Band or Choice Scarf with the moves ExtremeSpeed, Dragon Claw/Outrage, V-Create and, of course, Dragon Ascent. But since we're only judging these Pokemon on their designs, Mega Rayquaza will have to settle with this given ranking.

Posted: 28th Sep 2015 by Warrior13
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