Top 10 Greatest Pokemon Designs

#8 - Lucario

The next best Pokemon Design, at least in our minds, is Lucario, the Aura Pokemon. Now Lucario is a Fighting Dog like Pokemon who can read and sense auras, and it's a pretty cool Pokemon. Just look at it; it looks strong and fierce, as well as completely loyal. On top of having a great look, Lucario was also given a movie all about it. And whenever a Pokemon has had this privilege, its popularity normally skyrockets. The same is true for Lucario, who is beloved by many Pokemon Fans. It also was given a Mega Evolution, which is pretty darn cool. Mega Lucario was actually the first Mega Evolution that most Pokemon Fans battled with and captured (with Katrina in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y). And that will always be special to many Pokemon Fans, like they're first Starter Pokemon or first Pokemon Capture.

Along with all of these things, Lucario actually has some pretty good statistics for a Pokemon. It has a decent Base Speed Stat, as well as pretty darn high Base Attack and Special Attack Stats. Lucario has good enough stats to sweep Pokemon Teams, though its Mega Evolution has a much easier time accomplishing this. Mega Lucario is a much better Pokemon statistically, but not so great aesthetically. The whole dreadlocks things is kind of weird on Mega Lucario, but its power and speed combination is well worth it. Mega Lucario has much more speed than Lucario, and A LOT more power than it. However, this article is all about Design, and Lucario looks much better than Mega Lucario. Actually... Lucario looks better than A LOT of Pokemon; it IS ranked in our top ten.

But since not much more can be done with Lucario, especially in regards to its overall design, this ranking will have to do. And really, we think that this is the best place for it, as the Pokemon ranked ahead of it are MUCH better looking.

Posted: 28th Sep 2015 by Warrior13
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