Top 10 Greatest Pokemon Designs

#7 - Darkrai

Being a lot like Hoopa Unbound, in terms of being evilishly good looking, is Darkrai, the next Pokemon to make our list. Out all of all the Legendary Pokemon that came from the Sinnoh Region, Darkrai became the most popular and sought after of the bunch. Not even Arceus, the supposed Pokemon God, could compare to the hype around Darkrai. It was just given such a dark and cool design, and every Pokemon Trainer out there wanted one. This thing has a design that just says it wants to hurt you, and it will bring you to the dark depths of the underworld after doing so.

And unlike some of the Pokemon on this list, Darkrai isn't just a one trick pony. Darkrai actually has a lot going for it besides its design, which is the perfect foundation for such a Pokemon. It has a remarkable ability in Bad Dreams, which just goes perfectly with its exclusive Dark Void move. Dark Void has one of the highest chances to cause slumber (only Spore is more accurate), and then Bad Dreams absorbs Hit Points away from the sleeping Pokemon. Add this to moves like Dream Eater and Dark Pulse (as well as Event Exclusive moves like Spacial Rend, Roar of Time, and Phantom Force), along with its incredible Special Attack and Speed statistics, and you have one WICKED Pokemon on your hands... Literally.

Only perhaps two or three Pokemon ranked ahead of Darkrai on this list actually are the perfect package like it, and it would be ranked much higher if we were just on all of these different categories, But we're not... And since there are still Pokemon with better designs than it, Darkrai will have to settle for being ranked seventh. Not too bad, considering there are SEVEN HUNDRED & TWENTY-ONE POKEMON IN EXISTENCE!

Posted: 28th Sep 2015 by Warrior13
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