Top 10 Greatest Pokemon Designs

#5 - Pikachu

We know that all of you saw this coming, but it just wouldn't have been realistic for Pikachu not to have been on this list. It IS the face of the whole Franchise, for a matter of fact. And if you have that title, you must have a pretty cool design. From Pikachu's cute little sparks for cheeks to its little body and twitchy ears, all the way to its pointy power-packed tail; Pikachu has everything you want in a Pokemon. It's almost perfect design (at least for an Electric Mouse) was the main reason as to why it was chosen to be Ash's companion. From there, Pikachu became one of the most popular Pokemon in existence.

And really, that's all Pikachu is. We don't want to say its HORRIBLE Pokemon, but it just doesn't have THAT great of stats AND it really isn't seen in competitive play. Most player just use it - if they do - for the main storyline of games, since Pikachu doesn't have much power outside it. It does pack a pretty good punch when holding the Light Orb, but it can still be easily One Hit KO'd because of its HORRID Defensive Stats. It also doesn't have THAT much speed, which is always a concern. However, it does have the privilege of being able to learn Volt Tackle, which further boosts its greatness. You can't find any Pokemon that looks better when using a certain move than Pikachu with Volt Tackle. How it lights up and then the color fades as its runs is simply REMARKABLE. It was awesome to see while it lasted, because Ash's Pikachu now doesn't use it anymore in the Anime Series.

But when you have face and design like Pikachu, you don't need to have the best stats in the world. The Pokemon Fans, especially younger trainers, will always love it for its cuteness and grace.

Posted: 28th Sep 2015 by Warrior13
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