Top 10 Starter Pokemon

#4 - Froakie

I know that most people will think Froakie might be overrated (even more so than Tepig). There is no reason why it should be ranked ahead of Treecko and Bulbasaur, right? Wrong. Froakie might be the only Kalos Starter Pokemon that actually broke the top ten, and it might be the second highest ranked Water-Type Starter Pokemon, but it definitely deserves it. It's one of those Starter Pokemon that needed a little help from the creators to actually be good, since its design and stats are just so-so.

Froakie doesn't have the best design among the Kalos Starter Pokemon, being slightly behind Fennekin. It doesn't really wow you at first, and it might never. The good looking fox will always be able to claim that it looks better than this toad. However, that's not the reason why Froakie became the most popular choice among the Kalos Starters in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

The reason Froakie's popularity? The answer lies in Froakie's final Evolution Greninja, but more in the Hidden Ability it has. Protean is one of the best abilities in Pokemon, and Greninja has it. This turns Froakie and Greninja from just mediocre into a sweeping beast. The chance of Froakie having its Hidden Ability is the sole reason as to why it's the best choice to travel through the Kalos Region. It can dominate Gym Leaders and the Elite Four, even if it has a type disadvantage (since it change types with Protean - once it's Greninja); it just doesn't matter. It also is a popular choice (Greninja) in competitive play, since it has so much power and speed. It's just so strong.

It's because of its final evolution and hidden ability that Froakie is ranked so high. Not even Mega Sceptile or Mega Venusaur can take on the power of Protean Greninja.

Posted: 13th May 2015 by Warrior13
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