Top 10 Starter Pokemon

Some of the most popular Pokemon in existence are Starter Pokemon. And why not? They're the first Pokemon you obtain on your journey. They almost always have great designs, as well as have great-looking evolutions. Sometimes they're lacking in good stats and abilities, but that normally is besides the point.

In this article, we're going to rank the top ten Starter Pokemon. As we assemble these rankings, many factors will come into play. These will include design, popularity, final evolution, competitive play, and, of course, how good these Pokemon are in their given games. As we do so, we will give all the information as to why these Pokemon are their given rank.

Please remember that these rankings are based are a number of factors, not just one will come into play; however, they will also be based some on personal opinion. And why not? Pokemon is so vast that not too many people will agree on one or more things; difference of opinions are found from one fan to another. And don't think that just because some starters don't make the cut, it makes them any less great than they are.

After reading this article, don't forget to leave your comment. Tell us what you think... Did you like it? Who should be ranked higher? Who should be ranked lower? Who should have made the list?

Before beginning, let's explore the Starter Pokemon who didn't make the cut and why they didn't:

1) Pikachu - Even though it's technically a Starter Pokemon - given to you in Pokemon Yellow - Pikachu doesn't make the list. We're going to keep technicalities aside on this one.

2) Chikorita - Chikorita has a nice design, and evolves into a pretty good defensive Pokemon. Unfortunately, it, and the other Johto Starters, don't really stack up with the others.

3) Cyndaquil - Cyndaquil evolves into a Pokemon that is statistically similar to Arcanine; it also has a good design. It just isn't as good as other Starters.

4) Totodile - Yep... No Johto Starters make the cut. It's unfortunate, but they just don't stack up to other starters. Nothing could justify them getting into the top ten. Some of them, however, are right outside the top ten range. Totodile is cool, but it wasn't enough.

5) Turtwig - Turtwig is one of my favorite Pokemon; it was my first choice among the Sinnoh Starters. Unfortunately, it evolves into not such a great Pokemon (even though I love it).

6) Piplup - Piplup, much like Turtwig, has a final evolution that makes it fall short, but it should be mentioned that it has a great design (Piplup that is).

7) Oshawott - Oshawott might be one of the worst starters there is. It has a poor design, and evolves into a not so good Pokemon.

8) Chespin - It hurts me to not put Chespin in the top ten, but it doesn't compare to Froakie.

9) Fennekin - Fennekin has one of the best designs among the Starters. It's just a shame it has to evolve into Delphox...

Now that you know what starters didn't make the list, let's go ahead and rank the other ten that did.

#10 - Tepig

Some people might be questioning whether or not Tepig should have made the top ten, and their thoughts might be justifiable. This could be a perfect spot for one of those Johto Starters, some might think. If not them, then perhaps Turtwig, Piplup, Chespin, or Fennekin. But no. I thought that Tepig should at least break the top ten, a decision that might be more opinion based. Still, let me explain why Tepig managed to get in.

When it comes to design, Tepig has a pretty good one. It's might not be as good as Snivy's, but it's still pretty good. I mean just look at it... It's a cute little piggy.

Tepig also falls short on the popularity scale, once again falling behind Snivy. Some Pokemon are just more popular than others, and that's the truth here. Both Pokemon, however, evolve into pretty good Pokemon. Both Emboar and Serperior have good looking designs, and both have some real power in competitive play. For now, let's stick to Emboar. Emboar is a giant fire-boar, that also resembles a Boss Genie in many ways. It might take some time, but its design will start to wear on you. And in battle, it's a beast, especially if you have one with its Hidden Ability Reckless; it can dominate teams with its immense power. The only thing that would make it better is if it had better speed, but still, a great battle choice.

Because of Emboar's hidden strength, Tepig is a great choice as a Starter for Pokemon Black, White, Black 2, and White 2. It has an easier time dealing with the Gym Leaders and Elite Four, but that mainly has to do with its Fire-Fighting Typing.

Tepig is a cool little Pokemon that has a pretty awesome final evolution, which helps it just barely sneak into the list.

Posted: 13th May 2015 by Warrior13
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