Top 10 Starter Pokemon

#7 - Snivy

As mentioned earlier, here we have Snivy. Snivy is the second and final Unova Starter Pokemon that made the cut, being ranked three spots ahead of Tepig (and quite a few ahead of Oshawott overall). Snivy is also ranked as the third best Grass-Type Starter on this list, giving you a hint as to what Pokemon are still to come.

Since the fifth generation of Pokemon began surfacing into existence, Snivy has always been a popular Pokemon. This was mainly due in part because of its incredible design. It looks better than both its counterparts (Tepig and Oshawott), and by quite a bit too. It's look was the main reason for the hype around this Pokemon. I mean... There was a reason why Snivy won the very first SuperCheats Pokemon Brawl. Just look at it.

When the fifth generation Pokemon Games were released (Pokemon Black and White), Snivy was easily the most popular choice as your Starter. Unfortunately for it, the road through the Gym Leaders and Elite Four would be difficult. That really didn't seem to matter to experienced Pokemon Trainers, however, as the design of this thing was worth it; making Snivy's popularity go through the roof.

When fully evolved, Snivy become Serperior. Serperior wasn't the best Pokemon by any stretch of the imagination, and it doesn't have the same good looks as Snivy. Luckily for it, however, it received the Hidden Ability Contrary. Contrary allows Serperior to use Leaf Storm while increasing its Special Attack Stat, instead of lowering it. Serperior can easily raise its Special Attack to scary heights, while sweeping entire Pokemon Teams. To this day, Serperior is the best, and really the only, Contrary user.

A good amount of popularity because of a great design, along with a sweet final evolution, allowed Snivy to rank seventh on our top ten.

Posted: 13th May 2015 by Warrior13
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