Top 10 Starter Pokemon

#8 - Chimchar

Next we have Chimchar, the only Sinnoh Starter Pokemon to break the top ten. It's hard not to like this cute little monkey... It's just so cute. But it's not just its cuteness that has helped it make the top ten, rather its great final evolution and competitive play.

Chimchar has an amazing design; it has to be near the top among all Starter Pokemon. Turtwig and Piplup, the other Sinnoh Starters, also had really nice designs. However, this cute little thing definitely tops them. And if that's not good enough for you, its final evolution, Infernape, looks like an ape that wants to hurt you... Well... Maybe not you... More like your Pokemon...

What it also tops them in is there final evolutions. Infernape is a beast. Torterra can't hang with it, and even Empoleon can't handle it because of bad typing disadvantages. Infernape might have weak defenses, but you really don't need them when you have as much speed and power as Infernape does.

Infernape doesn't really have the best typing for the games Chimchar is a Starter Pokemon (Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum), which sets it back just a smidge. However, because it has such good speed and power, that might overrule that small set back.

Even if Infernape doesn't do best in those games, it certainly makes up for that in competitive play. It can rip through teams with ease with its strength and speed, and also because of its great movepool. Sure it might not have the best defensive stats and that makes it easy to faint, but it's hard to do that when it keep killing all your Pokemon. Like I said, it's a beast.

It's because of the great design, stats, and competitive play that makes Chimchar so popular, and they're also the reason why it ranks eighth among all Starter Pokemon.

Posted: 13th May 2015 by Warrior13
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