Big Pokemon Sun & Moon News Coming May 10th?

So the official Japanese Pokemon Website has been updated and now says "Big News" will be coming on May 10, 2016 about Pokemon Sun & Moon. This is yet the third time the Pokemon Company has promised some sort of information about the upcoming releases of the Seventh Generation, but each of the prior two were duds: the CoroCoro Magezine kept almost everything a secret with the covers-to-be of the these games, and the Pokemon Channel in one of their shows just repeated the videos already previously shown.

However, this update is looking viable more than ever before. They said that not just big news would be shown, but also the "first" initial news about the games will be released. No one knows for sure what will be shown, but many believe either the date of their releases will finally be told or the legendary mascots for the two games will be.

We will bring more news as it comes, so keep checking back for more!

And don't forget to comment below! What do you think will finally be disclosed?