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While it does not, strictly speaking, represent an official class of items in the game, for the purposes of this guide and to make things a bit more uniform, we have created a section that is called "Decorations" though in fact this section includes items that are not exclusively visual in their appearance and their use.  To simplify this, Decorations qualify as items that are part of the game -- and that can be used in your home -- that though they largely fall outside of the focus of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs include, nonetheless, aspects that add to the quality of life.

Some of these items may well blur into other sections but are included here because it simplifies their listings and your access to them.   Other sections of the guide may cover the creative use of yet other items as decorations -- in which case a pointer is included in this section that leads to their respective sections in order to add to the convenience.

Now having said all of that, it should be pointed out with emphasis that once you have obtained the basic necessities as they relate to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, the time that you spend in making decorations or (and certainly this should be encouraged) adapting other items as decorations, is to be both encouraged and celebrated.  If you have invented a new way to use an item or items and you feel that it qualifies as a decoration or, specifically, you believe that other players may enjoy its use or benefit from it, you are encouraged to contact us to include your idea or approach in this guide.  Please consult the "Contact"  section at the end of this guide for instructions on how you might accomplish that aim.

Bookshelves serve as both decoration and Enchantment Power Source
-- Bookshelves
Prior to their being added to the strength system for Enchantment when combined with Enchantment Tables Bookshelves were considered to be purely a Decoration item, and as they are still widely used for and considered as such, that is why they are included in this section of the guide.  The entry on the Enchantment Tables explains their application in that area.

Created using three Books and six Wooden Planks, they appear when placed in your Den as a one-block-high Bookshelf filled with books.   When they are destroyed they yield the three Books but not the Planks that were used in constructing them.

-- Paintings
One of the more interesting items for decorating your home in the game, you can spend a lot of time just standing by a wall placing and smashing your painting both to see the many different paintings and getting the one that is just right for you!   There are twenty-five individual paintings in the game, and of these 19 were created by artist Kristoffer Zetterstrand, and have been shrunken to a low resolution to fit Minecraft's graphical theme.

The Recipe for Paintings
Kristoffer Zetterstrand, a Swedish artist, has specialized in virtual still-life painting, especially for computer-generated worlds, and art that creates effects, making his participation in the creation of Minecraft's paintings particularly appropriate.&nbsp; A collection of his art has been put together in book format, called Virtual Artifacts -- it can be had from <a href="" target="_blank"></a>/.

Paintings are created by surrounding a Wool Block with Sticks in the Crafting Table, and each Painting object can be spawned as any of the possible Paintings -- then smashed and respawned until you achieve the Painting you want.
Decorating with Paintings and the Cool presence of Donkey Kong
The Paintings are:

Alban Aztec Aztec2 Bomb Bust Courbet Creebet DonkeyKong Fighters Graham Kebab Match Plant Pointer Pool RGB Sea Skeleton Skull and Roses Skull on Fire Stage Sunset Void Wanderer Wasteland

While these are the only paintings in the game at present, Notch has indicated that custom paintings and additional paintings will be added to the game at some future date.



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I hear that - and word has it that they are going to be radically expanding the decoration selections this year, and how cool is that?

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I hate building but I love decorating.

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We agree beds make nice deco items. So do the wool blocks when suitably dyed...

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Beds are also good for decorating

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