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Follow the dark path or use the light


The Sims 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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The Sims 3 Guide - Life Guide


Every single person in Sunset Valley has their own unique character. You can befriend them, fall out with them, or use them to help get you through each day. They may be a mechanic, your boss, or just the guy who sells you tomatoes at the grocers. Relationships, no matter how trivial they may seem initially, can flourish into meaningful and very personal bonds. Or, the guy who sells you tomatoes could just stay as a guy who sells you tomatoes. The world is your oyster. There are many reasons for investing some time in learning the best ways to succeed in relationships in the Sims, as well as the skills required to do so most easily. From the first time you set eyes on someone, a slider is created – get to the end, and you've got yourself a love interest. Go too far in the other direction and it could be an enemy for life.

Below are all the different stages you can reach on the slider:

Old Enemies
Distant Friend
Good Friend
Best Friend
Best Friends Forever
Romantic Interest

Most of these are self-explanatory. Some depend on certain conditions being fulfilled (such as having a divorce with the person, or an engagement). Others just vary based on the quality of your relationship. After each day that passes without some sort of relationship building, the slider will move towards the middle. So, for example, if you are trying to maintain a negative relationship with one of your Sim's enemies, ignoring them for a week will actually improve your relationship; they'll eventually end up as your Acquaintance again. The same goes for Friend – don't pay them enough attention and they'll stop considering you as their chum.

The game provides lots of information regarding relationships (using the Relationships tab at the bottom right of the screen).


Every conversation is a social interaction that could start a new blossoming relationship, or, in some cases, even lose your Sim their job! The extremes of socialising in the Sims 3 are stark.  Each Trait that your Sim possesses effects what they will talk about in conversation (as indicated by the little icons that pop up above their heads). Skills too allow for new conversation interactions. Picking the right thing to say obviously has a big effect on what is said and how the target Sim will react to it. You can pick for your Sim to talk about an interest, such as Books or Art. They could Flirt, or tell a joke. Conversations are a tricky balancing act and the personality of the target Sim is even more important than that of your own – putting on a different face for different Sims will be crucial, particularly for Sims whose jobs require strong relationships.

If, for example, you tell a Joke to a Sim who has no sense of humour, the result is clear. Some Sims hate being flirted at, while others lap it up. Some are obvious and do not vary, while others certainly depend on who you are talking to.

Conversation options depend completely on your Sim's traits and skills.

Look out for a Sim's reaction to the conversation path that you have picked. Usually you just won't get the symbol to show that you have improved a relationship if they are a touch incompatible with your line of enquiry. Persist though, and they will get bored and it will negatively affect your relationship. You can basically try everything once to boost a relationship, and when something works, don't be afraid to keep at it for a while. You will see the 'So-and-so thinks this Sim is boring' text in the top left hand corner of the screen – at which point you should probably change tact.

Making Friends

As mentioned above, the foolproof and easiest (though fairly laborious) way to make friends is to find someone you like the look of, and try every possible conversation branch (only the positive ones!). Use common sense. If your Sim is interested in books, try to talk to people outside the bookstore or in the library – and talk to them about books if you have the option!

Making Enemies

Winding people up in Sunset Valley is both satisfying and easy. The actions you need to take are fairly commonsensical, and you get the bold red minus signs above both Sims' heads when you're doing it right. There is little to be gained from having enemies, except for the fun of annoying people in a virtual game!

A double-team effort to make a new enemy. You can even have a physical fight – just make sure your Sim wins...

Why Relationships are Important

Unless your Sim has specific traits, such as being a Loner, they will get a great deal of happiness from their friends.

Keeping on the good side of co-workers and bosses is vital for advancing in most careers too.

TIP: You can have too many options on the interaction menu – this will remove some of the less important ones (often moving them to a 'More' option in the menu). The fact that the game willingly does this perhaps shows you how little they really matter: most do a very similar job to the rest.

TIP: Keep an eye out for the Trait icons on the conversation actions. These show you that something your Sim is interested in has contributed to the option, and is often a good choice to further a relationship.


Comments for Relationships

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Nov 7th 2015 Guest
i cant find the cheat[color=pink]
ID #622986
Oct 13th 2015 Guest
My enemy Sims has became bestfriend, but suddenly, their bar became fully red again. Any help? ;w;
ID #616384
Sep 27th 2015 AngelLynn
My sim has a wish to get married but he's a hopeless romantic and the propose marriage option won't show up. Help I don't know what to do!!
ID #612028
Aug 6th 2015 Guest
I accidently proposed to my boyfriend on the sims 3, how can I get them to go back to being just girlfriend and boyfriend?
ID #594652
Sep 11th 2016 Guest
just dont let them marry or you can cancel the wedding (but they might get offended)
ID #681303
Jun 28th 2015 Guest
wow no cheat
ID #576800
Jun 14th 2015 Guest
Umm I don't see the cheat
ID #570224
Mar 19th 2015 Guest
I still have no idea on what to do :(
ID #530691
Feb 21st 2015 Guest
Please help!
Somehow(just don't ask me how) i made my female Sim declare her husband as her enemy,I tried to make her apologize to him but it woun't work :( Any ideas what can I do to make them a couple again?They were really cute together :(
ID #519225
Jun 22nd 2016 Guest
Here's what you do:
hold CTRL+Shift=C
type Testingcheatsenabled true
drag the Husband's bar all the way to the right...and BOOM! They'll be a happy couple again! Smile
ID #661141
Jun 23rd 2014 Guest
Someone tell me how to get in a relationship

ID #405171
Aug 4th 2015 Guest
You have to be romantic flirt like tell a flirty joke then when you become partners purpose then get married and have children. Hope This HelpsSmile
ID #593916
Jul 8th 2015 Guest
Just keep on flirting
ID #581452
Mar 30th 2014 Iheartsims
i didt notice but not on purpose i clicked break up with my sim's boyfriend so now their exs but he was perfect. And my sim is pregant with his kid. The next sim day i invited him over had my sim Aplogize and stuff and no matter what she said he got mad how can i fix their relationship!!!!! please help
ID #369822
Mar 30th 2014 Iheartsims
I didnt realize it but i pushed break up (not on purpose) and the day after i invited him over and i tried to aplogize and all sorts of stuff and he gets mad no matter what xpect when dancing. How can i get them back together any cheats ? please help he was the perfect match.
ID #369813
Dec 4th 2013 Guest
I got engaged and now my mission is to call over a friend and share with them. How do I do this?
ID #325044
Jun 7th 2013 Guest
In sims 3 I have a teenager called nabooru
ID #288439
Mar 30th 2013 Guest
Okay... I have Sims3 for the DS and I can't figure out how to evict my roommate. Can I get a little help? Please?
ID #268857
Jan 26th 2013 mumble
My sims have glitched! They're supposed to be married (i set that from create-a-sim) but in game they seem to think they're brother and sister, which is weird because their kids recognise both of them as mother and father.

How did I manage to create simcest and is there any way to undo it without resetting the family?
ID #246628
Dec 31st 2012 Guest
My sim has been flirting and all that were best friends and I just keep flirting but the romance bar isn't there! What do I do ? Are we already in a relationship?
ID #233157
Dec 30th 2012 Guest
Okay I need help! My sim died and after a while her husband brought her back as a ghost and later on I made her eat Ambriosa which made her human again, thing is that now it says that her and her husband are engaged when before they were married... It's not too much of a problem but the thing is I can't make them get married or anything, does anyone know how I can change that????? :(
ID #232577
Dec 24th 2012 Guest
In One Household (if you create a boy and a girl, and not makin any relationship links as husband/wife you can't ask to be girlfriend/boyfriend like in the real life.
ID #227382
Oct 24th 2012 Guest
ask them to move in then you can control both Sims make them do romantic things to each other then get the guy to ask to go steady then do get married or whatever it says in your game then they will be in love thats pretty much it unless you want to have kids then i dont know after that hope i helped! Good luck!!!
ID #200584
Sep 27th 2012 Guest
My female sim became best friends with my male sim and I want them to get together. But he keeps rejectin her and she's rejecting him... Should I just make them acquaintances and then try the relationship again?
ID #189390
Sep 1st 2012 Guest
if you dont want anyone in your house if there your family members put a wall around your house so they cant get in the press conrtol, shift, c the cheats bar will come up type in testingcheatsenabled true then press enter then if you press shift and click on the space you want your sims to go to then press telepots and they dissapear from where they were and go where you clicked you can also use it on other sims like add them to you active family(you can control them but your stuck with them).hope it helps alot of people cos i just love sims 3 i have sims 3 sims 3 worl adventures sims3 katy perry sweet treats and sims 3 katy perry showtime byeeeeeeee
ID #182219
Jun 27th 2012 Guest
All you guys have to do to make them best friends is to rite in cheats testing cheats enabled true then on the green bar drag it to the end
ID #157531
May 16th 2012 Guest
ID #142724
Jun 11th 2016 Guest
press try for a baby and then If it dosent work then do it over and over again that's what I did and it worked or just use a cheat
ID #658115
Apr 24th 2012 Guest
ID #136580
Apr 12th 2012 Guest
I think i can help you guys. To open your cheat box hold ctrl, shift, and c. Then after input "testingcheatsenabled on" and then put it play mode then you can drag up the relationships and their needs. it really as helped me out alot.
ID #132719
Apr 5th 2012 Guest
I have it for Android but u maybe got to flirt woohoo or make out more
ID #129828
Mar 9th 2012 Guest
i have sims3 pets on 3ds and i am married and i get them to relax on a double bed and they chat and cuddle but i don't know how to have a baby what do i do!!!!!
ID #121617
Mar 2nd 2012 Guest
I have a massive problem. I have a mother and father who had 3 kids the eldest has now grown into a young adult and has a gf and she is now pregnant. I don't not have enough room in my household for his gf and baby to live there and visa versa. How do I get the eldest son nd new gf to live in there own house? Every time I done the move thing via the cell or comp I just loose all my other family members. Its drivin me bonkers.
ID #119671
Feb 17th 2012 mjane5989
im stuck at best friends... my sims are BFF since they were teens. When they become young adults they don't become romatic interest no matter what i do... help... how to fix this?
ID #115690
Feb 4th 2012 Guest
Can't get married on the iPhone/iPad/iPod that sucks but u can have a kid if u get ambitions for it. But only one and it stays as a toddler.
ID #112090
Feb 4th 2012 Guest
I have a Nintendo DS and my sims me and Josh Love are married and live together but for some reason I can't figure out how to woohoo or have a baby somebody please help me please!!!!
ID #112077
Jan 18th 2012 shellshellll
I'm going to attempt to answer most of the PC questions in here. First and foremost, press control, shift, C while you're in-game to pop up the cheat box. Type 'testingcheatsenabled true' in the box and hit enter. Your motives and relationship bars are now sliders, meaning you can adjust your motives and relationship statuses however you like. 50% green is 'friend', 100% green is 'best friend' and about 85% green is 'good friend'. Just click and drag the status bar. Next, on the subject of getting into any kind of relationship with another sim, the sims must first find each other "extremely irresistible". In order to do this, you must perform about 3 romantic interactions in a row, per level. that seems complicated, but here are the steps. The first romantic interaction your sim performs will say "Bob thinks Stella is being flirty". After you perform a couple more, it should say "Bob thinks Stella is being very alluring." After around 3 more it will say "Bob thinks Stella is being extremely irresistible". Once it says that, it should give you the romantic option to either "Propose Going Steady" "Propose Marriage" or "Have Private Wedding" depending on your current relationship status.

I hope I helped some, and wasn't too confusing.
Also, another tip: Once you've entered the 'testingcheatsenabled true' cheat, you can shift+click the mailbox on your lot and a variety of options will pop up. The handiest one being the "make all happy" and "make needs static" options. When used in that order, your sims motives' will never drop.
ID #107236
Jan 4th 2012 Guest
my sims wont marry. but shes pregnant and already has a kid by him. HELP
ID #102890
Jan 1st 2012 Guest
My sims won't marry!!
ID #101789
Dec 28th 2011 Guest
i cant make my sims get married on my iphone y
ID #99668
Dec 27th 2011 Guest
i like this game
ID #99184
Dec 19th 2011 Guest
On my iPad I have sims 3 and I can't get them married or have a baby
ID #96279
Dec 10th 2011 Guest
when do people leave off of my relationship panel list on xbox 360, because 2 many friends make my game freeze when i try 2 save, it took me a year 2 find out what do that B-S.
ID #93992
Nov 23rd 2011 Guest
On The Sims 3 I have a teenager and when i look on her buddy list it says "distant friend" the distant friend is her toddler sister and I've tried everything to make them friends like chatting,Tossing in air and all those i even tried playing with her STILL It's like their distant friends no matter what!
ID #89599
Nov 15th 2011 Guest
why in sims 3, youre unable to become partners with someone unless you visit 3 or four websites on the internet to figure out Why.

this is my fourth site and still NOONE can explain how to be in a relationship with someone..

ID #87689
Aug 20th 2011 Guest
My sims are boyfriend and girlfriend and the girlfriend had a baby and since they are not married the boyfriend and girlfriend don't live together and every time the girlfriend calls the boyfriend he would say we was coming but never come.

How to I make the boyfriend come?
ID #68755
Jun 24th 2011 Guest
my girl [julie] is a 3 star celebrity and shes romantic intrest full with a boy [lenny] 1 star celebrity.lenny got made by the computer.but lenny wont woohoo with julie or even kiss her all the sudden.HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!
ID #51892
Jun 21st 2011 Guest
every time im about to ask anyone to be my boyfriend they go away
ID #51008
Jun 3rd 2011 Guest
I made me, my girl and a boy in Sims 3, me and the girl (Kiera) both fancied the boy (Daniel). I started a fight with her- teehee- and now Daniel hates me! Help!
ID #46648
May 14th 2011 Guest
1. The ones highlighted in red are vampires..
2. To get the sims out and if your sims lives in the same house as the fiance, you can select phone-> move. Select the girl you want out and then click kick-out. The girl will be randomly put somewhere.

ID #42977
May 8th 2011 Guest
In the relationships panel, some Sims' faces are outlined in pinkish/red. What does that mean? They aren't enemies, so I have no idea... Anyone know?
ID #42119
Apr 12th 2011 Guest
[color=red][strike][color=red][color=red][color=red][size=12][b][u][i][b][/b] [/i] [/u] [/b] [/size] [/color] [/color] [/color] [/strike] [/color]HOW CAN I MARRIED WITH ANOTHER SIMS?
ID #37075
Mar 30th 2011 Guest
What does the symbol in relationships mean when there are two people shaking hands?
ID #34878
Mar 13th 2011 Guest
Okay my problem is im married and i guess i cheated on my husband?? i dont know how i just did. and i guess its with my good friend?? becuz everytime i go to lke friendly or romantic? it says first kiss! and im like whhat!!!?? then also it says confess to cheating when i click friendly to my husband. And i have confessed about 10 times, and it still says confess to cheating. so im thinking i have to stop being friends with the person im cheating with. but i dont know hw to stop being friends!!!! HELP PLEASE!!! i want everything to go back to normal cuz i have 2 children with him!
ID #32519
Jan 24th 2011 Guest
One of my Sims has a partner who is a teenager and he has outgrown her, will she eventually grow up too?
ID #26654