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by Mike Hazleton  

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The Sims 3 Guide - Sunset Valley

Collectibles - Mysterious Mr. Gnomes

When you manage to locate a Mysterious Mr. Gnome, if you put him in your house as any other item, indeed like you would an ordinary gnome, he will come to life in the early hours of the morning (around the same times as ghosts) and have some fun. He will also cause mischief and meddle with your objects!

You can find him as a gem, metal, while fishing, in Pleasant Rest Graveyard's Catacombs or as part of the Thief career. Try interacting with him to see his unusual character. You could also sell him from 1,000 Simoleons, but who would be that heartless? Tell him apart from regular gnomes by the flower on his hat.

Note: All collectible items can be displayed in some form or another in your house, or in your garden. Doing this can dramatically increase the attractiveness of your rooms and garden, and thus improve your Sims' moodlets. 


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I received all my Mysterious Mr Gnomes through the detective profession. Look for the cases which involve someone missing theirs. You'll get to keep it as a reward, along with your pay.

Added 15th Sep 2015, ID #608695

You can find the mysterious mr gnome in the graveyard catacombs, including all world adventures gnomes in their own native graveyards. And you can get pets in the apoolasa plains masoleum, which you can buy in Buydebug if you have the expansion pack.Guys

Added 6th Jun 2015, ID #566751

i rilly rilly want my own mysteriouse mr.gnome now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love the sims and cooper fox a you tuber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 16th May 2015, ID #556669

I think the gnomes relate to how much your sim does a particular action... Ive had gardening gnomes, dog gnomes (sims3 pets) and others

Added 10th Dec 2014, ID #483076

I heard you can also obtain the family gnomes through cheats, but so far noone has come up with the cheats. WHY!?!

Added 1st Nov 2014, ID #465685

what town does it have to be?

Added 1st Sep 2014, ID #443507

what if you dont have the gnome thing and what happens if you watch it break your stuff

Added 31st May 2014, ID #391740


Added 8th May 2014, ID #382593

Gnomes are so fun!

Added 26th Mar 2014, ID #368520

buydebug isn't working. I did testingcheatsenabled true on the main menu and in gameplay and it just doesn't work! help? x

Added 14th Oct 2013, ID #314537

i love sims

Added 16th Sep 2013, ID #309936

wow thanks guys I didn't know about these gnomes their cool

Added 28th Aug 2013, ID #307164

Use the testingcheatsenabled true then enter then command + shift + c then type in buydebug
Then enter and go and click on the buy and there should be a question mark you'll find him in there

Added 13th Apr 2013, ID #273488

I might just e stupid but I have never heard of these gnomes! Hehe xxx

Added 27th Jan 2013, ID #246876

im finding a gnome with my cousin

Added 23rd Dec 2012, ID #226733

Try using the cheat: buydebug on. It work on my game

Added 26th Jul 2012, ID #168819

@ mysimisarockstar :

I've never had one deliberately break anything, but one night my tv blew up and I had my sim turn it off and repair it. Halfway through the repair, a Gnome dropped in and turned the tv back on and electrocuted my sim.

Also, if guests ever sleep on my sofa, the Gnomes always turn on the stereo just as the guest has fallen asleep.


Added 16th Jul 2012, ID #164675

O3O do magical gnomes like that break your sink and almost flood your house? O_O Cuz' I bought one and then I took my dude to a concert (performing)... and his wife was at the spa... then when they both got back, the kitchen was flooded. And guess where the gnome was? Right underneath the area where the kitchen is. O_O

Added 14th Jul 2012, ID #164199

I got most of my gnomes by sending Gems to be cut, exploring in the Spectre catacombs (Sunset Valley), and rummaging through trashcans. The base value is $1000, but eventually they die (turn white), and the value increases.

(not 100% sure about this, but...) if you have a specialist career (eg. acrobat, magician, singer, etc., you're likely to get specialist Gnomes, too.

Added 14th Jul 2012, ID #164161

I love sims!!!

Added 8th Jul 2012, ID #161697

They start to move between 12:O0 am and 5:00 am they move as dust

Added 17th Apr 2012, ID #134382

I got one of those magical gnomes. It kinda looked like pedobear though :/

Added 14th Apr 2012, ID #133207

Try deleting the bed and buying a new one bt place it in a different location it's a glitch in the game.

Added 30th Jan 2012, ID #110718

I've only just started Sims 3 on ds, my sim doesn't seem to be able to sleep in her bed. She wakes straight away and seems to be thinking of an alarm clock. I tried buying one for her, it didn't help and she doesn't have any problem sleeping anywhere else. I even bought a new bed. Can anyone tell me what I should do.

Added 22nd Jan 2012, ID #108292

My female sim made a gnome while inventing. It does not have a flower on it's hat but it does move around. I never see it move, i only find it in new random spots. I don't know how to tell if it's magical or not.

Added 29th Dec 2011, ID #100173

hat buydebug cheat worked! It also lets you buy all kids more cool stuff. My house has been invaded by 5 Gnomes it's so fun/funny to see them move around.

Added 21st Dec 2011, ID #96943

To the person who says buydebug doesn't work you must have testingcheatsenabled true on for it to work

Added 15th Dec 2011, ID #95170

I have a simbot and he invented a miner thing, and my sims drilled in the backyard and found a magic gnome twice in a row. the neighbors didn't like the noise too much though.. i love these gnomes! they're cute. but kind of creepy..especially when they disappear. i spend a while looking around trying to find where they went..

Added 23rd Nov 2011, ID #89640

to use buydebug, you must first enter testingCheatsEnabled true. Then enter buydebug. it wont work otherwise.
also if you have done both You may see a white block while in buy mode. if you have moveObjects on enabled it will say "should not appear in game". it may cause problems with gameplay. :(

Added 2nd Aug 2011, ID #63472

The easiest way to get him is to explore the caticombs! It only took me 2 trys!!

Added 22nd Jul 2011, ID #60105

""That buydebug cheat doesn't work on my Sims 3, (I have it loaded on a Windows 7) Any advice??""

try typing in the code at the menu, BEFORE you choose your household

Added 26th Jun 2011, ID #52525

The buydebug cheat does work on Sims 3, I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate and it works perfect!!!

Added 19th Jun 2011, ID #50379

That buydebug cheat doesn't work on my Sims 3, (I have it loaded on a Windows 7) Any advice??

Added 16th Jun 2011, ID #49555

what about uncommon seeds

Added 20th Apr 2011, ID #38585

Where exactly do you find mr. Gnome?
If you want 50000 type ctrl shift c and then motherlode
With an e not an a. motherlode

Added 14th Mar 2011, ID #32655

Theres a way to have a secret fridge with twice as much as the landgrabb one(atleast i think thats the name..)well its a real good tasty fridge whenever you eat out of it it boosts up your hunger real fast

Added 4th Feb 2011, ID #27940

Type in "testingcheatsenabled true" then type in "buydebug"go to the ? Tab in buy mode and scroll and you will find all of the gnomes!!!

Added 27th Jan 2011, ID #27038

the only things in my sim's house are 20 magical gnomes.......................................................not

Added 27th Jan 2011, ID #26978

Oops, forgot to include the link to the guide I found...here you go :D


Added 22nd Dec 2010, ID #22081

Only the Mr. Magical Gnome will move around and stuff. You can't buy him though. You can find him while fishing, exploring the catacombs in the graveyard, or in the mail when you send gems and metals to be cut and smelted.

If you have World Adventures you can go to the art mueseum in France and find three special gnomes. The french gnome(looks like Neopolian), the Egyption gnome(looks like a little pharoah), and the chinese gnome(looks like a little martial artist).

If you have the Late Night expansion, you can attract a vampire gnome by planting several Plasma bushes. She may change the Snugglesworth bear(the stuffed bear you can buy for your kids) into another vampire gnome.

Well, thats all I got. Have fun :D

Added 22nd Dec 2010, ID #22080

Not all Gnomes move i bought at least 20 normal garden gnomes to cause mischief because my teen goes to school and both my parents work while my toddler sits in its crib all day with the babysitter reading a book and the whole day for 2 weeks not a single gnomes moved! Am i just dumb or did you mean you place regular gnomes in your home?

-Life Lessons make you wiser and after one century you will keep learning and getting wiser by the minute.

Added 19th Dec 2010, ID #21591

I was playing it with my friend one day and we used a cheat to buy like 10 of them and we went off and didi a few things and saw that there were 3 in the house already!! the also change possitions when u kick them.

Added 12th Nov 2010, ID #17936