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by Mike Hazleton  

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The Sims 3 Guide - Sunset Valley

Edit Town

While the above is all well and good, it is not unreasonable to want to alter Sunset Valley slightly. As well as simply moving your own family around to other lots, and perhaps picking out a different family to play as, you can change more critical elements of Sunset Valley to suit your wants and needs.

To access the Edit Town feature, use the Options menu.

There are a few key areas of Edit Town to explore:

Changing Positions: You can alter the location of community locations in the town centre, basically shifting the grid map of Sunset Valley around. Obviously you can do the same with residential properties, perhaps making the map more convenient for your family, or simply more interesting.

Changing Purpose: One of the most exciting things to do in Edit Town is to find unused plots of land (i.e. those you could build a house on in Build Mode) or evict the tenants, and then create a new community location. How about a library with a swimming pool in it? Use the cheats to fund these endeavours if you must, but the thrill of knocking down a house and opening up the area to the rest of Sunset Valley really is great. You can change a lot from private to community by clicking on it in Edit Town mode to access its options.

Use Edit Town mode to change lot type

Changing Appearance: Perhaps obviously, you can pick a lot already in use and just change its appearance. Some families have small houses and massive gardens, and there is nothing to stop you from completely altering their land in Edit Town mode. You could, for example, create a large hill where it was previously flat, make new ponds, forests or perhaps something completely different, like a run-down derelict section of town. The possibilities are endless. Having a slum with depressed Sims living cheaply could give Sunset Valley a whole new character. Or, you could just paint someone else's house pink.

You can also edit lots such as the school and library, changing their position and appearance. Some restraints naturally must be in place to stop gamers from destroying a functioning town, but the tool is pretty powerful.

It's a very nice town.


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Added 14th Nov 2015, ID #625093

Really cool! Now I know how to change sunset valley!
Thanks a lot!

Added 2nd Nov 2015, ID #621914

Umm can you build a masion I need some ideas for houses

Added 16th May 2015, ID #556996

Is this on Xbox 360 or pc because I got xbox not stupid pc

Added 5th Feb 2015, ID #511898

What is this??

Added 3rd Feb 2015, ID #511209

How do you edit town on Xbox 360

Added 15th Jan 2015, ID #502094

In the next update for ps3 sims3 is to edit town and get mods

Added 29th Nov 2014, ID #478369

these sim games are cool but I have the wii one with the beach ling and it sucks

Added 3rd Jan 2014, ID #338853

if i make a school how can i turn it into school lot??

Added 19th Jan 2013, ID #244098

I love how people say to buy the pc version of games that their better I'm sorry but their not this isn't wow and some of us don't like to hit 5 buttons AND move a mouse just to walk in a certain direction

Added 11th Jan 2013, ID #241407

to the person who wanted to know if you can do it on the ps3: the answer is unfortunately, no... i just got this game for the ps3 for christmas and i have been trying to find a way to edit the town and after having searched on the game and all over the internet, no, there is no edit town feature available for the ps3 :(

Added 7th Jan 2013, ID #239445

I can't find edit town on the iPhone/iPad please help

Added 31st Dec 2012, ID #233404

What about for iPhones or iPod Touches? Can you edit your town with these or just on PC?

Added 27th Dec 2012, ID #229824

I. Really. Need. To. Know. If. I Can. Edit. The. Town. In. "Moonlight falls". Like. Water. Falls. And. Cliffs. You. Know. Stuff. Like. That...so. Plzzzz. Let Me. Know!!!

Added 22nd Dec 2012, ID #226304

I'm having issues with placing lots on roads they keep getting in the way lol or the game maybe a bit glitchy because some places have no obvious roads. is there anyway around roads?

Added 12th Nov 2012, ID #207879

How do you do this for the iPod????? Because it is not on the "..." button

Added 12th Jul 2012, ID #163052

it says i cant edit town because there is a person in the household dying.... the thing is, there actually isnt anyone dying? theres parents an a toddler?? help?!

Added 26th Jun 2012, ID #157225

well what is the cheat to edit the appearance of a public place? because it says we need one to edit it.

Added 13th Jun 2012, ID #152246

So here's how you edit other lots on the X-Box 360 . Press back and go to the town map tab. RT to the "editable lots" selector and select another home outside of your neighborhood. I haven't found a way to edit my own neighborhood yet though.

Added 5th May 2012, ID #139524

I went into Edit Town to edit a few lots but it tells me to get a cheat to be able to edit the lot. Does anyone know the cheat for it?

Added 22nd Apr 2012, ID #136105

i want to flatten my whole wrold! i do not want any mountains/hills on my sims3... help??

Added 1st Feb 2012, ID #111264

is there one for ps3 i dont wanna here pc i want yes or no i am not going to waste my money for pc i wana know for ps3

Added 21st Jan 2012, ID #107955

the wii has town evolution instead of edit town which you access by doing different things in stores.

Added 16th Jan 2012, ID #106570

On the wii there is no edit town. Sorry!

Added 26th Dec 2011, ID #98941

Hi want to add a already made house i downloaded can anyone tell me i can add it to my map for da ps3?

Added 31st Aug 2011, ID #71524

is this for ps3? me confused.

Added 18th Aug 2011, ID #68074

No their is no edit town for any console version of the game. I have jad it on ps3, wii, and ds, and it is not there. If your pc can run it, i highly suggest buying it for that because it is way better. It is faster, more options, plus expansion and stuff packs.

Added 13th Aug 2011, ID #66795

To the previous desperate posters - the "Edit Town" button is in the main menu (the "..." button in the lower left corner of the screen). It shows up in the Live mode. As far as I know, NO console version has this feature. Buy the PC version already, this game is a GAME, not a shoot-em-up toy.

As for finding places for new lots, it is a bit tricky, but there are some locations in every town where you can place them. Also note that after deleting an existing lot, you MIGHT NOT be able to plop the same sized lot at the same location. So make sure you have a save from before starting any town edit - chances are you will have to revert a couple of times. And rather than deleting lots, clear them and build on them.

Added 18th Jul 2011, ID #58839

and how do you get to edit town mode?? where is the button?? is it a cheat code?? and does it work for all saved games, or just one??

Added 2nd Jul 2011, ID #54012

I looked for the edit town and it wasn't their i wanted to know other possible locations if there is any thanks,

Added 26th Jun 2011, ID #52440

The best that I can tell you folks with the console version is: See the three dotted button in the lower-left dashboard corner? Click on that as you would to save and/or quit game. On the menu that pops up should be 'edit town'. If it's not there or someplace else for console ported versions, then they may have disabled it. It's mostly about memory, so you should have it.

Added 16th May 2011, ID #43419

is it on ps3 i cant find it or am i just stupid?lol

Added 14th May 2011, ID #42968

yeah! Buy the pc version!lol

Added 20th Mar 2011, ID #33413

Maby........maby not........

Added 27th Jan 2011, ID #26977

Is there an edit town for the xbox 360? Cause I can't find it. Can someone please help, thanks a lot.

Added 17th Jan 2011, ID #25862

I can`t find the edit town for the x-box 360. is there one?

Added 15th Jan 2011, ID #25463

Is there a edit town feature for the Sims 3 on the Wii console? How can I have multiple familes in the same town? Or is there a way to save more than 3 players? I only see 3 save slots. And is there a way to stop or slow down the aging On Sims 3 for the Wii?

Added 4th Jan 2011, ID #24061

i have it on 360 and it do not say that

Added 28th Dec 2010, ID #22838


Added 27th Dec 2010, ID #22622

is there edit town for console? DS?

Added 5th Dec 2010, ID #20227

Can you make a new lot because my account is in riverview and there aren't any good lots besides the one for 14,500 which i really dont want. please respond ASAP

Added 19th Nov 2010, ID #18682