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by Mike Hazleton  

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The Sims 3 Guide - Sunset Valley

Collectibles - Fishing

There are a number of obvious fishing spots around Sunset Valley, these are Crystal Springs, Pinochle Pond, Recurve Strand, Summer Hill Springs, Sunnyside Strand, Stoney Falls and other locations such as the pond in Pleasant Rest Graveyard and Central Park.

Night fishing is a great way to catch rare fish and relax.

Experiment with bait and increase your Fishing skill to get more lucrative catches. Maximum prices for fish you catch are listed below:

Largemouth Bass: 33 Simoleons
Jumbo Largemouth Bass: 61 Simoleons
Blue Catfish: 49 Simoleons
Rainbow Trout: 87 Simoleons
Jumbo Blue Catfish: 124 Simoleons
Jumbo Rainbow Trout: 221 Simoleons
Golden Trout: 518 Simoleons

You can also catch other items however, i.e. ones that are not fish! As well as the Death Flower, Bubble Bath, Rubber Ducky, Laptop, MoodLite Candle, Guitar, Birthday Cakes, Flame Fruit, Money Tree Seeds and the Mysterious Mr. Gnome (more below) can all be fished out of the pools of Sunset Valley. You can sell your fish to Everfresh Delights Supermarket, eat them yourself, or put them in a tank in your house.


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Cheat For The Sims 3 Original

Added 10th Jul 2015, ID #582726

I sent fish to get mounted and it says i got it back but i dont see it in my inventory and thing i can do plzz help

Added 19th Jun 2013, ID #291400

look for the mounted fish in your sims family inventory in buy mode. (Look for a tab with a box on it)

Added 13th Jun 2015, ID #569750

What is the best bait for fish?like an apple Is excellent I want like maybe perfect or something above that if there is!

Added 20th Jan 2013, ID #244699

how do you catch the black goldfish? i need it!

Added 3rd Jul 2012, ID #160152

Death fish can ONLY be caught in the Graveyard! Unless you wanted to stuff up your game by putting on the cheat! If you do want to use the cheat open the cheat box, (Command; Shift; C) type in testingcheatsenabled true then press enter on your keyboard. (NOTE: this works for both Mac's and PC! Also works for Sims 3 to Sims 3 pets and more.) Then open the cheat box back up again, (Command; Shift; C) and type in buydebug, and press enter again. There's 4 types of options when you go onto buy mode it'll probably be on a type called Sort By Room (but you want the option under that called Sort By Function.) There should be a question mark close to the end of the box, click on it. It should then show you a whole heap of options up with lots of boxes, go to the first one with a fishing hook and diamond and choose the breed of fish (or other). Buy the one that you want, place it in your fish pond or where ever you want to put it, and you are done! :D
Happy Spawning!! :D :D

Added 21st Apr 2012, ID #135457

There is a cheat so you can get the death fish/ robot fish in your pond! Open the cheat box, type in 'testingcheatsenabled true' then press enter. Then open up the cheat box agen, and type in buydebug. Then go on buy mode and click on the question mark catogrey. It should show up with lots of boxes, named lafter the breed of fish. Buy one that you want and place it in your fish pond, and you are done!! Btw, I'm not sure but this may only work if you have the ambitions explanation pack hope this helped!!

Added 26th Dec 2011, ID #98702

so, is there any bait for the robot fish?

Added 2nd Sep 2011, ID #71904

Its at the science lab to catch robot fish

Added 25th Aug 2011, ID #70068

how do you catch a robot fish.?.!.

Added 1st Aug 2011, ID #63294

the deathfish apears in the graveyard any day at midnight. a mist appears on water and you can see a big fish moving around. You must use a angelfish as bite. at 2.30 or 3.00 the mist will banish so the deathfish.
ah! one more thing. better is the bite, better the fish you catch.
Sorry about my english, I dont write it very well jeje.

Added 10th Sep 2010, ID #12090

how do i catch the deathfish.?.?.

Added 5th Sep 2010, ID #11456

where is the place to buy fishbowl?

Added 12th Aug 2010, ID #8532

You just drag, than drop them onto a fish bowl.

Added 25th Jul 2010, ID #6043

What tank do you put the fish in that you catch? I tried to drag the fish from my inventory to the goldfish tank but it didn't work..... And is there a cheat to make fish appear in a pond on a resident property?

Added 27th Jun 2010, ID #2139