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Character Sub-Events

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These are character specific side stories that unlock when the player reaches certain points in the game. Most if not all of these do take a significant amount of time to complete, and cannot be concluded until the final dungeon becomes accessible. Trophies will be awarded for each quest completed however so they're worth the effort for a trophy hunters and completionists.

Follower of the Creed

This is a short sub-event that unlocks a trophy when completed. After completing the second visit to Loegres Villa, head to Lionel Wharf and approach Benwick to witness Aifread's pirates holding a memorial for their captain. Simply view the events and the skit that comes after.

Velvet's Cooking

The first step in this quest is to get Velvet's cooking level to 10 then view the skit about Celica's quiche. I'm not sure if the skit pops up right away since mine didn't until I reached a certain point in the story. Anyway, once you've seen that particular skit, get Velvet's cooking level to 20 and cook the dish House Crowe's Special Quiche (you'll get this in Aball later in the game). A skit about spinach will pop up so make sure you view it.

Finally, once you've unlocked the final dungeon, head to Meirchio and view the skit "A Special Quiche". Velvet will say something about needing to see the two dogs so go to the inn. Watch the scene here to complete this sub-event and unlock a trophy.

Rokurou's Blade

This sub-event can be started during your very first visit to Loegres, while doing one Tabatha's tasks "Find the Missing Man". Exit to Danann Highway from Loegres and the north exit should be open. Go there and a skit about the Orc Kong will play. Go defeat that code red daemon.

(1.) Warp to Raneed after the gang secures Titania as their hideout. At the port is a man who mentions a daemon lurking in the East Laban Tunnel. The area can be accessed via the Burnack Plateau. Once there, head to where the code red daemon (Serket) is and defeat it.

(2.) After completing Faldies Ruins, warp to Port Cadnix and speak to the man at the inn, and he mentions a daemon wanting to challenge Shigure at the Vortigern Fortress. Go there to find the code red daemon Lancelot on the Eastern Gate Roof.

(3.) Once you've unlocked the final dungeon, go to Loegres and speak to Tabatha in the tavern twice. She informs you of the code red daemon Dragonfolk's whereabouts so head over to the Empyrean's Throne and defeat it, then go speak to Tabatha again to complete this quest.

Laphicet and the Ancient Remedy

This sub-event for Laphicet becomes available as soon as the party returns to Raneed Village from Lothringen Tower. Approach the sub-event marker and talk to the kids. They'll ask you to return a book to someone who lives at the inn, so go there and hand it over to Videl. As it turns out he is apparently in the process of translating notes in regards to the Omega Elixir. To which Laphicet gladly agrees to track down the ingredients for said remedy.

(1.) Long Dau Dust: Check the green crystal in Kurogane's Workshop at the Vester Tunnels.

(2.) Unicorn Horn: Once the gang revisits Hellawes after fighting Shenlong in Aldina Plains, exit to the Figahl Icecaps via the tunnel in the storehouse to reach the area indicated by the sub-event marker. Pick up the shiny on the ground and take it back to Videl in Raneed Village.

(3.) Cloudsheep Egg: Immediately after delivering the Unicorn Horn to Videl, go to Galles Lake Road via Danann Highway and use the warp point there to teleport to the eastern section. It should be easy to trace your steps to the sub-event marker from here.

(4.) World Tree Leaf: Once you've unlocked the final dungeon, return to Raneed and hand the Cloudsheep Egg to Videl's mom outside the inn. Next, head to the northmost section of Davahl Forest for a scene, which ends in Laphicet receiving this final ingredient from the exorcist. Go on back to the village to finish the sub-event.

Magilou's Menegerie in Motion

This one can be started once you return to Loegres from Yseult. Approach one of the quest markers near the town entrance to trigger an event where the party meets the famous dancer Majelu. And after a rather heated exchange, your party's resident witch decides it's time to get her very own comedy gig rolling and ropes the whole group into it. This should be fun....

(1.) Speak with Magilou's friend in Port Zekson so he can squeeze your comedy act into one of his shows. Then be amused as you get to watch Velvet and Magilou be total fails on stage.

(2.) Once the gang revisits Hellawes after fighting Shenlong in Aldina Plains, head to the tavern and speak to the promoter there to book another show for the group.

(3.) After returning to Taliesin from Aball, talk to the promoter sitting on the wall across the fountain to start the next bit of the side quest, focusing on Magilou and Eleanor this time.

(4.) Once you've unlocked the final dungeon, head to Yseult and speak with the promoter in the tavern to book the next show for your hapless crew.

(5.) Next stop is Stonebury where you'll find the man you want standing near where the katz chest is. The show turns out to be another fail as expected.

(6.) Go to Loegres and speak to Valta whose charge has apparently ran off to the Zamahi Grotto. The dungeon is located south of Stonebury in the Aldina Plains. Defeat the Weighty Witch in there (you'll also get the Dazing Glacite from it) to complete the sub-event.

Joyful Nor Doll

This Dark Turtlez quest can be started after fighting the dragon Shenlong in the Aldina Plains. Warp to Port Zekson's Southern Entrance and talk to the Turtlez there who in turn gives Eizen a letter. Those who have played Tales of Zestiria should know who it's from.

(1.) Once the gang revisits Hellawes after fighting Shenlong in Aldina Plains, warp to Port Cadnix and collect the Black Nor Doll from the crate next to the weapons vendor.

(2.) In Faldies Ruins, go from 1F to B1 via the left staircase and the Red Nor Doll is on the floor next to a treasure chest with some gald in it.

(3.) After completing the second visit to Loegres Villa, go to Haria Village and pick up the Blue Nor Doll on the ground of the abandoned weapon shop.

(4.) Once you've unlocked the final dungeon, head to Stonebury to find the Green Nor Doll on the berry patch.

(5.) arp to any harbor and sail to Titania. Phoenix is waiting for a fight at the back entrance. He is very strong for such a little dude but only if you engage him up close. Personally, I went with Laphicet while the rest of the party is set to "Engage at Range" and to "Be Defensive". Choose a party who has access to magic (either healing or offensive) because you will be fighting the whole way from afar. I had Laphicet spam Void Mire and quickstep away as soon as Phoenix comes closer. Make sure to abandon spellcasting and quickstep when you see Phoenix approaching. His combos can easily one-shot a character. Also, he has two mystic artes, a regular one and another he uses to revive himself when defeated. Make a quick save before fighting just in case he does not use the latter.

(6.) With Phoenix is dealt with, go to Danann Highway and speak to the White Turtlez at the Empyrean's Throne exit. Stop at Gaiburk Icefield next (via Meirchio East Entrance and approach the White Turtlez again. Next, go to the Empyrean's Throne and speak to the Katz at the northeast section of the area.

(7.) Warp to Katz Korner to fight the Dark Turtlez. If you want the Witness to the Mystic trophy, keep in mind that this enemy has two mystic artes. A regular one and another he hits you with when you try to use items. For the latter, be warned that you will lose all in-battle consumable items when the Turtlez uses it.

Teaching Kamoana

The sub-event for Eleanor only becomes available once you've unlocked the final dungeon. Head to the inn at Meirchio for a scene with Medissa. After that warp to Hellawes and sail to Yseult, then manually travel to Haria Village. There, defeat the code red daemon Boss Troll. Return to Meirchio for a scene with Dyle then head to Mt. Killaraus and watch the scene there to complete this sub-event.

Zavied's Style

Once you've unlocked the final dungeon, head to Taliesin and approach the family at the house near the tavern for a scene. A skit should play when you try to leave. After that, go to the port in Raneed and speak with the male Bloodwing agent. He points to another man in Port Cadnix so go there to find your mark in the storehouse. Once you've seen all the skits that come after, head to Hellawes and speak with the soldiers at the docks.

Next, go to the Gaiburk Icefield (via the east exit in Meirchio) and head for the southwest dead end. You'll enter a battle with Zavied here (make sure you see his mystic arte); defeat him. Stop by Raneed again to speak with the female Bloodwing agent in the village this time. Finally, head for the mountain peak in the Aldina Plains and defeat the dragon Shenlong to get the Elite Ignicite. That completes this sub-event and also unlocks a trophy.

Visitors from Another World

After you've unlocked both the final dungeon and Normin Island, go to Yseult and speak with the woman standing next to the innkeeper. She mentions a talking pengyon that only comes out at night. This catches the party's interest so rest at the same inn and head down to the beach during the night. Approach the blue pengyon for a scene and a fight ensues soon after. Defeat Jude after you've seen his mystic arte. He drops the Champion's Ignicite.

Next, warp to Taliesin and approach the Bloodwing agent there. He talks of a powerful pengyon that has defeated some exorcists at the Figahl Icecaps, so head over to the very first area of the said location for a scene. Defeat Milla after you've seen her mystic arte.

Finally, once you've beaten the game, head to the port in Raneed and speak with the Katz there then warp to Normin Island. Walk up to Jude and Milla to fight them both together this time. I found fighting from long-range to be the most effective, using the same strategy I had mentioned during the encounter with Phoenix. Only this time use fire-type malak artes on Jude and earth-type ones on Milla. They also have one dual mystic arte (Tiger Blade Sigma) which requires both of them alive to use, so make you don't defeat either one of them before seeing the mystic arte.

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