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Chapter 06

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Port Zekson and Loegres

Once you dock at Port Zekson, speak with the pirate standing next to the Van Eltia for a bonus skit. Then check the area for a couple treasure chests that have been refilled. The bronze chest has an Apple Gel, while the silver one to the left of the south exit contains a Chocolate Idol for Magilou. Visit the weapons vendor as well if you have stuff to enhance or sell before going through the Danaann Highway toward Loegres.

In Loegres, look into the sub-events by the entrance and one of them should start the sidequest Magilou's Menegerie in Motion. Also be sure to claim the bounty for the code red hunts at the tavern if you haven't already done so. When you're ready, speak with Tabatha in the tavern then head to the docks at Port Zekson for a scene. You should be able sail back to Titania soon after.

Titania Island Prison

After defeating the Bush Ape, enter the door under the stairs and go all the way to the area at the very end. Grab the Verbana here then return to the first room. Exit through the door upstairs this time. In the next area, take the northeast exit and claim the Fatigue Ward atop the ladder. Return to the previous area once again to continue on.

Moving forward, you'll run into the very same unscrupulous Turtlez yet again. Look at his wares, sell or enhance your stuff. Go grab the Void Ring from the silver chest further ahead when you're done. Also the red exit to the southwest leads to a 320 Gald treasure so get that if you haven't done so yet, then take the south exit to the prison block.

You have been here before but it's worth checking out every cell again in case of freebies. One of the chests has also been refilled with a Silky Paper. Take the northeast exit once you've looked through everything.

The green door here leads to a different prison block and one of the cells to the north has a Cumbrous Daggers, while another cell to the west houses a Katz box worth 275 spirits. Go back outside now and head down the stairs all the way to B3. Make a quick save here before walking up to the marker. You will enter a fight against the supposed Headless Knight which shouldn't be all that difficult since this isn't what the party thinks it is.

After that encounter, Kamoana will call for help so go all the way back to where the party left the rest of the crew, and you will come face-to-face with the real Headless Knight.

Boss Battle: Dullahan

Level: 44 HP: 61,624 Weakness: Light Resist: Earth, Wind Drop: Armory Acerite III

This boss is an Armored Undead monster who has primarily close-ranged attacks in its arsenal. And whatever it lacks in range, it more than makes up for in power, so be wary when you move in to attack it with light-based martial artes combos. The best time for combos is when the Dullahan is occupied with someone else and has its back turned to you. There is far less chance of your combos being guarded, and it's easier to stun the boss this way as well. Use break artes to build combos alongside mystic artes if you have enough BG for them too.

With the battle over, your gang of misfits will finally have their very own hideout. Talk with everyone then go check on Eleanor at the North Watchtower. You should get quite a number of skits after this so be sure to view all of them before doing anything else. Next, go back to Velvet's cell in B3 for a scene.

Now this prison island has two gates, one at the front (where your ship is) and another in the back. Head for the one at the rear and you should find an inn. Go in there and rest twice for a couple of extra skits, then head outside to collect an herb. Make your way back to the front dock and speak with the pirate there to unlock the next class 4 administrative zone. You can now talk to Benwick and continue with the story.

The Van Eltia

This bit is quite straightforward so just go through the events and watch the gang fish random stuff from the sea. Most of these will be added to your item collection later on however so they're not exactly pointless. Eventually, Velvet will end up hooking a pot full of monsters. Defeat everything that crawls out of it including the big squid-octopus creature.

Boss Battle: Pandora Pot

Level: 46 HP: 68,169 Weakness: Earth Resist: Fire, Light Drop: Journeyman Smith's Acerite

This one is classified as an Armored creature so chain armored earth artes into combos (like Velvet's Mega Sonic Thrust). Also equip everyone with heavily enhanced Aqua Rings as I find the creature's water attacks to be deadliest. The one other issue here is the battle area which is quite cramped. Try to go for hit and run tactics instead of being cool with quickstepping since evading its long tentacles in such limited space can be a pain. Attack from behind as much as possible then use break souls to stun it and build big combos. Use Panacea Bottles or cast Quickness on anyone hit with Slow.

Back in Titania, speak with everyone yet again then give the dropped letter to Eizen at the docks. Take the time to view all the skits then talk to Grimoirh for another one. Chat with Benwick next for one last skit after which you will be free to sail again. At this point, you can sail to Raneed first to complete another chunk of Rokurou's sidequest if you like. Check the Character Sub-Events section for more info. Otherwise, set a course for Port Zekson instead.

Port Zekson and Loegres

There are a couple of side dialogues at the port, one of which is at the inn. Head for Loegres next and rest at the inn to get a hilarious bonus skit. Back at Danann Highway, take the exit to the east of Loegres and the passage to Aldina Plains should now be open.

Aldina Plains

To start, check the southeast corner for a Red Verbana. Moving forward, the treasure chest to the left of the path has a Soul Bottle. The north exit here leads to a different section of the Galles Lake Road by the way, so you might want to look into that and pick up any remaining treasures. Return to the Aldina Plains after and take the east exit this time. Now for all the loot in this area: the top-middle section has chest housing 3600 Gald; the treasure chest at the top-right corner has a Panacea Bottle.

Look at the mini-map and check next to the second round hole from the top middle for a Red Saffron, then just above the top-middle round hole is a Katz box worth 225 spirits. To the middle-right section is a Red Chamomile, and to the left side of the southeast corner is a Feldspar Bracelet. At the spot above the code red daemon is an Arcane Bottle and finally at the right side of the southeast corner is a Life Bottle.

Code Red Daemon: King Peacock

Level: 54 HP: 66,715 Weakness: Fire Resist: Earth, Wind Drop: Armory Acerite IV

This daemon is classified as a Winged and Fiend-type monster so set your artes to exploit these weaknesses alongside its elemental vulnerabilities. Its attacks are mostly wind-based. Equip enhanced Wind Rings for better resistance to wind attacks. Overall, this has to be one of the easier code red daemons that you'll face despite it having more health than the others you've faced so far. It is easily pinned down with massive combos as long as its weaknesses are consistently exploited, so it should fall pretty quickly.

Go on back to the start of the area and follow the narrow path south to the vine. Grab the Red Rosemary here then climb up and check the path to the left of the save point for a Feldspar Boots. Climb on to the top and grab the Feldspar Fragment off the southeast corner, then walk up to the destination marker.

Once the scene ends, head back down to the plains and take either one of the newly accessible exits to the next area. Here, be sure to check both the north and south ends for treasures. One of which is an All-Divide and the other a Coarse Tempering Powder. Save and head east into Stonebury


Trigger all the sub-event conversations first before checking the left side of the inn for a Red Lavender. There is a Katz box worth 200 spirits under a tree to the east. At the southeast corner is a Feldspar Fragment. Next, look to the northeast of the entrance for a Mellow Fluid. All the way to the north is a Red Verbana and to the right of that is a treasure chest containing a Coarse Tempering Powder.

There's a kid you can play cards here as well. Beat him on intermediate and you'll receive a fashion item to add to your collection. Finally, check with the weapons vendor to do some shopping, after which you can go to the inn for an event. Now that it has started raining, go back to the top of the mountain in Aldina Plains and the dragon you've been searching for should be there. You will get into a fight with Shenlong.

There's no need for you to win here. Well not yet anyways. So do battle as you normally would for a few minutes until a scene is triggered.

Davahl Forest

This dungeon is accessed by heading north from Stonebury in Aldina Plains. Once there, start by heading northwest for an Arcane Bottle then go straight down from here so you can consume a red fruit from the tree. Doing so will let you pass through the red fog that's been blocking off the rest of the area. When through, grab the Red Rosemary from the small dead end just below the north exit then eat a blue fruit from the tree to your left. Moving on now.

Here, check the west corner for a Panacea Bottle then head for the northwest exit. Now jump on the ledges to reach a tree with red fruits. Eat one before going off to explore. Look at the west end to find a Katz box worth 375 spirits and to the south is a Dark Bottle. Eat a yellow fruit here and take the northeast exit back in the previous area. Activate the geotree there and grab the Force Ring at the southeast corner. Go on back to where the code red daemon is lurking and eat a red fruit so you can use your geoboard to cross the gap beyond the red fog.

Code Red Daemon: Dryad

Level: 54 HP: 66,099 Weakness: Fire Resist: Water Drop: Hero's Ventite

This daemon is classified as Apodous, Demihuman and Fiend-type monster so set your artes to exploit these weaknesses alongside its elemental vulnerabilities. Its attacks are mostly earth and wind-based. Equip enhanced Wind Rings or Earth Rings for better resistance to wind or earth attacks. The creature is quite slow-moving but makes up for it with a pretty long reach. Attack only after the enemy has completed a combo to avoid being caught in a nasty counter that can easily stun. Hit from behind as much as possible to stay safe.

The treasure chest behind the monster contains a Feldspar Fragment. Back to the yellow fog exit, eat a blue fruit near the entrance and collect 3600 Gald to south. Exit north afterward. In this area, go northwest with the geoboard to grab the Denore Bottle and eat a yellow fruit.

Moving on, look for ledges you can jump on to reach the other side. Eat a red fruit there then pick up the Red Chamomile. Return and head east for a Soul Bottle.Go forward and look for a blue fruit to consume then return to where the yellow fruit tree was. Eat a yellow fruit so you can pass through the fog far to the north. Grab the Purity Charm there.

Titania Island Prison

Velvet decides to return to Titania to regroup. You can set a course there right away if you want. Otherwise, take the time to revisit the areas that you've been to before and activate the geotree for each of them. The geotree is displayed as a light blue square on the mini-map, and touching one will allow you to use the geoboard for that particular location. There's a trophy for activating every single geotree in the game so you'll have to do this at some point if you want the platinum trophy.

You can get started on Eizen's sidequest (Joyful Nor Doll) too by warping to the southern entrance to Port Zekson. Again check the Character Sub-Events section for more info. Once you're ready to continue, Velvet's cell in Titania for the next scene which will take a you back to Hellawes.


Opening up the map screen will alert you that continuing with several character sidequests is now possible. Go do them if you like. If not, then stay in Hellawes and check on all the starred sections on the mini-map. Also, look beside one of the houses to the north of town to find a Katz box worth 15 spirits in case you missed it the first time you were here. Go to the inn and check the bookshelf there for an extra skit. Leave town for the Figahl Icecaps next.

Be sure to stop by Beardsley and Hadlow Hollow to activate the geotrees in those locations, then go all the way to the south end of the area (where your stolen ship ran aground at the beginning of the first chapter) to locate the next code red daemon. As for your next destination, the Faldies Ruins is at the far north end of the Figahl Icecaps.

Code Red Daemon: Managarmr

Level: 53 HP: 79,249 Weakness: Water Resist: Earth Drop: Ignicite of Affinity

This one is a beast-fiend monster so set your artes to exploit these weaknesses alongside its elemental vulnerabilities. Its attacks are mostly wind-based save for Shockwave, which is fire. Equip enhanced Wind Rings for better resistance to wind attacks. Defend for several seconds as usual until the red aura appears before you attack to increase stun rates. Hit from the back as much as you can to reduce the chances of your hits being guarded.

Faldies Ruins

Start by heading for the rooms at the northwest section, where you'll find a Katz box worth 320 spirits on the left and an Arcane Bottle on the right. Continue northeast to the next room. Here, go left and light the torches on both sides to unlock the fire door. Go down to B1.

Enter the nearby door to the northwest and in the next room, collect a Red Lavender in the top-middle section plus a Saturn Satchel in the southwest corner. Go northeast next to collect 3800 Gald from the chest along with the Red Nor Doll.

Go on back up to 1F and open the fire door to the right this time and head down to B1. Enter the nearby northeast door to collect a Mellow Fluid and Runner's High from the two treasure chests. Don't forget to activate the geotree before returning to the previous room. Head towards the middle making sure to pick up the Holy Bottle along the way. There are torches on both the left and right sides that must be lit to unlock the central fire door. Grab an All Divide from the chest. Light a couple more torches here then head on down to B2.

Defeat the praetors and their monster friends here to move on. The silver chest further down has a Force Ring. Make sure to light the two torches on the way down then do the same for the pair at the bottom of the stairs. Grab the Life Bottle and Red Verbana then save.

Boss Battle: Therion Medissa

Level: 50 HP: 85,680 Weakness: Earth Resist: Fire Drop: Superior Ignicite

Medissa is classified as an Apodous and Fiend enemy so set your artes to exploit these weaknesses alongside its elemental vulnerabilities. Some of her attacks can cause paralysis and her Break Soul Gorgon Eye has an 85% chance to petrify. Make sure you have Panacea Bottles on hand for these just in case. She can also be poisoned so Magilou's Aqua Split and Water Mine artes work really well.

Titania Island Prison

Use a Denore Bottle to warp back to the Figahl Icecaps then return to Hellawes for some story bits. The group will set a course back to Titania soon after. At the hideout, go see Grimoirh at the North Watchtower. Head for docks the next day where you'll find a couple of sub-event bubbles. One of these unlocks a Class 4 Administrative Zone.

If you go back into the prison, you can start a minor sidequest between Dyle and Kamoana, which should add plenty to your total skit count. Go ahead and sail to Taliesin now.

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