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Chapter 08

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The Earthpulse

Starting out in layer 1 where you'll only have three people in your party for a while. So get a move on and be sure to check corners so you can grab 3 Life Bottles and 5 Peach Gels from two chests. Use the warp at the end and proceed passed the next screen to layer 2. Here, move forward until you reach the big platform with side paths. The bottom has 3 Life Bottles and the left has 3 Grape Gels. Warp to the next section. Eizen and Rokurou will rejoin your party after the scene. Check the northeast corner for a Legless Ring.

Use the middle warp and go through the next screen to the next layer. In layer 3, take the top warp first to collect 5 Peach Gels. Return and head for the other warp. Circle to the left here for 3 Life Bottles. Warp to the next section and proceed to layer 4. There, head south at the middle dead end for 5 Peach Gels. Moving forward, use the warp to collect 5 Peach Gels. Return and continue to layer 5 where you pick up 3 Soul Bottles nearby before going onward.

Boss Battle: Chimera

Level: 62 HP: 118,153 Weakness: Fire Resist: Earth, Light Drop: N/A

Here we have something classified as Beast, Amorphous and Fiend, so set your artes to exploit these weaknesses alongside its elemental vulnerabilities. Equip armor that boost resistance to earth or fire. The biggest issue here is probably Gravity Well since it has a very wide range once casted. It can however be interrupted if you can hit it before the casting completes.

Once the scenes are over, the party finally makes it out of the earthpulse, only to get into a fight with Melchior.

Boss Battle: Melchior

Level: 63 HP: 101,558 Weakness: Wind Resist: Light Drop: N/A

In addition to his vulnerability to wind, Melchior is also very weak to martial artes. Focus on taking out Number 1 first however so as to disable Melchior's power link enhancements. Once the tethered malak is dealt with turn to Melchior, whose specialty is primarily magic. The spells can be interrupted only if you successfully hit him with combos that can break his iron stance. He doesn't have access to mystic artes yet either, so that's a plus as well. Evade and try to initiate counters from behind to keep your attacks from being guarded.

The Calix and Hexen Isle

Well this was the post-game dungeon for Tales of Zestiria and it was big. Fortunately, you only have to traverse the first two levels this time around. This bit is pretty straightforward as well so just follow the path and be sure to check those dead end intersections to find treasures at the end.

In Calix 1, head on south to collect 5 Peach Gels and 5 Life Bottles from the treasure chests. At the very bottom section to the south of the area is an Elixir. Go back to take a left at the fork for an Arcane Bottle. Head for the warp point toward Calix 2 now. Here, get a move on and grab 5 Grape Gels from the chest. When the path forks, go south at the end to claim a Soul Bottle. You can now go find the warp that will take you to the Hexen Isle, where another major battle awaits.

It's been a while since you've had access to a shop so check up on the Turtlez and buy all of his Mythril gear if you can afford to. Sell everything you don't nned as well. Make a quick save when you're ready and move forward to trigger an event that leads to a fight with a dragon.

Boss Battle: Hellkite

Level: 65 HP: 126,443 Weakness: Light, Water Resist: Fire, Earth Drop: N/A

As always, set your artes to exploit its elemental vulnerabilities and equip armor that boosts resistance to fire. This boss is also prone to paralysis which makes the battle plenty easier if you can get it to stick. Fight the creature until its HP drops to a certain point and a scene should play. The battle will restart without Laphicet. Continue what you have been doing the first time and you should be able to put the thing away soon enough.

Baird Marsh and Loegres Villa

You'll automatically sail back to Port Cadnix after fighting the Hellkite. Rest at the inn and there and make sure to report your completed code red hunts to the Bloodwing agent. Go to the docks and talk to Eleanor. Sail to Lionel Wharf and head for the destination marker in Baird Marsh for another boss encounter.

Boss Battle: Daemon Aifread

Level: 67 HP: 114,728 Weakness: Light Resist: Water, Earth Drop: Bottomless Denore Bottle

Set your artes to exploit Aifread's elemental vulnerabilities and equip armor that gives a good boost to P.DEF. Attack from behind as much as possible during close-ranged combat and counter only once you've evaded his combos. Overall this battle isn't all that difficult. But do keep in mind that Aifread has a mystic you need to see before you send him packing. His high health should give him plenty of time to use his mystic arte. If he somehow does not do so for whatever reason, then you might have to let him go to town on one of your characters on purpose. This turned out to be the main issue for me here actually.

Back at the wharf, speak to Grimoirh then to Benwick. View the skit and sail to Hellawes. It appears some parts of the world has turned downright creepy, but at least you can still shop and play mini-games so it's all good. Your next stop is Loegres, check all the sub-event buubles first before heading for the target marker. Defeat the enemies there.

Return to Loegres Villa via the Barona Catacombs afterwards. Once there, make your way to the worship hall and down the corridor beyond. You'll fight the same group of enemies from earlier one more time.

You should be free to explore most of the world after the events in Loegres Villa. Yseult and all the areas around it will be accessible again. So take this chance to complete sidequests (check the Side Quests section of the guide for info) before continuing with the main story.

Gaiburk Icefield

Once you're ready to proceed with the story, head to Faldies Ruins and the exit to the far north should now be open. Take that one out to a new area. The Dire Foe Lindwurm also lurks at the Figahl Icecaps by the way. Set the difficulty to Intense and get your grade up to 2.0 in case you're having trouble getting it to appear. Beating it first to pick up the Longing Ignicite.

Back to Gaiburk Icefield, go north along the left side to find 8000 Gald near the exit, and halfway up the right side is a Red Lavender. In the next area, look left as soon as you enter for a Red Verbana. To the north is the geotree and just south of that is 10,000 Gald. Further down is a narrow winding path you can follow to a Mythril Waistcoat. Go ahead and enter Meirchio.


Tucked away next to some stairs at the west corner is a Neptune Satchel. There's a Drop Bottle by a house in the bottom-middle area. Defeat the Executioner and Velvet will scare everyone away, so now you have the village all to yourself. There's a Red Saffron by the house at the middle-right. Go south up the stairs and collect the Topaz Fragment around the corner. Activate the geotree and speak with Rokurou.

Go back down and take the north exit. To the left is a Katz box worth 335 spirits and go down some steps to the right for 10,500 Gald. Go check on the rest of your group back at the main area. Once the scenes have ended, talk to the pirates to unlock a couple of class 4 zones. Talk with Grimoirh and view the exchange between Kamoana and Medissa. Take the east exit back to Gaibur Icefield.

Gaiburk Icefield

Go southwest and climb up the wall to another area first. Here you'll find another code red daemon. Collect the Mythril Fragment and a Void Ring from the chests, along with the Katz box worth 335 spirits.

Code Red Daemon: Spectral Crystal

Level: 67 HP: 1,224 Weakness: N/A Resist: All elements Drop: Lunatic's Ventite

Now this one is especially annoying if you have no idea what to do. The first thing that becomes apparent almost immediately is how your attacks are not doing any damage at all. That's because this thing reflects every element and the only way to hurt it is to reflect damage you receive back at it. The Spiked Shoes gives you this ability when equipped but the success rate is a measly 7%. So to save yourself all this trouble, set the difficulty down to Simple (where elemental affinities and vulnerabilities don't apply), and hit the thing a few times to quickly get rid of it.

Hop back down from the ledge to grab the Red Rosemary and Soul Bottle some ways ahead. Far to the north is a Topaz Fragment. Continue northeast to Mpunt Killaraus now.

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