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Chapter 07

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At the docks, head down the stairs to the left for a Red Sage then head into town. Here, climb up the first set of stairs and turn around to find a Katz box worth 230 spirits. The weapons vendor has a nearly complete set of Quartz equipment for sale, so pick all these up if you can afford to. Next, look to the south of the shop for a small alley hiding a chest containing a Mellow Fluid. Then up the stairs to the south passed the geotree is 4350 Gald.

Head back down and directly ahead of you is a Red Saffron. Somewhere in town are a series of ladders that lead to the rooftops, where a character card player is chilling. Continue passed him and jump down the ladder for an Arcane Bottle. Go on back now until you see some spots you can use your geoboard at and jump the gaps to get a Life Bottle. Finally, up some stairs at the southwest corner is a Red Rosemary. Leave town through the south exit.

Perniya Cliffside Path

Move forward until halfway down the path and to your left will be a chest housing a Life Bottle, and near the south exit is a Red Chamomile. In the next area, look for a vine on your left so you can climb up a grab the Animalia Ring. Further forward to the left is another vine leading to 4350 Gald. Slide back down from here to find a Red Sage next to a tree.

Cross the bridge next and turn northeast to find a Life Bottle. Continue all the way toward the top corner for a Mellow Fluid, then off to the east side is a Red Lavender. You may also run into the dire foe Bacturnian Man here but the invincible minions it might have can make the battle difficult. So it's probably best to wait until you reach Baird Marsh and fight it there instead. To the south of the area near the code red daemon is a Katz box worth 245 spirits.

Code Red Daemon: Dangeroma

Level: 57 HP: 102,185 Weakness: Fire Resist: Wind Drop: Miser's Glacite

This daemon is classified as a Beast and Fiend-type monster so set your artes to exploit these weaknesses alongside its elemental vulnerabilities. Its attacks are mix of fire and wind. Equip enhanced Wind Rings or Fire Rings for better resistance to wind or fire attacks.

Morgana Woods

Start by checking the northwest corner for a Runner's High then continue to the next area. Here, look at the top-right dead end to claim the Quartz Doll and head to the next screen. Just to the right of the save point is a Quartz Bag. Save your game and move forward to enter a battle against the Xeno Mantis. The creature is Crustacean and weak to fire-type hidden artes.

It drops the Celestial Glacite. Once it's been defeated, check the south end of the area for a Quartz Blade then take the lower right exit.

Grab the All Divide here and return to take the other exit. Check the dead end in the middle to find a 250 spirits Katz box, then go southeast to grab the Soul Bottle. Return and head north for a Life Bottle next before turning back one more time to head northeast. Activate the geotree here and use the geoboard to jump across the gap where the code red daemon is waiting in the next area. The treasure chest behind it has an Animalia Ring by the way.

Code Red Daemon: Behemoth

Level: 59 HP: 121,312 Weakness: Wind Resist: Water Drop: Armory Acerite V

This daemon is classified as a Beast, Dragon and Fiend-type monster so set your artes to exploit these weaknesses alongside its elemental vulnerabilities. Its attacks are mainly earth-based so set your gear to adapt accordingly. This is a brutal melee creature and doesn't have much to show for range, so you should be mostly fine as long as you either run or quickstep to the side as soon as it comes for you. Attack from the rear as much as you can to be safe. When you get its health down to about 50% or so, it will start getting mad and turn red. At this point it will repeatedly charge in a single direction. Avoid getting hit by this and attack from close-range only when the red goes away but only briefly.

Go back to the previous area to check the top-middle dead end for a Grape Gel, then exit to the east. Off to the left side of the northern section is an Inoph Bottle. Save and enter Aball.

Aball Village and Tranquil Woods

Check out the shop and open the respawned treasure chest as well. Go ahead and talk with the villagers to find out more on what's been going on. At the steps of one of the houses to the north is a Red Sage. Next, head down to Velvet's house for a scene, then check outside next to the house to find a 250 spirits Katz box. And not far to the south is the geotree plus a Red Lavender. Head back to trigger all the sub-event dialogues before speaking with the shop owner.

Head out to the Morgana Woods now and hunt for three pickleboars on each of the marked spots on the map. Go back to Velvet's house when you're done to proceed. You'll then learn her special Quiche recipe after the events. Something you need for Velvet's sidequest later. At the Tranquil Woods, there's a Red Verbana down the middle path. Circle around to the northeast corner for a Red Rosemary behind a breakable rock. And at the southwest corner is an Apple Gel but you'll need to use your geoboard to reach it. Save and move along to the next area.

Boss Battle: Therion Orthrus

Level: 55 HP: 99,169 Weakness: Wind Resist: Fire, Water Drop: Elemental-Attuned Glacite

Ths boss is classified as a Beast and Fiend enemy so set your artes to exploit these weaknesses alongside its elemental vulnerabilities. As for attacks it has a good mis of every element except wind in its arsenal. So just equip your strongest gear. Overall, your approach should be similar to what you would do when fighting wolf enemies. Defend and wait for an attack or combo, evade then counter. Attack from behind when its busy with someone else to damage it without getting attacked. Use break souls as well as mystic artes when available.

You are now at the Shrine of Tranquility. Circle around near the shrine and you'll eventually come across another Katz box. This one costs 250 spirits to open. A code red daemon is also lurking here. Make a quick save before you engage.

Code Red Daemon: Iron Bones

Level: 63 HP: 68,960 Weakness: Fire Resist: Light Drop: Mirrored Glacite

This one is classified as Armored, Undead and Fiend so set your artes to exploit these weaknesses alongside its elemental vulnerabilities. The thing is it has some really nasty magic despite being really slow-moving. It also recovers HP at about half of the damage you take. The strongest attack it has is Gravity Storm, which it will use constantly when its HP is low. You can interrupt the spell by hitting him, but it will only work if you're close or quick enough to do so. So either leave this one for when your party is much stronger or reduce the difficulty to moderate or normal. You will still receive the glacite anyway.

Go back to Velvet's house again and check the shelf for a scene, then trigger the sub-event markers that appear after. Leave to continue further with the story then return to Taliesin. Here, you should be able to continue Magilou's sidequest by talking to the promoter at the plaza. The weapons vendor also has Topaz gear for sale now too. Finally, talk to the pirate at the docks to unlock another class 4 zone. Sail to Lionel Wharf now.

Lionel Island Wharf

Check all the side conversations here then grab the Arcane Bottle from the west corner. Circle behind the tent next to the shop to find a Grape Gel. Further north is a Katz box worth 275 spirits. Don't forget to activate the geotree here as well before heading out to Baird Marsh.

Baird Marsh

Those annoying barriers that you first encountered in the Warg Forest have returned, so I would suggest heading straight for the goal and ignore all the loot until you've defeated the bosses at the end of this dungeon. After which all the barriers will disappear, making access to all treasures so much easier. As for this guide, I will list the treasures for each area with all the barriers already gone.

In area 1 which is your starting location, there's a Panacea Bottle all the way north. Moving on to the next screen. In area 2, there's a Life Bottle at the middle behind some debris and to the left is 5600 Gald. Exit north to Area 3. Here, go straight up for another Life Bottle behind some rubble and further ahead is a Red Chamomile.

Dire Foe: Bacturnian Man

Level: 66 HP: 112,169 Weakness: Wind Resist: Water Drop: Anomalous Ignicite

This one is classified as a Demihuman, Fiend and Person creature, so set your artes to exploit these weaknesses alongside its elemental vulnerabilities. Once again, it would be best to take control of a ranged character here, but the difficulty of this encounter largely depends on what kind of invincible lackeys the dire foe gets. I found the octopi enemies to be the easiest to manage, as they are slow and have very few attacks available. Spam wind spells from afar and move elsewhere when the monsters come for you. The terrain plays a part as well so hopefully you run into this dire foe in a large open area. This way you'll have more space to move around.

Onward to Area 4. You'll get a Grape Gel up ahead and also a Red Lavender further along. The treasure chest near the exit contains 6000 Gald. Also to the northwest corner is a Katz box worth 300 spirits. Moving on to Area 5. Keep heading west to reach the code red daemon and tucked away in the far corner is an Arcane Bottle.

Code Red Daemon: Millionaire

Level: 67 HP: 119,316 Weakness: Wind Resist: Water Drop: Armory Acerite VI

Ths boss is classified as a Crustacean, Dragon and Fiend enemy so set your artes to exploit these weaknesses alongside its elemental vulnerabilities. Its attacks are primarily earth based so change your gear accordingly to adapt.

Check the south end of the area for a Blob Ring while the chest at the east side has a Soul Bottle. Don't forget to activate the geotree to the southwest as well. Onto the next screen. Collect the Red Sage and move on. Pick up the Hourglass from the chest before heading through the top-right exit.

Now, head east for a Military Hike and far to the north is a chest with Old Flyers. Take the northwest exit but be sure to grab the Quart Boots nearby first. For this last section, collect the Summertime Waistcoat and the Valkyrie before approaching the destination marker where two consecutive boss encounters follow.

Boss Battle: Therion Teresa

Level: 57 HP: 94,011 Weakness: Light Resist: Fire, Wind Drop: N/A

Teresa is classifed as a Winged and Fiend enemy so set your artes to exploit these weaknesses alongside its elemental vulnerabilities. Her attacks are mostly fire-based so equip your best fire-resistant gear. This battle shouldn't be all that difficult given how easily she can be paralyzed. Once the ailment sticks, Teresa mostly just turns into a sitting duck allowing you to pile combos until she falls. However, keep in mind that she has a mystic arte you must see before defeating her. This was actually the main issue for me and I had to sort of let her go to town on my party so she can use the mystic arte.

Boss Battle: Failed Oscar

Level: 58 HP: 82,083 Weakness: N/A Resist: Earth Drop: Master Smith's Acerite

Now this is where it gets tough. I'd recommend switching to either Laphicet or Magilou for this so you can fight at range with magic. Select spells with the fastest casting speed keep moving so you always get to stay a good distance away from Oscar. Equipping gear to resist wind attacks is always a plus. Now if you look at Oscar's moveset, you'll notice that it is quite similar (if not the same) as when Sorey is armatized with a wind seraph. Oscar's range is not very good either so just move away when you see him approaching then continue spamming magic from afar. Stick Poison and Fatigue on him as much as you can. Also make sure you see Oscar's mystic arte before defeating him by the way.

Titania Island Prison

Return to Lionel Wharf where you'll find someone has set up shop so buy whatever you need from him, and also claim the bounties for any completed code red hunts. Sail back to Titanis when you're ready and defeat the Armatized Exorcists waiting for you at the docks. Once you're in the prison, return to the docks to find a sub-event you can trigger before going back.

Head to the destination marker in B1 where you'll receive the Orichalcum Stormquell from Kurogane. Continue down to B2 to retrieve Percival and Griffin then enter the cell block to find the next code red daemon.

Code Red Daemon: Succubus Queen

Level: 65 HP: 119,443 Weakness: Water Resist: Light Drop: Tident Ignicite

This thing is classifed as a Winged and Fiend monster so set your artes to exploit these weaknesses alongside its elemental vulnerabilities. Her attacks are mostly fire-based so equip your best fire-resistant gear. What you must watch out for is its Explode spell which the monster starts using when low on HP. Although it only hits the area in the immediate vicinity of the Succubus Queen, so you should be safe from a distance.

Head for the rear docks and defeat the Armatized Praetors. It soon becomes clear that escaping through the back won't work so head for the front docks instead. You'll soon get into a battle with someone and its not a fight you can win. So just try for a while until a scene plays and the encounter will end.

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