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Chapter 01

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Note: Before we begin, I'd like to mention that this guide was written based on the highest difficulty setting available at certain points in the game. And will be increased as soon as the next tier is unlocked. I'll be sure to tell you when a difficulty increase does happen.

Aball Village

Once you have control of Velvet for the first time, you should see a sub-event bubble over Laphicet's head. Speak to him a couple of times before leaving the house to go hunting. There's an item on the shelf next to the ladder to the north as well. Take note these shiny things are random items that may or may not appear, and will respawn after some time once collected. Even still, be sure to always pick them up when you see them. Go outside and check the tables to the south for some Garlic, then on the table to the east is a Zucchini. Head north to the next area and view the skit as soon as the prompt at the bottom-right corner of the screen appears. Check the southwest corner next for a treasure chest with an Apple Gel.

The red icon up ahead is the general store but you can't afford much of anythinng right now, so you might want to pass on it for the moment. Make sure you speak to everyone that has sub-event bubbles over their heads to learn more about what's been going on. There is a shiny on the ground next to the elderly villager up north, and another one on the path further east midway to the Tranquil Woods exit. Save your game and take the west exit to the Morgana Woods first.

Morgana Woods

Speak with the group of men up ahead first then check the northeast corner of the area for a random item. There's another one of these shinies to the far west at the base of the tree. That's all there is to see here so go back to Aball and take the east exit to the Tranquil Woods this time.

Tranquil Woods

Cross the bridge and turn south toward the stream to find a shiny on the ground, then start going north and east for some Lingzhi Mushrooms. Approach the first prickleboar in the middle and defeat it after going through the battle tutorial. Head for the location of the next boar while making sure to view the skit on the way there. Defeat the creatures to collect an Apple Gel from the treasure chest behind it. Head on up from here to snag another random shiny on the ground. Save before moving to the next area.

Here, check the northwest corner first for an item, then go around the edge of the shrine to find another freebie. Next check the hole at the center of the shrine for an extra skit. Finally, go engage the last prickleboar and take all that meat back to the general store in Aball. Your path will be blocked by five very angry prickleboars which you must defeat to proceed. Watch the story sequence that follows and continue back to the village.

Aball Village

You will receive 3 Apple Gels for free at the general store, and be sure to collect the Resistance Ring from the silver treasure chest nearby. Go home and you should notice that the shiny on the shelf has respawned so go grab it again. Check all of Laphi's stuff on the table before lighting the stove. It turns out however that Laphicet doesn't fancy the dish Velvet has in mind so climb up the ladder, and collect some Garlic along with the curry spices. Check up on your brother next and get cooking. Moving on to the next day, Velvet realizes that her brother has gone missing. Go outside for some events before heading out to the Tranquil Woods again.

Tranquil Woods

Head to the target location and save before you proceed. You will encounter your very first daemon enemy at the shrine after the events. But the thing is it's a battle that you can't hope to win so just attack a few times while quick stepping to evade until the next event is triggeered, and the battle should end.

Aball Village

A few more scenes later and Velvet will find herself back home. It doesn't take long for her to realize that something is amiss so head outside only to find that the village has been overrun by daemons. There is no point in trying to fight these things so just run away if they catch you. Feel free to reduce the difficulty so you can escape faster as well.

Head for the shrine in the Tranquil Woods. Watch as everything goes to hell from there and Velvet soon gains her daemon arm. This should finally give you a means to kill the daemons that used to be invincible. Go ahead and do so to proceed.

Titania Island Prison

This area starts with a battle against Seres. Her primary element is fire and she is resistant to wind. Her power of course depends on the difficulty you're playing at, but the basics should be to quickstep to evade and counterattack. Run around charge your soul gauge when it's depleted then return to fighting. She drops the Prodigy Glacite upon defeat. Once you're free to explore the prison, check each of the cells for items then take the north exit. Go on up until you reach the room where the weapons are and open the treasure chest to retrieve your gear. Don't forget to grab the shiny on the barrel as well.

Keep climbing up until Velvet sets the prisoners loose then enter one of the cells to the far left, to find a silver treasure chest with a pair of Battle Boots inside. Leave the area and you should run into Magilou who introduces herself as some witch then leaves. View the skit here first and start checking in on those green diamonds on the map. One of these doors leads to a small dorm that has a Sage and another item in it. The remaining door connects to a prison block where you must again raid all the cells for freebies. Once you have everything, go up to the next floor and save before moving on.

Here, you'll find yourself getting into a fight with the Red-Eyed Swordsman. He has 2,843 HP and drops the Sharpshooter's Ventite upon defeat. Take note that some glacites (potenties) are only obtainable in higher difficulties. I would recommend playing on Moderate so you get to unlock most of the glacites in one playthrough, if you happen to be a trophy hunter like me. In any case, you don't have to actually defeat the dude to move on. Just survive long enough to deal sufficient damage, and should leave in a rush to reunite with his beloved weapon.

As for you, climb up one more floor and defeat the Orderly waiting there. Climb some ladders afterward and you'll eventually end up in the area below the watchtower. Save here and proceed through the door and to the end of the corridor.

Now for the battle with Oscar. He has 11,501 HP and is resistant to fire. First things first, focus on killing the two goons so you can focus on Oscar once they're gone. Try to attack him from behind so he can't hit you back. Oscar's combos are fast and may be hard to avoid solely by quickstepping, so its best to to run away from him instead. You won't need to defeat him either, just hurt him enough and the battle should end, leaving you to face another enemy.

Boss Battle: Drake

Level: 8 HP: 5,936 Weakness: Wind Resist: Fire Drop: Vampire's Glacite

This is the final boss for the chapter and shouldn't be all that difficult, given that you can finally use Break Souls. Go through the tutorial and use the new ability whenever you can throughout the battle. As for the rest of the time, stand near the dragon to bait it into attacking, then evade and counter with your own combo. Again running around is more effective than quickstepping when evading so do that instead.

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