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Chapter 02

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Figahl Icecaps

After the opening sequence for the chapter, defeat the daemon first then view the two skits before turning around to claim the treasure chest with 320 Gald in it. Save and move on to the next area. Going forward, pick up the Rosemary. The enemies in this area also have a really good drop rate for new equipment if you're playing on Hard, so take advantage of it and grind for a bit so you can have plenty of excess stuff to sell at the shop later. Anyway, keep heading north until you can go around southward and grab the Life Bottle from a chest at the end of the path. Far to the north by the exit is a Katz who gives you a primer on Katz boxes.

These pink treasure boxes can be opened by spending Kitty Clumps -- those odd flotaing orb things that you've been finding since the prison. Approach the town and you'll meet the young boy from earlier again. He leaves the Compass with you and runs off. Go after him and save your game before climbing the ladder.


That ladder from earlier leads to this storehouse where a treasure chest can be found at the northwest corner. It contains a Life Bottle. There is another one with 480 Gald near the middle of the room. The rest of the random items are mostly ingredients for cooking; grab them before leaving. Now that you're at the town proper, check the southeast corner first for an item and also a Fire Ring from the silver chest down the steps. Moving on, walk up to the kids to listen in on their discussion then go all the way north for one more Life Bottle. Take the southwest exit to the next area.

The narrow path just north of the save point has a Lavender for you to pick up. Follow this path to a ladder and climb it to the rooftops. Move along here to claim a Blood Blade from the gold treasure chest at the end. Turn around and at about halfway along the rooftop is a ladder that you can jump down from. Do so and you should be able to access a section of town that is otherwise unreachable. The treasure chest down the steps has an Amber Garment.

Go to the target marker next and speak with the guild master for some events. After which you should move southwest to grab the Verbana and check the back alley to the right to find one more treasure chest with an Amber Fragment.

Now you can go to where Rokurou is and talk to him. He will officially join your party from here so don't forget to set him up properly. Magilou on the other hand decides to split, and you can find her having a drink at the tavern should you go looking. Buy new equipment for Velvet at the shop or sell any excess stuff you managed to snag from fighting monsters earlier.

Stop by the inn next to raid all the freebies then rest there to get a bonus skit, which unlocks the Jacketless Outfit for Rokurou. Feel free to check the tavern for random goodies too if you like. Back outside, go trigger all the sub-event markers then head back to the previous area. Check the sub-event dialogue here too before using the ladder in the storehouse to leave.

Figahl Icecaps

View the skit that pops up and save your game. Up ahead is a small fork in the path. Take the top one and climb the vines to harvest the Sage, then make your way west along the upper path where you'll find a Life Bottle. Approach yet another sub-event bubble on the map to get an extra scene, then head for the target marker. Grab the Chamomile and enter the village.


View the skit after the scenes thwn check the southwest section to find a chest with 450 Gald inside. Further west up the path is a Saffron and at the end of said path is a one of them Katz boxes. Open this for 15 kitty clumps and you will receive some Square Glasses from the newly freed Katz. Right across from the pink box is a gold treasure chest with a Twin Charm in it. Next check the northern portion of the village to secure another Rosemary.

The shop here has new gear for Rokurou as well. Save at the inn and rest if you need to then take the exit north of the village to continue. The elderly man by the gate will unlock the Cooking tab in the menu for you too. Go through the tutorial and watch the skit that pops up after. Go outside and pick the Saffron then save and enter the cave.

Hadlow Hollow

Start by checking the northeast corner of the area for an Apple Gel, then go grab 500 Gald from the other chest at the southwest corner. You can access the northwest exit by smashing the boulder that is blocking the path. Once you do, don't forget to open the Katz treasure chest in exchange for 25 spirits before you proceed. In the next room, head north and hop on the rocks to cross the oil pit to the other side. Push east from here to find a Chamomile at the end. Next push the boulder at the northwest corner so you can cross the oil pit and collect a Life Bottle from the treasure chest behind the Bat Baron.

Code Red Daemon: Bat Baron

Level: 12 HP: 12,605 Weakness: N/A Resist: Light Drop: Acrobat's Ventite

Now this battle can provide a good challenge if you are under-leveled on Hard difficulty. Focus on using Winged Artes like Swallow Dance and use Break Soul combos along with it maximize damage. Only focus on the Bat Baron after you've killed the four smaller bats that came with it though, to make things a lot less complicated. They will respawn when the baron calls for back up after a while however so you'll have to kill them again when that happens. The soundwave is the Bat Baron's strongest attack and should be avoided at all costs as it can hit you multiple times if you're caught in it.

Also for trophy hunters, this is the earliest opportunity I found to get the Soul Vacuum trophy. In addition to the smaller bats respawning (meaning you can farm souls from them with each kill), you can also get souls by stunning them. Set Artes with stun capabilities to the Stage 1 slot and keep hitting the button without initiating a combo. Repeat on the Baron or the smaller bats until the trophy pops. Make sure to set Rokurou's AI behavior to Defense Only and reduce the difficulty to Simple or Normal while you're doing this.

Follow that path around to the other side and grab the Sage along the way as you head for the nexxt area. Here, move forward until you hit the intersection. Go down after breaking the boulder and collect 530 Gald from the chest alongside all the other items in the area. Turn around once you have everything so you can save and continue on to the next room.

Daemon Dyle has 13,328 HP and is weak to fire and earth. Take advantage of these weaknesses by assigning Searing Edge, Tearing Thorn and Harsh Rebuttal to one button so you can repeatedly chain them into a combo. Once you successfully stun him, trigger your break soul and continue chaining the weakness combo to pile on the damage. And you should still quickstep away when Dyle tries to attack you of course, as he has one move that can pretty much kill in one hit so you'll want to avoid that.


Once Daemon Dyle is defeated, collect the Lavender in the room and use the warp point in the previous area to return to the cave entrance. Trek all the way back to Hellawes from here so you can deliver Dyle's tail to the shipping guild. Rokurou should then give a primer on equipment upgrading and dismantling after the guild gets to work on your ship. Go ahead and give this new feature a try at the shop, and dismantle all the excess gear that you didn't sell. Then use the resulting bits to upgrade the gear you currently have equipped. Once you're ready to go, trek back to where your ship ran aground at the beginning of the chapter.

Talk to the guild master only to find that said ship is busted beyond repair, so try to head back to the city and you'll eventually run into the guys from the shipping guild again telling you not to go there. Velvet then decides to visit Dyle in Hadlow Hollow instead.

Hadlow Hollow - Hellawes

Once you've reached Dyle's cave, view the two skits that pop up when you enter. Use the warp point to teleport to the back of the cave, and head to the next area to find Dyle. Speak with him, watch the events that follow and meet Dyle at the cave entrance the next day. Moving on, kill the Orderlies guarding the front entrance to Hellawes and head for the target marker. The scene here ends in a battle against a large army of Orderlies. Kill them all and Velvet and crew makes a run for their stolen ship where Dyle is waiting. Unfortunately Teresa is there too.

Boss Battle: Teresa

Level: 10 HP: 6,664 Weakness: N/A Resist: Water Drop: Paladin's Ventite

Focus your attacks on the two malaks Teresa is tethered with first, starting with number 2 since he has access to healing artes then turn to number 1. Once the two malaks are gone, spam Teresa with Velvet's break artes and she should fall quite easily.

Once you can freely explore your new ship, talk to everyone to trigger the next story sequence which ends in a fight with the Pirate Malak. Eizen has 11,247 HP and is resistant to water. Once again, you are not required to defeat him; simply cut his health down to half and the battle automatically ends. He drops the Daredevil's Ventite and Pirate's Eyepatch before walking off.

West Laban Tunnel

Malak #2 is now in your party so be sure to set him up properly before anything else. Also check out the shop to see if there's anything you need before talking to Magilou, then to Benwick and finally to Dyle. Climb the vine, claim an Earth Ring and go into the cave. there's anything you need before talking to Magilou, then to Benwick and finally to Dyle.

Climb the vine, claim an Earth Ring from the chest and go into the cave. Start by checking the southeast corner for a random item, then head for the target marker so Eizen can join the party. Also now that you have the Daredevil's Ventite, defeating enemies with a good enough grade consecutively on this map can bring out a Dire Foe called the Hanged Man.

Dire Foe: Hanged Man

Level: 18 HP: 15,062 Weakness: Water, Earth Resist: Light Drop: Hopeful Ignicite

With the Hanged Man being an Amorphous type enemy, you can try to assign artes that exploit two or more vulnerabilities to one button and chain them into a combo. Velvet's Twin Whip martial arte is both Amorphous and Water for example so that should work quite well. As far as I've seen, the scorpions that come with the Hanged Man are impossible to kill so you'll have no choice but to ignore them. Defeating this dire foe will unlock the Hanging with the Hanged Man trophy.

Continue to the next area and check the northwest corner to find an Amber Paper for Number 2, and turn back to leave through the east exit afterward. Here, take a look at the dead end to the south to score a bunch of katz spirits. Take the northeast exit next so you can collect the Life Bottle in the next screen before returning to the previous area. Go ahead and leave through the northwest exit this time.

There is a Katz box that can be opened for 35 katz spirits here, and freeing the Katz inside gets you a Rose Cosage. Continue north and save before talking with the Turtlez. He will be forced to sell you goods at market prices after the party scares him good, so be sure to take a look and work on some of your gear if needed.

Onto the next screen, view the skit then exit to the right. Claim 640 Gald from the treasure chest and return to the previous area. Head for the northwest dead end here and burn the vines to access the gold chest behind it. That one contains a Mercury Satchel. You are now free to leave this cave.

Burnack Plateau

Hop down to the lowest level and follow the narrow path northwest to the end, for a Verbana on one side and a random item on the other. Be sure to fight the enemies here as well to add them to your bestiary. Leap down the ledges then defeat the Lizardmen. Go grab yet another Life Bottle from the chest on the left. Save your game before entering the fortress.

Vortigern Fortress

The path through the fortress should be pretty straightforward until you reach the room with the save point. From here, you'll have two separate objectives. The first being to retrieve the key to the gate and the second will be to destroy the battleship. Let's start with the key. Take the northwest doorway in the save room then make use of the plank to reach the side path on the wall toward the exit at the other side. There, grab a Life Bottle from the treasure chest before climbing the ladder. Take the Verbana here then descend through the hatch on the floor to reach a new area.

Look at the wall and there should be vines that you can use to reach the silver treasure chest. That one contains an Earth Ring. Hop in through the open window for a scene, after which you will get your hands on the Gate Key. There are several skits you can view while in this room as well, so make sure you've seen everything before leaving. Now for the next objective, go all the way back to the save room and go north up the stairs. Claim your 680 Gald from the chest and go through the door.

Push the boulder down and head toward the gold chest farther ahead to get a Plain Paper. Turn around back to the previous area and climb down the ladder. The large boulder that was previously blocking the path forward should now be gone. Enter the new doorway. It is a straight shot to the destination marker from here. Do make sure to pick up the Denore Bottle from the treasure chest along the way though. Waiting at the destination is a Longsword Praetor. Kill him along with his monster lackeys and he should drop the Twinblade Ignicite upon defeat.

Go through the story bits and view the skit before returing to where the save point is. Use the gate key to open the door here, and run all the way to the end to harvest a Lavender. Climb some ladders next to locate the two levers that opens the gate for the Van Eltia to sail through. Climb one last ladder and you'll realize that the soldier Eizen has been beating earlier has somehow turned into a monster.

Boss Battle: Guardian

Level: 14 HP: 14,806 Weakness: N/A Resist: Light Drop: Seer's Glacite

You should be able to use mystic artes for the first time here, so make sure to switch characters with L2 or R2 while in the menu screen to take advantage of the new attack. The Guardian is an armored type enemy so expect some tough defense. Bind armored type artes (such as Velvet's Mega Sonic Thrust) to a one button so you can easily chain them into a combo. The Guardian will try to crush you from time to time so be ready to step back after a few hits. Naturally you'll want to back off and defend while your soul gauge recharges. Use break artes when available as well.

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