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Chapter 03

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Port Zekson

To the north of the save point at the central area of the docks is a Katz named Loafer. Talk to him to play mini games and earn Tales coins. The Making a Mint trophy pops when you accumulated a total of 200,000 coins. You can also exchange the coins for items (mostly fashion-related). I recommend doing so to add to your item count if you're going for the platinum trophy. Anyway, head north then west to the end of the docks to find a Katz box that opens for 75 spirits.

All the way south toward the left is a small alley with a Calcite Blade tucked away inside. Check up on the weapons vendor next. He has tons of new gear so if you have gald to spare buy all the extra copies of Velvet's equipment and dismantle the excess ones to get Calcite Fragments. Use those to upgrade whatever you currently have equipped. Also by the entrance to the marketplace is a chest with 720 Gald.

Go speak with Benwick and the Expedition tab will be added to the main menu. And with it you will be able to send the scouting vessel to certain areas for a set amount of time, from which the crew would return bearing all sorts of items and treasures from the trip. For those familiar with Tales of Xillia 2, this works almost exactly like kitty dispatch. Next stop is Danann Highway by leaving through the south exit.

Danann Highway

Move along south and as soon as the path starts to widen, check the right side to find a silver chest with a Calcite Waistcoat inside. Take the southeast exit first and up north in the next area is another Katz box. This one opens for 95 spirits and the freed Katz will reward you with the Rosy Cheeks fashion item. There's a Chamomile at the opposite side by the stream as well.

Go back to the previous screen and take the south exit this time. The chest off to the northeast corner has 750 Gald, while there is another under the bridge you have to cross as soon as you come in. That one contains an Earth Ring. Head for the target marker next for some story bits, after which your party can freely explore Loegres.


Speak with the people with green speech bubbles first then check around the corner far to the right for 800 Gald. Onward south to the next area. Here you'll find a ladder just some ways south of the shop. Climb that to the rooftops where you'll find a Katz box worth 95 spirits. Go check up on the weapons dealer next to dismantle or enhance gear as usual, especially if you managed to stock up on Beast Fangs and Aphrodite Sashes from the monsters outside. Climb up the stairs to the south for the next story sequence.

With the scene over, view the skit and check the southeast corner for a Holy Bottle, then climb up the stairs to harvest a Verbana. Also you can reach the sanctuary by taking the east exit in town, where you can score a Life Bottle from the chest at the courtyard. Inside the sanctuary are several side conversations you can listen to. Next, visit the inn and check the pile of books in the corner to get a bonus scene.

Go on back to the tavern (purple icon on the map). Clean out the place of freebies first before speaking with the bartender. She offers you three tasks which you can complete in any order you please, then report back to the woman each time you clear a task to take on another one.

Let's start with "Foil an Ambush". Leave Loegres and you should run into some people known as the Bloodwings who'll ask you to hunt code red demons for them. There's one at the Danann Highway called the Orc Kong which should appear when you take on the "Find the Missing Man" quest from the bartender. But for now let's focus on the task at hand.

After leaving Loegres, return to the first area of the Danann Highway and take the southeast exit. Kill the trio of men turned Gibbons here then report back to the tavern. Accept the "Find the Missing Man" quest next and leave town again. Notice that the north exit in this section of the Danann Highway is now accessible. Go through there and the party should see the Orc Kong at the same area where you fought the Gibbon ambush party earlier. Make your way over to that location to fight your second code red daemon.

Code Red Daemon: Orc Kong

Level: 21 HP: 25,356 Weakness: Wind Resist: Fire, Water Drop: Apprentice's Glacite

It's quite obvious by just looking at it that this creature's physical attacks will be brutal. However, it also stuns quite easily if you use wind artes combos on it. Try circling around behind it so as to minimize the chances of your attacks being guarded.

Galles Lake Road

Exit to this new location after defeating the Orc Kong. Hop on the rocks southeast of your starting position, and burn the vines surrounding the boulder so you can push it to get across. Engage the monsters here as well to add them to your enemy book. That said, the path splits into two here; take the south exit first.

At the top of the platforms to the southeast is a Katz box that opens for 75 spirits. You will then receive a Top Hat in return. Directly to the left are some vines to burn do you can push the rock and head south to claim an Aqua Ring. Return to the previous area and take the north exit this time. Here, you can harvest a Rosemary at the northwest corner before turning north toward the big red dot of a code red daemon.

Code Red Daemon: Echidna

Level: 20 HP: 22,005 Weakness: Water Resist: Wind Drop: Villain's Ventite

The Echidna is an Apodous-type monster and given that it's also weak to water, the Twin Whip and Water Snake's Wake combo for Velvet should work perfectly. The creature counters with an explosive AOE fire attack if you stay in its face long enough, so either back off after landing a few combos or equip everyone with Fire Rings to reduce damage.

Note: Now that you have Villain's Ventite, Intense difficulty should be unlocked, and that's the difficulty I will be using for the guide from this point forward.

With the Echidna dead, go claim a Life Bottle from the chest then head for the south exit. Follow the path here, making sure to grab the Calcite Boots near the end before you proceed. At this section, take the exit nearest you for a Holy Bottle plus some spirits before going back.

Go on south and push for the destination marker. Some guards and their monster friends will try to stop you so kill them to receive the Courier's Ventite. Talk to Mendi afterward to complete the quest. Grab the Denore Bottle behind him as well. Report back to the tavern in Loegres and accept the remaining task.

Port Zekson

Your target is inside the storehouse located far to the north of town. There is a Life Bottle near the entrance too by the way. Enter the building and collect the Amber Fragment before checking the red crates to burn it. Back outside, Eleanor along with some of her men will notice the party's presence, and this time the meeting ends in a fight.

Boss Battle: Eleanor

Level: 18 HP: 14,800 Weakness: Fire Resist: Earth Drop: Intermediate Ignicite

Eleanor will a pair of Duelists on her side for starters. Both of these are weak to water and has over 5000 HP each. Exploit their vulnerabilities to get rid of them quick. Once both are gone switch your arte combos to mostly fire and go for Eleanor. She is very aggressive in the highest difficulty setting and her attacks are quite fast. So always be prepared to defend or dodge and only counter when she finishes her combos. Try to attack her from behind as much as possible, which should minimize the chances of Eleanor being able to counterattack.


With the final task done, return to the tavern for some story events then view the skit that comes up after. Talk to Tabatha one more time then rest to proceed. You will out and about in town during the night with the man you're looking for waiting outside the sanctuary. But before going there, check under the tree across from the vendor to find a Lavender.

Also on top of some stairs at the middle-right section of the fountain plaza, is a gold chest housing a Plain Pendant for Eizen.

Barona Catacombs

Head south to start and pull the lever at the wider area to drain the water that used to flood the northeast section. There's not much there besides kitty clumps however. Still I say you go collect them. The enemies here also drop some really good gear on Intense difficulty, so hopefully you can get some especially Armstrongs (from the knights) for Eizen. Also, you have a better chance of making the Sacred Baboon dire foe appear here than in Danann Highway.

Dire Foe: Sacred Baboon

Level: 18 HP: 24,383 Weakness: Fire Resist: Earth, Light Drop: Pioneering Ignicite

Depending on your difficulty setting, the beast may be of higher level with more health. The stats I have above are for Hard (back when I first saw the thing at Danann Highway). In any case the elemental stats and drops should be the same in both Hard and Intense. Big thing, brutal attacks obviously. Chain fire-based hidden into combos to exploit the monster's weaknesses, but be wary of counterattacks if you're fighting at close range.

Once you get it down to about 4000 HP or so, the Baboon somehow becomes a pro at evading and will counter hard each time you miss. At this point, your best bet will be to use Velvet's break artes to finish it off.

Take the southeast exit first to collect the Verbana before returning then go south this time. Follow the path to the Apple Gel and toward the next room. Here, leave through the northeast exit and grab the Life Bottle. Go through the crawl space on the wall and you'll find anothe code red daemon at the other side.

Code Red Daemon: Pillbug

Level: 23 HP: 24,664 Weakness: Wind Resist: Earth Drop: Elemental Dispersing Glacite

Now this one is particularly irritating to deal with. First being its tough shell making physical-type artes weak even when its weakness is exploited. Secondly the bug's attacks can inflict status ailments including paralysis and another that prevents the affected character from being healed. Best use a character who has access to ranged wind magic (like Eizen's Wind Lance) to snipe the thing from afar, then just move elsewhere when the bug comes for you.

Return to the main room and go south to pull the lever so you could go all the way down for a Wind Ring. Next head west, view the skits and at the end of the path is a Katz box worth 65 spirits. Now leave through the remaining exit you have yet to use. In the next area, go north for a Lavender then southeast down the ladder for a Calcite Fragment.

Climb back up, pull the lever to your left to drain the water at the west side. Go over there and pull another lever so you can access the southwest section. Use the crawl space on the wall there to proceed. Climb the ladder at the other side and move forward, making sure to collect the 880 Gald from the chest along the way. Save your game at the end before going up the ladder into the villa.

Loegres Villa

Starting in the library, go ahead and check the shelves to do a bit of reading if you like. Otherwise, go outside toward the northwest room to collect a Panacea Bottle in the corner. Take the other door at the hallway to a new area. Enter the southwest room here first for a Rosemary, then check the southeast one to find a Wind Ring. Back outside, look at the east end of the hallway to collect a Saffron. Turn around and save before entering the Worship Hall. Approach the priest for a brief scene, then you'll be fighting Eleanor once again.

Boss Battle: Eleanor

Level: 22 HP: 18,444 Weakness: Water Resist: N/A Drop: N/A

Once again, the Duelists should be your focus as they can cast some nasty magic if your A.DEF isn't very good. It'll help a lot if you have enough upgraded Fire Rings for your entire party however. If not, then just make sure you don't get hit by their spells too much. Once the Duelists are gone, defeat the Rapier Orderlies next so you can focus your attention on just Eleanor after, You don't need to defeat her yet. Get her health down to half instead and the battle should end.

Now for the second phase. Go through the switch tutorial which finally allows you to switch characters on the fly without having to access the menu. Magilou is now officially a party member as well, so feel free to switch her in at any time. As for the battle itself, you will be facing the same group still. And just like in the first phase, start with the Duelists then the Orderlies and leave Eleanor for last.

Follow the priest after the battle for some scenes, then you will automaticaly be taken back to Loegres. There's a dude outside the tavern that you can check up on about the code red daemon hunts, and claim the bounty for the 4 you've defeated so far.

Speak with Tabatha in tavern next to proceed. Go visit the shop the next day to do upgrades or sell stuff. Also do take the time to find out what the populace thinks in regards to the events that happened the night before. Check up on all the sub-event bubbles throughout town before heading out to Port Zekson.

Port Zekson and Danann Highway

Talk to the pirates here to be informed that the messenger birds have yet to arrive. Spend time chatting with your companions while waiting. Eizen then runs off on his own soon after so go ahead and follow him to the Danaan Highway. The rest of the group finds Eizen and Zavied fighting and after failing to get Eizen to listen, Velvet decides to beat them both instead.

Eizen's attacks are primarily earth-based while Zavied's are of the wind variety. They do have access to artes that are a combination of both however, but you can at least give your party some measure of protection by equipping the Earth and/or Wind Rings. Focus on knocking out one target before turning to the other, so as to make the encounter less complicated. They will each drop the Armory Acerite and Smoldering Glacite upon defeat.

With the fight over, you should be able to access the north exit now, but do check the southwest corner first for an Apple Gel. As well as a Sage on a ledge at the central section towards the left. Buy some Calcite Earrings for Magilou from the Turtlez too before you go.

The Empyrean Throne

Check the artifact by the entrance to break the barrier then go up the path on the left to pick the Chamomile. Go all the way to the end next and climb up the ladder. Collect the Flame Ward from the silver treasure chest before following the path all the way around to the next artifact. Touch it to break one more barrier then look behind one of the pillars here to spot a Katz box on the grass. This one costs 80 spirits to open and the freed creature rewards you with an Angel Halo.

Head for the eastern section of the area now, and look around the lower middle to find a ladder you can climb. At the top behind the big rock to the southwest is a Panacea Bottle. Go on to the upper left dead end to grab another Flame Ward, then proceed to the end for the third artifact. Activate that as well before going back down to the lower level then make for the middle. Save your game and head to the next area.

Here, pick a Lavender from the southwest corner. Climb the stairs on the right side to collect the Shell Shredder weapon for Velvet. Save again by the door to the throne room the go inside.

Boss Battle: Artorius

Level: 78 HP: 72,768 Weakness: N/A Resist: N/A Drop: N/A

There is no way for you to win here and yet the game somehow wants you to try. Spend the next few minutes watching your party be pathetic until Artorius decides he's had enough and uses his mystic arte on you.

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