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Chapter 04

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The Extradimension

The chapter starts with Velvet trapped in this odd place with Laphicet. The entire place is also completely barren so don't bother trying to score loot of any kind. Just keep moving forward using the warp to move between screens, and you'll eventually reach the destination.

Yvolg Ruins

Look behind you at the start for a treasure chest housing a Denore Bottle. Moving forward to the intersection, go south first to find the Weathered Guardian for Magilou. And in the room all the way north is a Panacea Bottle. Head east to the next floor now. Going onward, break the wall blocking the way here so you can proceed. Push on some more and a couple of skits should pop up for you to see, then walk up to the Turtlez so that your group can scare him into dropping his prices again.

Look at the wares to see if there's anything you like before leaving through the southeast exit. Continue on to the next level from here and grab the Thorny Waistcot. If you break the wall directly across from the treasure chest here, you'll find a hidden room filled with kitty clumps. Go all the way back to the Turtlez room and take the southeast exit next. Take the Rosemary and keep going to another room housing a pair of Tarnished Earrings. Return to the Turtlez room one more time to check the northeast exit.

On this floor, you'll find a Katz box that opens for 80 spirits. Break the wall across from said box to reveal a path that leads further through the ruins. Don't go there yet however and take the other exit into another room where a code red daemon is waiting.

Code Red Daemon: Spider Queen

Level: 26 HP: 33,441 Weakness: Fire, Wind Resist: Light, Earth Drop: Aspirant's Glacite

This monster is classified to be demi-human, crustacean and fiend so set your artes to try and cover these vulnerabilities and chain them into combos. Equip upgraded elemental rings to reduce damage from the creature's attacks (which could be either earth or wind, I can't say for sure though). The biggest issue with this fight is probaby the spider's web attack which not only deals considerable damage but also inflicts Fatigue. This particular ailment is especially troublesome as it greatly slows your movement speed and disables quickstepping. It can be removed with Quickness which Eizen has. Don't hesitate to bring the difficulty down to Hard if Intense is proving too brutal. You'll still get the glacite after killing it regardless.

The treasure chest in this room has 1050 Gald in it. Go back to that hidden path you skipped earlier and proceed. Keep going onward for two more screens and you should reach the room that has a path to the exit. Go south first for a Calcite Fragment before leaving.

Boss Battle: Eleanor

Level: 26 HP: 10,673 Weakness: N/A Resist: N/A Drop: Guardbreaker's Ventite

This will be a one-on-one duel for Velvet. Set artes that can be executed quickly into a combo, and counter only after you've evaded Eleanor's combo attempt. She will start using magic when her HP is low. At this point, quickly finish up with break souls and mystic artes.

Turns out you'll be stuck in the ruins for a while longer. Pass the time by chatting up your companions (you'll find Laphicet outside). Rest in the ruins when you're done. The next morning, the group will set off with Eleanor permanently in tow. As always, take the time to set her up properly before you do anything else.

Brigid Ravine

To start, look off ton the left of the entrance to Yvolg Ruins, and you'll find a treasure chest with Flouric Boots. Now, there's really only one direction you can go at the moment so simply follow the path until you run into the Brigid Brigand.

Defeat him and he should drop the Burdening Glacite. Moving on, there's a Verbana at the south end of the top path then return to where the brigand was and head down the path near him to the lower level. Turn south at the bottom to face the next code red daemon.

Code Red Daemon: Horus

Level: 27 HP: 37,932 Weakness: Fire, Water Resist: Earth Drop: Clairvoyant's Ventite

This monster is Winged and Fiend type creature, so set your artes to exploit these weaknesses alongside its elemental vulnerabilities. I found Eleanor to be the most effective in building combos on the thing, and being stunned for pretty much the whole time means that it wasn't able to move much at all. This is actually one of the easier code red daemons out of the 31 in the game.

Grab the Chocolate Idol for Magilou here then continue further along the linear path towards another battle, this time against the Swordbreaker.

Boss Battle: Swordbreaker

Level: 26 HP: 28,643 Weakness: Water Resist: Earth Drop: Armory Acerite II

While the boss is said to be weak to martial artes, it will best to strike from afar with Magilou's water-based malak artes, to take advantage of your opponent's very limited range. You can also fight at close range with martial artes if you want to, but be wary of possible counterattacks.

Climb up the vines off to the east side of the lower level and open Katz box worth 70 spirits at the top. Save your game then enter the tunnel.

Vester Tunnels

Go to the southwest corner first and smash the rock to find a secret entrance. Inside is a Slow Ward. Go back and proceed to the next area. Here, head west and near the save point is a candle you must check to get the door open and proceed. In this area, turn north near the northwest exit to find another rock blocking a passageway.

Break it then pick up 1200 Gald from the chest in the room beyond. Continue through the hole at the other side of this room and you'll find another code red daemon.

Code Red Daemon: Oroboros

Level: 32 HP: 39,513 Weakness: Earth Resist: Fire, Wind Drop: Scout's Ventite

This monster is an Apodous and Fiend type creature, so set your artes to exploit these weaknesses alongside its elemental vulnerabilities. Also bring Panacea Bottles to remove the ailments this enemy is quite of inflicting. Its attacks are also pretty brutal but I don't quite recall the element so check for yourself and equip the appropriate rings to protect yourself. Once again, don't hesitate to drop the difficulty down a notch if the battle is proving too difficult.

Return to the main room and take the northwest exit this time. The Turtlez here has plenty of new stuff so take the time to shop and manage your equipment inventory. Make a quick save and move on when you're ready.

This next fight is another duel, this time it will be Rokurou's turn to battle alone. Shigure has 11,832 HP and while there's no need to actually defeat him, this encounter can be quite challenging on the highest difficulty setting. Your opponent is said to be weak to hidden artes so set Rokurou's Form 4 as your main skill as this is also the fastest hidden arte he has available. Quickstep sideways to evade Shigure's combos so you don't get out of range for an immediate counterattack.

Continue to the next area after and keep moving to the next exit. But instead of going through it, enter the hole nearby instead. Grab the Panacea Bottle here and proceed to the other side. Head southeast into another hole and collect the Succubus Horn Earring in the room beyond. Go on back to the previous area and exit southwest. Save here if you want. Speak to everyone while waiting outside after the scene, then head out to stop a supposed invasion of the mine.

Move back for a couple of screens to defeat the Longsword Praetor and his Orderlies. Once Rokurou returns, go back to Kurogane's workshop to collect the Worn Spear. Now look at the map and make your way over to the Port Side of the tunnels. When you reach the area with the Turtlez, take the northeast exit to a new section of the mine. There's a Saffron along the narrow path and also a Chamomile far to the east of the area.

In the next screen, crawl through the hole at the central section to secure a Calcite Fragment at the other side. Go around out to a small area and light the candle before returning to the main room. The door should now be open so follow that path all the way out to Port Cadnix.

Port Cadnix

Begin by looking to the left of the weapons vendor and you'll spot a gold chest with a Tranquillo inside. Next, go southeast from the shop to find a Katz box that opens for 110 spirits. Save your game and head for the destination marker to fight Shigure again, but with the whole party this time.

Boss Battle: Shigure

Level: 29 HP: 33,739 Weakness: Fire Resist: Earth Drop: Numbing Glacite

Shigure is as brutal as ever but at least you have the whole party fighting him now. His attacks are primarily wind-based so Wind Rings for damage reduction area a must. Always be ready to defend and evade his combos before countering with fire artes. Once again, you will not be able to actually beat him so just do enough damage until he ends the battle with his mystic arte. A warning if you're going for the platinum trophy. Shigure must use his mystic arte on you during the battle for it to count toward the Witness the Mystic trophy, as the one to end the fight doesn't seem to count for some reason.

Back to exploring, by the cart next to the storehouse is a chest with a Life Bottle and in the building is another one with 1450 Gald. Rest at the inn as well to get a bonus skit. Don't forget to claim your code red hunt bounties from the Bloodwing Agent too. Finally, check up on all the sub-eveny conversations in the area before speaking with Benwick at the ship.

Raneed Village

To start, view the two skits first then check up on the sub-event dialogues. Enter the storehouse next to claim an Inoph Bottle. Moving on into the village proper, head north passed the horses for a Panacea Bottle. And on top of the crate to the northeast near the shop is a Katz box worth 125 spirits. The next treasure is a Thorny Waistcoat by the boy who lets you play the character cards mini-game. You'll have to go around one of the houses to reach it.

Also be sure to look at the sides of the houses to find a Sage and a Lavender. Finally, head south of the inn for a Life Bottle. Visit the shop as well to see if there's anything you like then talk to the man nearby. Take the northeast exit to the Fens of Nog afterward.

Fens of Nog

Start by heading toward the south end of the area for a Shock Ward, then move east across the bridge and south on the rocks to engage yet another code red daemon. Grab the War Pike from the chest behind it first though.

Code Red Daemon: Trickstar

Level: 35 HP: 48,843 Weakness: Fire Resist: N/A Drop: Oppressor's Ventite

First thing you need to do is get rid of all the witches to disable the power link effect on the Trickstar, which by the way is classified as Winged, Demihuman and Fiend. As always, set your artes to exploit any one of these alongside its elemental weakness. Also equip enhanced Wind Rings on your party for protection against the majority of the creature's attacks.

After defeating that monster, hop back north then go left for a Saffron. Further to the right is the exit leading to the Warg Forest, which is where you need to go. However, let's finish exploring this place first so go north instead for a Flourite Fragment.

Make your way over to the west side next to pick up 1450 Gald. Push north from here then go east passed the two soldiers for a Life Bottle. Finally, head on south along the middle for a Verbana. Go ahead and exit east to the Warg Forest now.

Warg Forest

Start by going southeast from the entrance to find the switch that disables the water barrier. Moving on, head south when you reach the center to grab a Sage then proceed to the next screen. Here, turn south when you can to claim a Panacea Bottle at the end of the path. Touch the switch here and continue on. Next, touch the switch near the exit as well before leaving.

In this area, head north for a Flourite Fragment then exit north and keep going to grab another Panacea Bottle. Access to the code red daemon is blocked by a fire barrier so you'll have to find the switch for it and return. Once the path is open, get the Lavender and the Life Bottle first before picking a fight with the monster.

Code Red Daemon: Phantasm

Level: 36 HP: 49,092 Weakness: Wind Resist: Water Drop: Glacite of Reversal

This one is an Apodous and Fiend creature so set your artes accordingly as usual. Its spin attack may cause paralysis as well so have some Panacea Bottles ready. The main thing you must watch out for however is its Break Soul, Heartbreaker Shot is both wind and earth in nature and can kill a character in one hit. To counter this, either avoid completely by running away, or consume food with the 1000+ damage -20%/40% effect. You should have that by this point if you're sending out expeditions regularly.

Now from where you fought the Phantasm, go south twice then in the next screen, look at the east corner to find a Katz box worth 115 spirits. Next up is the south dead end that has a chest with a Shock Ward in it. Head southeast to defeat some Orderlies so you can proceed.

Here, check the southeast corner to find a Cassandra Sash, and directly across from it is a Verbana. Next, touch the switch until the barrier blocking the southeast exit disappears. Grab the Balmy Fluid and save before you leave.

Boss Battle: Thickjaw Beetle

Level: 31 HP: 37,884 Weakness: Fire, Water Resist: Light Drop: Sprinter's Ventite

This bug is classified as Armored and Crustacean so set artes that exploit its weaknesses best, such as Velvet's Shell Splitter, so you can easily chain them into combos. As for attacks, the beetle's Spinning Needle has a respectable chance of inflicting paralysis while Explosion has a 20% possibility of causing slow. Have Panacea Bottles on hand in case the ailments manage to stick. Because unlike most RPGs, this game will not let you use HP restorative artes or items on characters that are inflicted with status ailments.

Go back to the docks in Raneed to deliver the cure, then head to the Fens of Nog and take the north exit. Before leaving however, make sure to look into the small alcove to the right of the exit to find another Katz box. This one opens for 145 spirits.

Burnack Plateau

Right away you will see the next code red daemon lounging somewhere in the area, and not far from it to the south is a chest with 1750 Gald.

Code Red Daemon: Breed Wolf

Level: 37 HP: 66,464 Weakness: Water Resist: Light Drop: Luminary's Ventite

This is monster with the classification of Demihuman and Fiend, so set your artes to exploit these weaknesses alongside its elemental vulnerabilities. Its attacks are carry fire or light elements where the latter may inflict paralysis. Equip enhanced Fire Rings for better resistance to fire attacks and use Panacea Bottles to remove ailments. Defend at all times so you can quickly evade when the wolf attacks and counter immediately after. The best chance to strike however is when it is going after someone else and has its back turned toward you.

Once the wolf is defeated, check the north end behind the rock for an Inoph Bottle. At the campground, look at the right side of one of the tents to find the next Katz box worth 115 spirits. In the next area, stick to the right side of the path for a Saffron and the northeast corner also has another loot. Also look for a spot where you can jump off to the right, so you can snag the Garish Pink Shirt from a treasure chest down below.

The east here leads to the East Laban Tunnel. You don't need to go there yet but since we're already here, might as well go see what's inside.

East Laban Tunnel

Go through the northeast exit first to score a Flouric Paper in the next room, then return to take the other exit. In this area, look at the northeast corner for 1750 Gald and to the south is another treasure chest containing a Panacea Bottle. At the dead end directly to the right is a Katz box worth 135 spirits.

For the next section, hop down to the lower level and grab the Chamomile along with the Life Bottle. Moving to another area, there's a Death Ward for Magilou to the north while to the northeast is a Denore Bottle. Use a Denore Bottle to warp back to Burnack Plateau and continue on.

Lothringen Tower

In the first area, circle around to the left via the upper path for an Inoph Bottle at the end. Turn back to move along the bottom path this time to find 1820 Gald next to the stairs. Climb up but ignore the doorway in the middle for now and keep going. Open Katz box worth 140 spirits then at the very top is another chest containing a Simple Ribbon. Go back and enter the room you ignored earlier to proceed.

Boss Battle: Legendary Wyvern

Level: 36 HP: 26,931 Weakness: Earth Resist: Light, Fire Drop: Evenoming Glacite

There are three of these things and their attacks are primarily water-based except for Fiery Tongue which is of fire element. Equip everyone with Aqua Rings to provide some measure of protection and set artes that are effective against dragons for your combo. Velvet's Soaring Dragon arte for example meets the criteria of both dragon and earth so that will work. Hold L1 until the red aura appears and only then should you move in to attack, as doing so increases your chances of stunning enemies. Again, best try attack from behind when the dragons are occupied with your other party members. Use Break Souls and break artes when the wyverns are close together so you can damage all of them at once.

After the battle, look around the room for a Chamomile then go left into another room. Collect the Saffron and the Halberd here before leaving the building all together for a scene.

Raneed Village

Go on back to Raneed after and make sure to check out the sub-event markers in both the village and the docks. The one in the village starts the Omega Elixir sidequest for Laphicet, while the one at the docks grants you access to the first of 10 Class 4 Administrative Zones.

Check the sidequest section of this guide for more information. Talk to Benwick when you're ready and sail to Ysuelt.

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