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Chapter 05

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Moving north from the docks, there's a spot to the left of the exit that you can jump down from. The path down below leads to a Red Lavender in the next screen. Next, enter the tavern and climb all the way to the top via the two ladders to claim a Silky Paper. Head on down to the shore and check east under the docks to find a Katz box worth 120 spirits. From here, go south back to the previous area and collect the Amphibole Fragment there.

Back on the shore again, check under one of the hut sheds at the northern edge for a Life Bottle. The last treasure chest in this area is at the northwest corner near the tavern. There are some steps passed the building that leads down to the Poison Ward treasure. Make your way over to the northeast exit now. There will be a scene here along with a few skits, after which you can visit the weapons dealer for some new gear. He has plenty of good stuff so splurge a little if you have gald to spare. Do pick up extra Poison Wards if you see some.

There is a chest housing a Balmy Fluid on the second level by a house. Go south down the steps from here then turn right for an Inoph Bottle. Stepping off onto the beach, check the southeast corner for a Red Sage. Now go speak with the souvenir shop owner (next to the weapons dealer) and he will give the group a lead on where to go next. Take the east exit out to Maclir Beach.

Maclir Beach

Check every corner of this small section outside of town for loot. Starting with the chest to the right of the town entrance for an Amphibole Fragment. Below that is a Katz box worth 185 spirits, and to the left of that box behind the log is a Red Verbana. Also most of the enemies here can inflict Poison so equipping Poison Wards on more than one character if possible is a good idea.

You can also meet the Queen Bee (a Dire Foe) here if you can get a good enough grade in battles consecutively. Set the difficulty to Hard or Intense to boost the chance of it appearing.

Dire Foe: Queen Bee

Level: 48 HP: 50,332 Weakness: Water, Earth Resist: Wind Drop: Organizing Ignicite

This one is classified as Winged, Armored and Fiend. Its attacks are mostly fire-based and can inflict Burn. The exception would be a move called Explosion which is earth and may cause Slow. Buy Panacea Bottles and Gels from the town and equip your party with heavily enhanced Fire Rings. Finally consume food with the effect 1000+ damage -40%. Assign your best water artes to one button repeatedly chain those into combos.

This enemy is also really strong and its Break Soul can kill a character in one hit. Bring plenty of Life Bottles if you plan on killing this creature early. Defend for several seconds until red aura appears then attack to increase stun rate. Counter only after evading and go to town when the bee is occupied with your other party members. Use break souls every chance you get as well as mystic artes if you have enough BG.

Moving on, there's a vine on the rock wall and a Rosemary next to it. Climb the vines to the top for another Poison Ward. Head for the next and make a quick save before approaching the destination marker.

Boss Battle: Venom Lizard

Level: 37 HP: 67,574 Weakness: Earth Resist: Wind Drop: Terrestrial Glacite

This boss is classified as a Dragon and Beast type creature. All of its attacks are water element and some (Poisonous Break in particular) have a considerable chance of inflicting Poison. Equip a mix of Aqua Rings and Poison Wards on your party for protection. Ironically enough, the lizard is also susceptible to poison despite its own arsenal being toxic so spam it with Magilou's Water Mine or Aqua Split. It can also be burned. Once its health is down to about 25%, the thing starts turning red and deal tons of damage to anyone who gets close to it while at this state. Wait for it to calm down before moving in anew.

There's a treasure chest with 2050 Gald on the ledge north of where you entered from. Next, make your way around to the southwest island to find a Panacea Bottle in the small cave. The next code red daemon is also here; make a quick save before fighting it.

Code Red Daemon: Harpy Go Lucky

Level: 45 HP: 66,068 Weakness: Fire Resist: Water, Earth Drop: Preserver's Glacite

This is monster with the classification of Winged, Demihuman and Fiend, so set your artes to exploit these weaknesses alongside its elemental vulnerabilities. Its attacks are wind-based and Tornado Kick in particular may inflict paralysis. Equip enhanced Wind Rings for better resistance to wind attacks and use Panacea Bottles to remove ailments. Equip Fatigue Wards on your close-range fighters if you like. Defend at all times so you can quickly evade when the bird attacks and counter immediately after. The best chance to strike however is when it is going after someone else and has its back turned toward you.

Return to the main path and head north to find a Peach Gel behind the tree. Further east is a Red Chamomile next to another tree. Next, continue past the village entrance and push north to the end of the passage for a Garish Pink Shirt. Go ahead and enter the village now.

Haria Village

View the skit first then check behind the flags next to the weapons vendor to find an Amphibole Fragment. Buy some new gear as well then go check the southwest corner for a Dark Bottle. Climb up the vines nearby and secure one more Amphibole Fragment at the top.

And finally, look under the docks at the south-middle section to find the last treasure chest containing 2250 Gald. Also at the lower area all the way north is a Red Sage, and off to the east side is a Red Lavender.

Outside the inn, check the left side of the building for a Katz box worth 185 spirits. Go rest at the inn to push forward with the story, then leave the village through the northeast exit the next day.

Manann Reef

To start, check the west corner for a Peach Gel then take the southeast exit to another screen. Here, collect the Amphibole Fragment from the chest along with all the kitty clumps before returning to exit north this time. Go to where the code red daemon is and grab the Express Pendant. Once again, make a quick save before picking a fight with the monster.

Code Red Daemon: Kraken

Level: 41 HP: 56,678 Weakness: Earth Resist: Water, Fire Drop: Disruptor's Glacite

The Kraken is an Amorphous and Fiend type enemy so as usual set your artes to fit the situation as best you can. One thing you can take advantage of is the fact that this creature is quite slow and doesn't move all that much. The tentacles have a pretty long reach however, but you should be quite safe staying at the edge of the battle area while tossing earth spells. Be sure to move when the creature does so you get to constantly maintain distance. For close-combat characters, be wary of those nasty water attacks as well as its break soul. Equip heavily enhanced Aqua Rings and use titles that boost arte defense.

After the battle, head for the northeast exit and be sure to grab the Red Verbana before leaving. In the next screen, go south first to clean up everything in that small section including an Asmodeus Earring. Head on back and take the north exit. Pick up the Red Saffron and keep going. You'll eventually come across an Amphibole Garment. At the next screen, grab the Red Rosemary by the exit and proceed.

Here, collect 2250 Gald from the treasure chest then keep moving east to the next area. Open the Katz box in exchange for 165 spirits when you see it. Onward to the final screen, you'll find a Life Bottle to the north and along the way to the south is an Amphibole Waistcoat.

Palamides Temple

Off to the side is a Red Sage you can pick up before entering the temple. Once inside, head down the stairs and open the door on the left. Break the wall here to find a Denore Bottle. Check the chalice to drain the water from it then do the same to the one in the other room. The doors upstairs should now be open.

Enter the right door first to snag a Dark Bottle then go to the other room. Remove the jewel from the monolith here and insert it into the pedestal of the chalice outside. Check it after to open the north door. Go back to where you found the jewel and use the warp point. In the next area, grab the Life Bottle and return. Enter the north door outside.

Boss Battle: Daemon Mahina

Level: 39 HP: 30,276 Weakness: N/A Resist: Light Drop: Wearying Glacite

This boss is classified as Demihuman and has far less health than most of the other bosses you faced so far. Its attacks are primarily water-based so set your gear to defend accordingly. This battle isn't too difficult overall and Daemon Mahina should fall pretty quickly.

After the battle, enter the door on the left first and check the chalice upstairs to form a bridge. Go back outside, go right and ride the small platform to the north up. Grab 2400 Gald from the chest. Return and enter the room on the right. Check the chalice here too and you should be able to get across to the other side. Check the chalice in the next room then go back downstairs to enter the north room. Grab the Gradient Doll here.

Next, head back to the main room with the save point and enter the room on the left. Check the chalice here again so you can cross the bridge. Grab the Red Lavender and enter the room. Behind the chalice is breakable wall hiding the stone and a Katz box worth 200 spirits. Use the stone on the chalice. Now, you need to make sure that all 7 jewels on all 7 chalices are glowing and the special door in the save room should open.

Grab the Amphibole Waistcoat as well as the Red Chamomile in there before heading down the stairs for another boss encounter.

Boss Battle: Tree Therion

Level: 40 HP: 64,185 Weakness: Fire Resist: Light Drop: Marathoner's Ventite

This is monster with the classification of Demihuman and Fiend, so set your artes to exploit these weaknesses alongside its elemental vulnerabilities. Its attacks are mostly wind-based. Equip enhanced Wind Rings for better resistance to wind attacks and use Panacea Bottles to remove ailments. Equip Fatigue Wards on your close-range fighters if you like. Defend at all times so you can quickly evade when the tree attacks and counter immediately after. The best chance to strike however is when it is going after someone else and has its back turned.

Leave for Haria Vilage afterward only to witness it get all messed up when you get there. So rush back to the Van Eltia in Yseult next. Once there, speak with the dude marked with a sub-event bubble and he'll tell you about a new class 4 administrative zone. Go ahead and check the place out right now if you like. Otherwise, sail on back to Port Zekson instead.

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