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3 - Dog's Heads, Clock Pendulum, Sky Hunter Puzzle

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Walkthrough and Guide by AbsoluteSteve
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3 - Dog's Heads, Clock Pendulum, Sky Hunter Puzzle

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Head to the end of the main corridor and use the Ox Statuette on the door to reach the Main Hall. There are various items and collectibles to be found here.

Third Mr. Everywhere Statue

The Main Hall exit.

To your immediate left is a Mr. Everywheres Statue, along with a Herb. Continue exploring the room clockwise. The cabinet contains Gunpowder and the next drawer cabinet contains an Antique Coin. A Phone will ring nearby; answer it. Then inspect the nearby door with the three-headed dog statue/plate on it. You'll need to find the missing pieces in order to open it up. Also take note of the locked Scorpion door nearby. Right to it is a clock in which you can find the Clock Pendulum, and to the right of that is a desk with the Newspaper Article - Over 20 Missing. You can also find some Chem Fluid in the closet underneath the stairs.

Other than those items, there's the Sky Hunter puzzle in the room with the beamer, which we'll solve later on. You can also grab the M37 Shotgun from the statue in the small room between the stairs, but you'll be locked in, so you need something to replace the gun with in order to truly collect it, just like in the very first Resident Evil.

Go back to the living room (next to the dining room where you initially began) and use the Clock Pendulum on the clock there to collect the White Dogs Head. Return to the Main Hall and use it on the door to clear up some inventory space.

Put the dog head tablet into the door to free inventory space

Now head upstairs and go through the door to the left. Turn right, to the outer walkway and head through the first door to the left into the recreation room.

Here you can find Jack's Note to the left, along with a Mr. Everywheres Statue and an Antique Coin.

Fourth Mr. Everywhere Statue

You can also find some Gunpowder in a trashbin on the other side of the room, and Handgun Ammunition x10 in a white bin in the corner near the locked Scorpion door (behind which Grandma's Room is located). Then there's also Jack's Journal in the drawer cabinet behind the TV, and the Mia VHS Tape next to the TV.

Most importantly, you can find a large yellow book on the large cabinet in the corner. Open it to find the Blue Dog's Head.

Now view Mia's Tape (it's optional but for completionists it is required). Walk over the bridge to the house and enter. Go through a few doors and you'll run into Marguerite. Quickly hide behind the crate around the corner and wait for her to move into the next room. Head through the door she came out of and go outside, turning right and hiding in the corner there until she's gone again.

Hide from Marguerite at this position

The puzzle room is fairly easy; simply rotate the spide statue until it roughly matches the picture and press OK. Move through the passage and hide behind the debris in the next corner. Marguerite will show up again. Move to the right as she moves towards the left, and then rush to the far right corner, dropping into a tunnel. Go to the end to finish the tape.

Spider puzzle solution

Back as Ethan, you're now going to have to search for the last Dogs Head (first place the Blue Dogs Head into the door at the Main Hall). Also clear up a few slots in your inventory (deposit Mia's Tape in the Item Box at the Laundry Safe Room, for example). In any case, go back up in the Main Hall and proceed to the left side of the hall, going past the Recreation Room's other door. The drawer in the corner of this hall contains a Herb.

Proceed through the hall and ignore the door for now. To the right are some destroyed stairs. The drawer here contains some Chem Fluid and at the end of the outside walkway is a box with Handgun Ammunition x5. Also note the locked orange toolbox here. The stairs lead to the first floor, so there's no need to drop down, but it functions merely as a (one-way) shortcut. Enter the door you skipped to reach the bathroom.

Wooden Statuette inside the bathtub

Check the drawer underneath the sink to find Handgun Ammunition x7, and the toilet for an Antique Coin. Drain the bath and grab the Wooden Statuette, then attempt to leave. Jack shows up, so move around the bath and quickly drop down the stairs to the first floor. Move to the living room, and via the kitchen head to the left and into the Laundry Safe Room, where Jack won't come after you. You can even keep the door slightly open and check if Jack's on the right side of the corridor. When he is, simply rush back to the Main Hall.

Eagle statuette puzzle solution

Head to the beamer and place the Wooden Statuette in front of it on the stand, and rotate it as in the picture and press OK to reveal an opening in the wall. Go through to reach a room with a stuffed deer, the Drawing Room. Check the plant in the right corner for a Herb, the nearby drawer for Handgun Ammunition x5, and Psychostimulants on the table. This item makes it easier to find items, but with the help of this walkthrough you'll be able to find those anyway. There are also Handgun Ammunition x4 at the foot of the deer, Handgun Ammunition x5 in the wooden crate, Shotgun Shells x2 behind the painting leaning against the wall (left to where you entered the room) and a Chem Fluid in the fridge. Also check out the locked Crow door and take a good look to the immediate right of it to spot a Mr. Everywheres Statue.

Fifth Mr. Everywhere Statue

Enter the next room and take note of the locked box on the table. There's also an Antique Coin in the ashtray on the table, next to the lantern. The small orange box in the cabinet only contains maggots, so don't bother. Go through the next room and a Moulded creature will emerge close to the next door. Although your first reaction might be to back away and shoot the creature - and this is definitely possible (headshots work) - it is even better to sprint immediately to the door next to the creature, turn left around the corner, ignore the Scorpion door straight ahead, turning right, ignoring the stairs and going through the white door on your current level. This is a Safe Room, which will remove the Moulded enemy from the map somehow.

Search the Safe Room for Travis' Memo (Front) and (Back) in the drawer (turn it around and inspect both sides to register the note twice). There's also Handgun Ammo x5 in the large cabinet, and a locked drawer. Make some room in your inventory. The absolute basics are obviously your Handgun and a healthy stock of handgun bullets and First Aid Meds. All the rest is, for now, secondary.

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