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Follow the dark path or use the light

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

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Resident Evil 7 Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

1 - Intro, Guest House, Attic

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Head down the linear path, inspect the locked gate and try the bell (in vain), then head to the left and check out the white van's side door to find the Sewer Gators Ep. 17 inside.

White Van

Continue through the gate and proceed down the path, past the Swamp and around the corner. Head underneath the animal legs and drop down at the end of the pathway. Here, inspect the purse near the debris in the middle of the area to find the Driver's License by inspecting the bag more carefully (check inside).

Map Guest House 1F

Head inside the house via the door on the left and you'll be locked inside. Great. Continue through the next hall and take note of the closed cabinet for later. Inside the kitchen you can interact with several objects and take note of the locked drawer on the right side. Proceed and head upstairs where you can collect the Derelict House VHS Tape, and a Save Point.

Head back downstairs and continue through the hall, then into the door to your right. Look around to find three creepy photographs, then use the VHS recorder to play your newly found tape. Play along, enter the house until you reach the same room where you ended up watching the tape and then go through the secret entrance and down, where the tape ends.

Map Guest House B1

Back as yourself, check out the box on the wall with a missing electricity-generating component, then check out the lever in the fireplace and proceed through the secret entrance and head downstairs. Wade through the water and continue through the next hall. At the gate with the lit room beyond, turn left, inspect the interesting note (only Clancy and Mia are not 'Dead' or 'Turned') and grab the Bolt Cutters. Cut the chain on the door open with it, then talk to Mia.

Follow her down the newly opened path until you reach a new room. Turn left, inspect the doll and go back to the room and through the newly opened doorway. Go upstairs and through the door. Check out the cabinet in the hall to your right to find the Guest House Map. Head inside the bathroom to find two First Aid Meds, one in a drawer, the other on the cabinet. Head back downstairs afterwards and resist Mia's attacks with the right trigger button (RT or R2). Inspect her body, then grab the Axe to your right and repeatedly slash Mia with it until you defeat her. Head to the phone, then return to the place you downed Mia to recollect the Axe.

Head through the door at the end of the corridor to return to the hall adjacent to the room where you played the VHS tape. Go to the kitchen and at the far other side, check the locked cabinet and use the Bolt Cutter on the chain to find a Fuse inside. Use this in the box at the television room to restore power to the second floor.

The Fuse

A short scene will play in the hall as you move out of the room. Pick up the Hand item from the ground afterwards and head upstairs, then hit the button to make the stairs go down, allowing you to reach the attic. The room to your right contains the much needed M19 Handgun, Handgun Ammunition x5 and a First Aid Med. Continue through the hall and collect, in the next room, more Handgun Ammunition x5 on the table to your left hand. Also check out the room behind the door to the far right, which contains Handgun Ammunition x20. Now that you've stocked up on a relatively decent amount of ammo, attempt to go up the ladder and Mia will show up again.

The fight with Mia isn't too tough as long as you take the following into account. Always keep your distance. Try to have a wooden beam between you and Mia; there are two in total and althrough she saws through them it should offer you an opportunity to target her more precisely. Try to aim for her head, which if done correctly, stuns her briefly, allowing you to get a few more shots in on her body. Run to the opposite side of the room when she gets too close, turn around and unload another clip on her. After roughly ten to fifteen shots she should be done for. In any case, don't worry about consuming too much ammo - you'll lose it all after the fight anyway.
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