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Optional World Map Exploration

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Items: [ ] Healing Tear Gem, [ ] Dragon Tusk, [ ] 2000 G, [ ] Hot-Blooded Badge, [ ] 5000 G

Pages: [ ] 304-307 (The Eleventh Tale)



At this point in the game you open up a lot of optional content that you can now visit, explore, pursue or complete. Here's a handy list of all things that you can currently undertake:

• Revisit Old Father Oak to visit a [HEALING TEAR GEM] plus a page in your Wizard's Companion, [THE ELEVENTH TALE] of Wonder.

• Errands #012 - #018, #077, #082, and Bounties #098 - #102 have opened up. You can also complete Errand #008 (from the Fairyground, which you had to leave open for now). See below for details on the errands.

• You can visit the Crypt Casino at the Tombstone Trail. There are various prizes you can buy with your Chips, but the Crownberries and Big Babana, as well as the Bluster Blade are currently the most worthy of your efforts. The first two alchemy items are used to create the most powerful treats, while the blade is quite decent storm-based sword for this moment in the game.

• You can revisit Sage Solomon at the Temple of Trials and participate in the Solosseum, in which you fight various consecutive battles. For now, Rank E is most likely the best you can manage. It helps to equip a Burning Blade for this rank, or use Familiars with fire-based abilities. You'll have to fight three battles; order Oliver and Swaine not to use any abilities in the first battle, heal with Esther while having them perform All-Out attacks on the enemy and kill the Ruffian first. The second battle can be fought the same way, but spare one creature in order to heal up for the tougher third round. Focus on a single enemy (and allow Oliver and Swaine to use abilities this time), such as the Danglerfish. With only two enemies left, heal your party and swiftly take them out one by one with All-Out attacks. You'll be rewarded with a [DRAGON TUSK] and [2000 G].

NOTE: After your first win, you'll receive the 'Solosseum Slugger' trophy.

TIP: Normally Rank D will be too tough for you to handle at this point in the game, but if you level up a lot on Ugly Duckling Island (see below, under Autumnia Islands Exploration) then you should be able to tackle it nonetheless. The reward is a [HOT-BLOODED BADGE] and [5000 G].

• The islands surrounding Autumnia can be explored. This was already possible, but you're much better prepared now. Below are more details.

• Now's also a good time to explore the islands southwest of the Summerlands. There are plenty of items and mini-sidequests to be done there, and the westernmost island of the bunch (The Hermit's Shell) also has a forage point that gives a [METEORITE FRAGMENT]. If you've collected one of these (from here) before, you can now make the excellent Barrier Badge (Iron Shield + Meteorite Fragment x2 + Sprocket x2]. It grants +15 defense and magic defense while lowering evasion and accuracy by 5 points.

The cave on this island is filled with Familiars that you can speak to with Nature's Tongue. There are five mini-quests to be done here:

1. The Naiads want two Carnation Cakes and a Carrot Cake. Your reward is a [SAGE'S SECRET]. (The Cakes are easily made through alchemy.)

2. There's a Clinketyclank who wants three Sprockets. Be sure to first craft the Barrier Badge (see right above), since that takes an absolute priority in terms of rewards. You can collect any further Sprockets from Sprog Cogs in the southern parts of Autumnia; either steal them or wait for a drop. Your reward will be a [THUNDERSPARK GEM].

3. The Puss in Boats want two Well-Worn Swords. You can simply buy these from the Cawtermaster in Ding Dong Dell. Your reward is a [POISON PINCH GEM].

4. Mister Jackpotty wants to meet a fellow familiar. Catching a potty is possible by fighting them at sea nearby Shipwreck Shore, southeast of the Shimmering Sands. The reward for this is [PIXIE DEW x3].

5. The Duncecap has a similar request. It wants to meet a fellow mushroom familiar. Catch one in Golden Grove if you don't have one and bring it back; the reward are [GLOWCAPS x5].

If you fulfill all five requests, you'll also get the [NAME TAG] from the Tokotoko (just speak with it), which allows you to rename any of your Familiars. J-RPG classic!

Of course you can also set sail to find Kublai, in which case you'll need to travel to the northeast part of the Summerlands continent, toward the Skull Mountain.

Autumnia Islands Exploration:

• The isle east of Autumnia is called The Spindle, and its inhabitants are fairly strong. You can only partially explore the island at this time, but there's a hidden treasure that can be found nonetheless. Move around the rocks to the south and search the westernmost cliff to collect a [PIXIE DEW].

Unfortunately, the island to the northeast of Autumnia - The Broken Crown - cannot be accessed by the Sea Cow as it has no beaches. Note it for later.

• Of much more interest are the islands northwest of Autumnia. The largest island is known as Swan Island and you'll meet some 'familiar' faces there (Mite, Thumbelemur, Drongo, Seed Sprite). The first hidden treasure on Swan Island is easy to find: move south from the beach and search the base of the mountains right between two small forests to find [SUNDROP x2].

• Still on Swan Island, follow the northeast trail to its end and search the soil for [500 G]. Not bad!

* There's also a useful forage point on the west side of Swan Island that nets you [FOGDROP], an ingredient used in several alchemy formulas.

• Visit the small island west of Swan Island and walk over the beach the tiny adjacent isle. Search the south area to collect [BABANA FLAN x2].

• The small island west of Swan Island contains a hidden treasure itself; search the northernmost tip of it to find a [CAPPUCINO].

* The island south of Swan Island is called Ugly Duckling Isle. The forage point here contains an [ANGULA].

• The northernmost tip of the Ugly Duckling Isle contains [RUBY RIPPLE ICE CREAM x2].

TIP: Ugly Duckling Island is home to a fairly uncommon creature known as Toko; green and round staff-wielding cowards. You can encounter them on the world map but also as part of other enemy teams (but only on this island). Since they give a whooping 2000 EXP points, this is an amazing place to level your characters up into their late 30's, early 40's even. It's also a good idea to metamorphose some of your Familiars into their third form, since it only takes a couple of battles to have them back at their former strength. You'll ALWAYS want to take out Toko's first, and preferably approach enemies from their backs to give you a slight advantage; Toko's tend to run away quickly. Powerful skills combined with an All-Out attack (+ attack leader's target) should counter this.

• You can also visit the northwest part of Autumnia by disembarking at the western beach of the continent, which gives access to a mountain trail with very powerful enemies. If you've levelled up to around level 40 (for your characters) you should be able to defeat them, but not without difficulty, so it's better to avoid any enemies here for now. If you want to take a risk for a rather decent treasure, save your game on the beach and head to the far end of the trail. Search the area northeast of the stone at the end to find a [PHOENIX BREATH] item, which has the power to revive your entire party to full health and is supremely useful in the final dungeon(s).

* There's also a forage point at the end of this mountain trail that holds a [PLANET CRYSTAL], an item used in alchemy.

Errands / Bounties

• Errand #008 - Service Without a Smile (can be completed now)

• Errand #011 - A Proposal Postponed (can be completed now*)

• Errand #012 - Asleep on the Job

• Errand #013 - Piggy Paranoia

• Errand #014 - Research on the Rocks

• Errand #015 - School's In

• Errand #016 - Strength to Soldier On (*)

• Errand #017 - A Suspicious Mind

• Errand #018 - ...Where the Heart Isn't

• Errand #077 - The Forest Alchemists

• Errand #082 - Notes from the Tracks

• Bounty #098 - Causing a Stink

• Bounty #099 - Magmadder than Ever

• Bounty #100 - Shell on Earth

• Bounty #101 - Splash Damage

• Bounty #102 - Fiery Giant

(*) You'll have to choose between completing either errand #011 or #016, since there's only one extra piece of courage available at this point in the game.

NOTE: As indicated below, the kindness for errand #008 can be found in Ding Dong Dell; a girl near the entrance has plenty of it.

For your convenience, here's a short list of all the pieces of heart available at this point:

• Belief x2 (Hamelin)

• Belief x1 (The Fairyground)

• Restraint + Courage (Al Mamoon)

• Belief + Kindness (Ding Dong Dell)

Errand #012 - Asleep on the Job

Description: A Hamelin shop worker is having trouble staying awake while working, and is in danger of losing his job.

Goal: Restore his restraint and stop him falling asleep.

Stamps: 3

Rewards: [ ] Drowsy Drops Gem, [ ] 500 G

Talk to the employer of the black market shop, who appears to be lacking quite some restraint. If you haven't already gotten some, get it from the guard in the southwest corner of Hamelin's main street (northern part of the city). You know the drill; perform the exchange to claim your reward.

Errand #013 - Piggy Paranoia

Description: A Hamelin guard has become suspicious of everyone he sees, and

refuses to let anyone in or out of the town.

Goal: Restore the guard's belief, and stop him being so suspicious.

Stamps: 3

Rewards: [ ] Game Pie x3, [ ] 500 G

The guard near the Hamelin's Cat's Cradle has lost all his belief in people. Fortunately for him and for you, the belief he's missing is up for grabs just around the corner, as a man nearby Swift Solutions as plenty of it.

Errand #014 - Research on the Rocks

Description: A Hamelin researcher has lost all faith in his assistants, and is unable to continue his research.

Goal: Restore his belief so that he can trust his assistants again.

Stamps: 3

Rewards: [ ] Soft Scoop Ice Cream, [ ] 500 G

Talk to the man on the balcony southeast of main street (northern part of Hamelin) and it becomes apparent that he has lost most of his belief. Once again the solution is nearby. Head up the eastern stairs to find a man with a moustache full of belief. Exchange it for your reward.

Errand #015 - School's In

Description: A young girl who lives in Ding Dong Dell can no longer be bothered to go to school.

Goal: Restore her enthusiasm and help her enjoy school again.

Stamps: 3

Rewards: [ ] Chocolate Bonbons x3, [ ] 750 G

If you haven't already gotten the piece of enthusiasm from the man at the northwest balcony in Hamelin's main street, do so now. Travel to Ding Dong Dell and go to the town square. The Grimalkin/cat girl in the northeast corner has lost all her enthusiasm for school. Good thing we brought some!

Errand #016 - Strength to Soldier On

Description: A senior Ding Dong Dell soldier finds himself wholly unable to summon the courage to fight monsters.

Goal: Restore his courage and make him a real soldier once more.

Stamps: 3

Rewards: [ ] Blunt Gem, [ ] 750 G

One of the palace guards in Ding Dong Dell is missing courage. You can get this from one of the palace guards in Al Mamoon; simply teleport there and back again with the Travel spell to perform the exchange.

Errand #017 - A Suspicious Mind

Description: A young Mamooni man has been driven to distraction by doubts over his beloved's fidelity.

Goal: Restore his belief and put his mind at ease.

Stamps: 3

Rewards: [ ] Frosty Flan x3, [ ] 750 G

In Al Mamoon, a man near Swift Solutions has lost all his belief in his faraway girlfriend. Teleport to Ding Dong Dell to get this piece of heart from a woman on the town square, then bring it back for your reward.

Errand #018 - ...Where the Heart Isn't

Description: A man from Castaway Cove has become suspicious of his fellow residents, and has decided to move away from the village.

Goal: Restore his belief and stop him from leaving the village.

Stamps: 3

Rewards: [ ] Rise and Shine Gem, [ ] 750 G

Talk to the man on the northeast walkway in Castaway Cove to find out that he's lost his belief. Teleport to The Fairyground to collect a piece of belief from the fairy next to the Hootique and bring it back to the man.

Errand #077 - The Forest Alchemists

Description: The forest dwellers who live on the Shipwreck Shore say they can teach you how to make a royal spear.

Goal: Learn how to create a royal spear in your cauldron.

Stamps: 5

Rewards: [ ] Fogdrop x2, [ ] Coldstone x2, [ ] 1500 G

Formulae: 047, 064, 065, 072, 073, 081, 085, 091, 095, 101, 106, 113, 121

Head to Shipwreck Shore (to the east of Castaway Cove) and go underneath the arch, walking around the west of the hills to go back over the arch; there's a hidden Forest Glade here. The man will tell you to fetch certain items in order to make a Royal Spear with alchemy. The items required are as follows: Raw Steel x2, Shadowglass x2, and Jade Marble x2. Only the latter is hard to get, as the first two are easily found at forage points on Autumnia, nearby Hamelin. Jade Marbles can be gotten on The Spindle island directly east of Autumnia. You'll have to steal them from Pike Tyke creatures (they also drop them, but stealing is faster). Create the Royal Spear and return to the man to get an additional reward, plus quite some new, powerful formulae.

Errand #082 - Notes from the Tracks

Description: A man visiting Hamelin is rather flustered after misplacing his diary yet again.

Goal: Agree to look for the missing diary.

Unlock Requirement: Complete errands #079, #080 & #081.

Stamps: 5

Rewards: [ ] Gaudy Claws, [ ] 1000 G

Talk to the traveling man in the northern part of the main street of Hamelin who has yet again misplaced his diary. This time it can be found at the end of the track to the southwest of Hamelin that run into the ravine's wall. Bring it back to claim your reward.

Bounty #098 - Causing a Stink

Description: A gigantic gaseous monster is producing an odor that is simply unbearable. Something must be done!

Last Seen: Ghostly Gorge (Autumnia)

Stamps: 6

Rewards: [ ] Poisoner's Horn, [ ] 1200 G

Enemies: Fug (309)

The Fug is located in the Ghostly Gorge northwest of Hamelin. Use Familiars capable of inflicting Storm damage, since the creature is weak against it; don't bother with water attacks - it resists those.

Bounty #099 - Magmadder than Ever

Description: Yet another monster is trying to get Old Smoky to blow its top! It must be dealt with, otherwise Al Mamoon is done for!

Last Seen: Halfway Up Old Smoky (Summerlands)

Stamps: 6 Rewards: [ ] Firewall Gem, [ ] 1500 G

Enemies: Magmadame (302)

The Magmadame can be found halfway up the path leading to the top of Old Smoky. It's wise to equip fire-resisting equipment on your Familiars and use water spells if you have any.

Bounty #100 - Shell on Earth

Description: A huge turtle has made Skull Mountain its home. Best deal with it now, before it moves on.

Last Seen: South of the Den of the Sky Pirate (Summerlands)

Stamps: 6

Rewards: [ ] Cappuccinos x3, [ ] 1500 G

Enemies: Shellraiser (329)

The Shellraiser can be found south of the Skull Mountain, which is on the northwest segment of the Summerlands continent. Just look at your map for its specific location, which is across the northern river. The creature is resistant against water and also has decent defense in general, so you might want to use some attack-boosting skills such as Mite's War Cry. Pummel away, stay healthy, and the turtle should fall sooner or later.

Bounty #101 - Splash Damage

Bounty 101

Description: A pesky sea creature keeps splashing merchants' ships, and the water is ruining their cargoes. Something must be done!

Last Seen: Near Russet Isle (Western Summerlands)

Stamps: 6

Rewards: [ ] Noble Attire, [ ] 1500 G

Enemies: Blubber Bubbler (306)

The Blubber Bubbler is found nearby the long stretched island southwest of the beach leading to the Skull Mountain, so that means east of the Summerlands continent. Storm-based attacks are particularly helpful in the fight; stay away from water tricks.

Bounty #102 - Fiery Giant

Description: A huge, hot-tempered monster has appeared in the foothills of Old Smoky! Take it down - but mind you don't get burned!

Last Seen: In the Smoky Mountains (Summerlands)

Unlock Requirement: Have found four courage pieces of heart.

Stamps: 6

Rewards: [ ] Pure Steel Armor, [ ] 1500 G

Enemies: Fire Ogrrr (324)

The Fiery Giant can be found on the world map path leading up to Old Smoky. Teleporting there and backtracking to the Ogrrr is the fastest way to reach him. Water-type attacks are particularly effective against Fire Ogrrr, and obviously you'll want to stay away from using fire-based tricks.

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There's a green chest(healing tear gem) in the Hermitage cave, where you get the rename tag. the '!' is on the pool of water, very close to the Potty, to it's left. the green chest is submerged underwater hidden from camera view.
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