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Castaway Cove - Haven of a Half-Dressed Harmony

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Items: [ ] Iced Coffee, [ ] Milk Chocolate, [ ] Peculiar Pot, [ ] Cauldron, [ ] Pixie Dew, [ ] Sour Grapes, [ ] Slumbernot Leaves, [ ] Sprite Dew, [ ] Bathing Suits, [ ] Sweetie Pie, [ ] Sandwich, [ ] Fishburger

*Items: [ ] 20 G (50%), 30 G (30%), 40 G (20%), [ ] Cake/Chocolate/Flan (33.3% each)

Pages: [ ] 337 (Regions of the World), 038 (Vacate)

Formulas: 006, 001, 002, 007, 008, 013, 018, 023, 028, 033, 038

Enemies: Al-Khemi (*)

               Peddler                          Peddler (continued)


20 G White Bread 50 G Dumpty Egg

100 G Sandwich 50 G Crispy Lettuce

200 G Iced Coffee 50 G Crunchy Carrot

800 G Strong Coffee 60 G Tender Beef

500 G Phoenix Feather 50 G Yogurt

20 G Poison-Be-Gone 150 G Fluffy Rice

40 G Blindness-Be-Gone 150 G Dumbfounder

40 G Sleep-Be-Gone 200 G Glowshrimp

40 G Curse-Be-Gone

20 G Confusion-Be-Gone 420 G Sickle

780 G Roc Feather

20 G Chocolate 750 G Pig-Iron Pike

20 G Flan 1000 G Iron Axe

20 G Cake 440 G Bullhorn Claws

20 G Sundae

20 G Pie 600 G Iron Breastplate

20 G Ice Cream 480 G Rubber Robe

420 G Sea Breeze Cloak

600 G Fire Seal 700 G Iron Shield

1200 G Medal of Strength


Castaway Cove can be found somewhere in the middle of the far south coastline. If you have trouble finding it, use your map for guidance.

As soon as you enter, a cutscene plays; you're now supposed to chase the thief who stole the cauldron from a merchant. If your characters aren't fully healed, visit the Cat's Cradle (inn) first, because a boss fight is coming up. This also grants you the [REGIONS OF THE WORLD] page, and while you're here you might as well grab an [ICED COFFEE] and a bar of [MILK CHOCOLATE] from the pot and chest respectively (but not respectfully).

Head to the far east side of town and take the lower path to visit the docks. The thief is located at the last one; approach him and a scene will play, leaving you with the [PECULIAR POT].

Return to the owner, who doesn't seem to happy about all of this, then look at page 74 of your Wizard's Companion to find the keycode that unlocks the cauldron: Open Says-A-Me. (Open Sesame, get the pun?) This triggers a scene and a boss battle.

Al-Khemi Boss

Boss Fight: Al-Khemi

Stats: 1520 HP, Weak against: -, Resists: Water


1. Physical Attack [Single Target, Minor to Medium Damage]

2. Al-Khombo [Flurry of attacks, Major Damage, Use Defend!]

3. Alakaz...Um... (Burning Sword) [Greatly increases his strength]

4. Alakaz...Um... (Parasol) [Greatly reduces his strength]

5. Hubble-Bubble [10 Second Countdown, Major Damage to all allies,Use Defend!]

Rewards: 777 EXP, 620 G

The fight against Al-Khemi is both funny and tough. His regular physical attacks deal some damage, but aren't anything to worry about. His Al-Khombo attack, however, is very powerful and hits multiple times. Whoever Al-Khemi is facing will be the lucky target, so if he targets the character/familiar you're NOT controlling, quickly switch to that character and defend.

The Alakaz...Um.... attack comes in two varieties. If Al-Khemi pulls out his burning sword, stay away, heal your party, and use long distance attacks such as Pulse. On the other hand, if he pulls out his parasol, rush in with your strongest familiar and whack him as much as you can.

When Al-Khemi gets low on health, down to roughtly 20% of his HP, he'll dive into his cauldron with the Hubble-Bubble attack. It has a countdown of 10 seconds, so heal your party members and defend when the counter reaches 3 to minimize damage. Be sure to quickly heal up your other party member, then start attacking Al-Khemi again to finish him off.

After defeating Al-Khemi you'll become his master; you get the [CAULDRON], giving you access to Alchemy. Al-Khemi (get the pun?) also gives you a bottle of [PIXIE DEW], a bunch of [SOUR GRAPES], and [SLUMBERNOT LEAVES x3]. You have to combine these in the Alchemy tutorial, resulting in a [SPRITE DEW], a great healing item that restores 200 HP to all party members. (You will also have gotten the [SPRITE DEW FORMULA (006)], of course.)

There are a total of 134 recipes in the game, and many of them can be gotten by talking to NPC's. You'll get more recipes in a few moments.

Head back to the docks and you'll trigger a scene in which the Governor gives you three sets of [BATHING SUITS]. Feel free to explore the town now.

First stop by at the lady with the red turban standing on a small boat in the westernmost pier. She gives you a ton of recipes: [SANDWICH FORMULA (003), [FISHBURGER FORMULA (002)], [STRNG COFFEE FORMULA (007)], [CAPPUCCINO FORMULA (008)], [MILK CHOCOLATE FORMULA (013)], [CREAMY FLAN FORMULA (018)], [CARROT CAKE FORMULA (023)], [SOUR SUNDAE FORMULA (028)], [SWEETIE PIE FORMULA (033)] & [SALTED ICE CREAM (038)].

Castaway Cove also houses various chests and pots. Return to the entrance as we'll start exploring from that point. Head over the bridge to your left/northeast to find a slice of [SWEETIE PIE] and [20 - 40 G] from the chest and pot respectively. Head east and look for a glimmering pot just before the curve which contains a [CAKE or CHOCOLATE or FLAN].

Head over the nearby bridge leading south and talk to Horace (who only appears if you've spoken to, and completed his assignments before), who'll ask you to translate a piece of Nazcaän from your Wizard's Companion. Look at page 13 and closely inspect the wizard's robe to locate the symbols. You can translate these with the Nazcaän Alphabet (at the bottom right on the overview page of the book) to find that it reads: 'Finest Fiber'. Give the answer to Horace and he'll reward you with the [VACATE] spell, which allows you to teleport out of dungeons; rather handy!

Now make your way over to the docks and look for a chest on the right side at the bottom of the stairs to find a [SANDWICH]. There's also a blue chest on the first pier with a [FISHBURGER] inside.

Now's a good time to do a few errands, although there aren't all that many available. Make sure to activate all of 'em, then talk to Sindbah who sends you back to Al Mamoon to get permission from her royal highness Cowlipha to ride the ship.

Errands / Bounties

Errand #006 - The Fisherman's Woe

Errand #049 - A Snazzier Swimsuit

Errand #076 - The Young Alchemist (can only finish later)

(You can also sign up for the following bounties, but they can't be completed until quite a bit later.)

Bounty #093 - A Greedy Pirate Gang (to be completed later)

Bounty #094 - A Starving Sea Monster (to be completed later)

Bounty #095 - Researchers' Ruin (to be completed later)

Errand #006 - The Fisherman's Woe

Description: A Castaway Cove fisherman has suddenly become scared of the sea, and refuses to get into his boat.

Goal: Restore his courage so that he can go out fishing once more.

Stamps: 2

Rewards: [ ] Fishburger x2, [ ] 200 G

Head to the piers and talk to the man in the southeast corner, who appears to be lacking courage. You're in luck; the man on the boat at the first pier has an abundance of courage. Take some with the Take Heart spell and give it to the man to restore him back into his proper self.

Errand #049 - A Snazzier Swimsuit

Description: A Castaway Cove designer asked you to provide her with three rainbow leaves.

Goal: Defeat florets using Frostbite and gather rainbow leaves.

Stamps: 3

Rewards: [ ] Wildflower Sundaes x4, [ ] 400 G

Talk to the tanned lady with purple jeans who's walking around the first part of town. She wants you to collect three rainbow leaves by battling Florets with the Frostbite spell.

Florets can be found in the Shimmering Sands desert, so you'll want to hunt them down, killing them in the aforementioned fashion. When you have the leaves, return to the lady to claim your reward.

Errand #076 - The Young Alchemist

Description: A young girl in Castaway Cove asked you to create a candle cutter in your cauldron and show it to her.

Goal: Create a candle cutter and show it to the girl.

Stamps: 3

Rewards: [ ] Rings-A-Bell x2, [ ] Wetstone x2, [ ] 400 G, [ ] Formula's 052, 052, 054, 057, 069, 077, 089, 098, 099, 105, 110

Talk to the small girl with pink bikini nearby the first bridge of the village. She wants you to make a candle cutter, but you'll need several ingredients first.

The first ingredient is easy to get: a Flint Dagger, which can be bought from the Cawtermaster in Al Mamoon. The second ingredient, an Emberstone, can be gotten from Sunshines as a rare drop (or you can wait until you can steal one from them more easily). Craft the candle cutter, bring it to the girl, and claim your reward.

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Jun 13th 2013 staindskin
um the guikd they say you can get it from a rare drops from Sunshine. What he meant by later is getting easliy by stealing it, or because you have to go back to Al Mamoon to get the other ingredirent which means "later"
ID #290009
Feb 6th 2013 Guest
The sunshine enemies in shimmering sands occasionally drop emberstones!
ID #250982
Feb 5th 2013 Guest
I found this site by looking for the candle cutter recipe, and it says that you can only find the second ingredient later on, which undoubtebly is wrong. I haven't gotten the boat yet and I found the emberstone from some of the enemies up at the volcano. Just to inform you Smile
ID #250541
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