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Exploration - Winter Wonderlands

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Items: [ ] Whirligig Gem, [ ] Dark Cloud Gem, [ ] Snow-White Ice Cream, [ ] Snowblower Gem, [ ] Iron Diamond, [ ] Jumbo Stardrop, [ ] Breeze Cake, [ ] Jumbo Sundrop, [ ] Sarsaparilla Sundae, [ ] Roly-Poly Gem, [ ] Chocolate Bonbons, [ ] 1000 G, [ ] Pirate's Cutlass, [ ] Pure Steel Armor, [ ] Frosty Flan, [ ] Slow Poke Gem, [ ] Snow-White Ice Cream, [ ] Frosty Flan, [ ] Water Seal, [ ] Misty Shroud

*Items: [ ] Coldstone, [ ] Tealwood, [ ] Snowflake, [ ] Snowflake, [ ] Coldstone, [ ] Tealwood, [ ] Blizzard Bloom, [ ] Fogdrop, [ ] Blizzard Bloom, [ ] Raw Steel

Enemies: Sasquish (053), Sasquash (054), Ice Maiden (253), Manglerfish (059), Jabberguppy (032), Lotus Bubbud (163), Clinketyclank LX (151), Adamantiger (047), Cogdenser (144), Wimpeafowl (092), Messy Plessie (214), Tadabout (063), Pond Pom (234)

Unlike the quests for the first two stones, being able to obtain the third stone isn't a quick and easy feat at all, and there is actually quite a bit to do before even thinking about getting it. So to get started, use Travel to go back to somewhere on land (The Deep Dark Wood would be best; you can stop in and use the Waystone to recover while you're there), then summon Tengri and make your way to the frozen continent to the northwest, the Winter Wonderlands.

You'll want to have Tengri drop you off as close to the star as possible (to the north, just in front of the cave here.) Approach the creature at the entrance, and he'll tell you that you can't enter without the permission from the Elder of Yule, which is to the south. Before heading there, let's grab some treasures; use 'Seek Fortune' if you need help.

* You should see some twinkling stars just to the south of the Grotto, on the level below what you're on now. Summon Tengri, then have him drop you off on that level just to the southwest. Examine the forage point for a [COLDSTONE].

• Go back up to the level you were on, then head south from the Grotto, following along the edge as it turns east. Once the edge merges with the rest of the land, go down and left a bit to get below the ledge you were just following, finding a [WHIRLIGIG GEM] tucked away in the corner.

* Head directly east from the last treasure, then up a couple of hills to find a forage point, where you can get some [TEALWOOD].

• Hop on Tengri, then go south-southwest; you should see two elevated snowbanks "pointing" west, with a gorge between them. Have Tengri put you down in that lower area with the gorge, then check the dead-end down there for a [DARK CLOUD GEM].

• Here on this very low level, go north to find a hidden cave known as Sleety Hollow. Open the chest inside for a [SNOW-WHITE ICE CREAM], then go all the way to the dead-end. Turn around, and you should have Swaine's vantage point found; aim high up and to the left to find the [SNOWBLOWER GEM]. (Ignore the girl in here for now.)

• Hop back on Tengri, then have him drop you off to your northwest on the level with the trees. Search the edge of the cliff to the southeast to find an [IRON DIAMOND].

* Directly west of the last treasure is a forage point; check it for a [SNOWFLAKE].

• Have Tengri drop you off on the same level as the town of Yule, then go to the southwesternmost corner here and search for a [JUMBO STARDROP].

• Travel northwest along this crevasse, then keep following along the stream until it pours into a lake. Go as far north as you can, then circle around the edge of the mountains to come up to the highest level platform. Check the edge of it for a [BREEZE CAKE].

• Hop back on Tengri, then have him drop you off in the open area to the west of Yule (across the river on the western side.) From there, go up the hill to the northwestern corner and enter the large wooded area to find a hidden forest glade. Open the two chests for a [JUMBO SUNDROP] and a [SARSAPARILLA SUNDAE], then stand a few steps to the northwest of the chests / west-southwest of the man to find the trigger point for the green chest. Open it for a [ROLY-POLY GEM].

* Back on World Map, search to the south of the glade to find another forage point near the western edge of the area. This one has a [SNOWFLAKE].

• To the southeast of the last forage point is another frozen lake. Have Tengri drop you off on the northeastern side of the lake (there's a small spot among the trees), then search the eastern corner for a [COLDSTONE].

* Have Tengri drop you off just north of the beach on the southwestern side of the continent. Just to your north is another forage point up on a ledge; grab the [TEALWOOD] here.

• Hug the wall just to the east of the last forage point, then slowly move south. You'll find some [CHOCOLATE BONBONS] after you come out of the trees.

There are two sets of islands just to the southwest of the main continent; Tiny Tim to the north, and Scrooge Isle to the south.

• On Tiny Tim isle, have Tengri drop you off on the beach, go to the northernmost point near the sea, then search along the edge a few steps southwest to find [1000 G].

• On Scrooge Isle, have Tengri drop you off on the western part of the island, just beside the frozen lake. To the northwest is a forage point, so be sure to examine it for a [BLIZZARD BLOOM].

• Still on Scrooge Isle, search the southernmost edge near the sea to find a [PIRATE'S CUTLASS].

East of Scrooge Isle / southeast of the main continent lie some more treasures. This place is called Jack Frost's Playground!

• On Jack Frost's Playground, have Tengri drop you off on the not-so-snowy part of the island to the far southeast. Search the center of this area for a [PURE STEEL ARMOR].

* Along the southern edge of the island, near the center, is a forage point. Check it for a [FOGDROP].

• On the western part of the island, make your way to the edge closest to the first piece of ice floating in the water to your northwest. Search the edge here for a [FROSTY FLAN].

* The northernmost tip of the island has another forage point. This one holds a [BLIZZARD BLOOM].

• The dead center of the island has a large forest, which is actually another hidden forest glade. Enter, then open the chests here for a [SNOW-WHITE ICE CREAM] and a [FROSTY FLAN]. As for the green chest, stand directly north of the woman here at the start of the skinny path to find the trigger point. From there, shoot open the chest for a [WATER SEAL].

The last island to visit is northeast of the main continent: The Sleighbell Isles.

* Have Tengri drop you off on the northern part of the large island, near the forage point. Grab the [RAW STEEL] from it.

• Check the western side of the island, between two sets of trees, to find the last treasure: a [MISTY SHROUD].

Once you have all of these treasures, make your way back to the main continent and have Tengri drop you off on the southwestern side of Yule so we can finally pay a visit and find a way into the Grotto.

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