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Permission to Sail, Your Moojesty?

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Items: [ ] Giant Cheese Wedge, [ ] Letter of Passage, [ ] Portrait, [ ] Fling Flame Gem

Pages: [ ] 35 (Nature's Tongue), [ ] 52 (Burden)

Enemies: Swaine's Nightmare (*)

Return to Al Mamoon and attempt to enter the palace.. Access denied! Head over to the Cat's Cradle (inn) and speak with the purrprietor to trigger a scene. Afterwards, cast the Gateway spell and travel back to Motorville.

Head over to Leila's shop, triggering a scene. Afterwards it's back to Al Mamoon, where you must inspect the left milk fountain on the town square and cast the 'Secret Ingredient' spell to conjure a [GIANT CHEESE WEDGE] out of thin air (and some milk, of course). You can now speak to Abull, who'll let you into the castle. Unfortunately, the Cowlipha appears to be in need of some restraint, which you must now go out and seek.

Visit the Cawtermaster first, who tells you that Abull's the one you're looking for. Don't forget to purchase a Flint Dagger here for errand 76 (unless you already have one) now that you're here anyway. Return to the castle, take some restraint from Abull and give it to her Moojesty! This returns things to ... well, things are indeed a little different now. After the scenes you'll receive a [LETTER OF PASSAGE], a [PORTRAIT], as well as the [NATURE'S TONGUE] and [BURDEN] spells.

Before you leave town, talk to the boy near the entrance of town to do a new errand (#047). It lets you make good use of your newly acquired spell.

Errand #047 - A Boy and His Birds

Description: A young Momooni boy is worried because his pidgeons are late returning to him.

Goal: Agree to look for the boy's pidgeons.

Stamps: 2

Rewards: [ ] Phoenix Feather x2, [ ] 400 G

Talk to the boy near the entrance of Al Mamoon to start this errand. You'll need to find three tame pidgeons in Al Mamoon; the first is around the corner, next to the milk fountain outside the Cat's Cradle. Cast Nature's Tongue to speak with it, sending him back to the boy.

The second pidgeon can be found next to the milk fountain on the right side of the town square. The last pidgeon can be tricky to find since he's hidden indoors; visit the Hootique to find it sitting in a windowsill to the left. Return to the boy for your reward.

Return to Castaway Cove to trigger a scene. Be sure to rest at the Cat's Cradle if your party isn't funkyfresh at the moment, because we've got a boss battle coming up! You might also want to stock up on Sleep-Be-Gones as well as some Confusion-Be-Gones from the peddler. When you're all set, head for the pier to face what looks to be another nightmare creature.

Swaine's Nightmare Boss

Boss Fight: Swaine's Nightmare


1280 HP, Weak against: Light, Resists: Dark


1. Physical Attack [Single Target, Minor to Medium Damage]

2. Bad Dream [All Targets, Inflicts Sleep]

3. Grudge [Single Target, Inflicts Curse]

Rewards: 860 EXP, 700 G

This Nightmare creature will frequently attempt to put your characters to sleep, or otherwise curse them, significantly impairing their movement, allowing it to hit you with quite a few nasty regular physical attacks.

Move in with a familiar right away and perform an all out attack. The sleep ailment is annoying since Nightmare might inflict a critical hit on you, but after any such hit you're good to go again; heal up and continue your sequence of attacks. Also keep an eye on your second party member's health and don't let it drop below 40-50%.

If you see Nightmare charging up for Bad Dream, it's quite possible to cancel the attack with a series of attacks, and you should always attempt this if you're high on HP. It might just generate a golden glim. If it does, the battle is surely in it's last phase.

After the fight, find the restraint you're looking for by visiting the Cat's Cradle, where you'll find the Governor, who's more than willing to share a piece. Bring this back to the quayside and heal the thief, who's name turns out to be Swaine. He and his Hurly familiar will join you, incidentally also granting you the ability to open up green chests with his pickpocket's pistol. Walk up to the green chest nearby and lock onto it to collect the [FLING FLAME GEM] inside it!

Before you set sail there are several things you can do in town first, and there are also green chests in other locations that you had to skip earlier on.

List of Green Chests

• Location: Castaway Cove. Head to the entrance of the town and cross the bridge to southeast. After crossing it, take a few minor steps to your right and turn around, facing south. You can spot the green chest across the water, lying on a pier. Use Swaine's Pistol to collect a [CARNATION CAKE] (a high level treat that increases magical attack).

• Location: Old Smoky. Make your way to the (2nd) Waystone in the middle of the area and take the left path at the intersection just up ahead. The green chest can be found at the end; it contains [PIXIE DEW]. You can case the Vacate spell to quickly teleport back to the world map.

• Location: Al Mamoon. Head up to the town square and stop just before stepping onto the actual plaza. Walk to the right/east side of the street, position yourself between the palm tree and the man with a turban, then look up; this green chest is hidden away on the roof of the building on the west side and contains a [RUBY RIPPLE ICE CREAM] (another high level treat that increases evasion).

• Location: Golden Grove. Entering the place from the Shimmering Sands, follow the path to the crossroads and head north. Use Quicken Growth on the mushrooms if you hadn't already and step up the fourth one; look to your left to spot the green chest, which contains a bar of [FAIRY CHOCOLATE] (another high level treat - this one increases attack). If you're travelling to the other side of the Golden Grove, don't cast Vacate; it'll drop you off at the side from which you entered.

• Location: Ding Dong Dell. Head to the west part of town and walk to the most southern tip of the area, where you'll spot three vases against the town's wall. Look down next to the tree to spot the green chest; it contains a slice of [SEE-THROUGH PIE] (you've guessed it; this one boosts accuracy).

• Location: Ding Dong Well. Head to the waypoint at the end of the area. From here, head all the way south to find the green chest behind bars to the east. It contains a [WATER BOMB GEM] (which teaches the Water Bomb Trick to a familiar). Either use the Vacate spell, or travel to the square beyond the waystone to find a warp circle that allows teleportation back to the entrance of the well.

Now's also an excellent time (as well as your last chance for this particular story progression interval) to stop by Old Father Oak and tell him about your progress. As way of thanks he gives you a nice [PHOENIX FEATHER x3].

There are also various errands you can now do in Castaway Cove.

Errands / Bounties

• Errand #007 - Shop Till You Drop

• Errand #034 - A Heartless Wife

• Errand #050 - The Concerned Crab

Errand #007 - Shop Till You Drop

Description: A woman from Castaway Cove can't help spending all her money on swimsuits, though she has quite enough already.

Goal: Restore her restraint, and stop her wasting money.

Stamps: 2

Rewards: [ ] Salted Ice Cream x5, 200 G

Talk to the lady near the peddler, who seems to be spending all her money on swimsuits - she lacks restraint. Fortunately, the boy sitting next to his father on the first pier has more than enough of it, so transfer some from him to her, effectively ending this errand.

Errand #034 - A Heartless Wife

Description: Since arriving in Castaway Cove, one of the traveling merchants has been being unkind to her poor husband.

Goal: Restore her kindness and end her reign of terror.

Stamps: 2

Rewards: [ ] Carrot Cake x3, 200 G

Talk to the woman arguing with her husband on the northern walkway. She definitely appears to lack kindness. The woman carrying a basket on her head - located on the other, southern side of town - has plenty to spare, so arrange the exchange and retrieve the reward.

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2 comments, latest first.
Oct 16th 2014 Guest
I can't seem to see a guide for The Concerned Crab errand in Castaway Cove in this guide. It just skips straight to the next world map exploration.
ID #459341
Mar 23rd 2013 Guest
please add additional green chests that can be accessed at this point:
1) forest glade at rolling hills, where you did errand 044 (rhinobores), green chest(pebble pelt gem) behind big tree behind the old man with bandana. Walk a few feet south east from the blue chest to access the ! to trigger swaine's gun.

2)western most bush on the rolling hills map is an entrance to a forest glade, this is accessible after building a bridge across the river to the west of deep dark forest. The green chest (pixie dew) is atop the grey totem statue. Beware the enemies roaming here can wipe 15+ players very fast, use gateway spell back and forth if aggroed.
ID #266237
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