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Perdida - The Lost Land

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Items: [ ] Breeze Cake, [ ] Hot-Blooded Badge, [ ] Patty Cake, [ ] Game Pie, [ ] Snowdrop Bonbons, [ ] Fruit Flan, [ ] Pixie Dew, [ ] Nostrum

*Items: [ ] Fairy Chocolate (50%) or Babana Flan (30%) or Carnation Cake (10%), [ ] 100 G (50%) or 160 G (30%) or 200 G (20%)

Pages: [ ] 335 (Xanadu), [ ] 33 (Veil), [ ] 287-291 (The Seventh Tale), [ ] 24 (Healing Hand), [ ] 53 (Fortune's Fool), [ ] 64 (Unleash)

Formulae: 004, 012, 048, 049, 055, 062, 066, 075, 092, 102, 117, 119, 120, 123,126

Enemies: Khulan's Nightmare (366) (*)




100 G Sandwich 9000 G Dusk Mantle

500 G Cheeseburger 9500 G Avenger's Shield

800 G Pixie Dew

800 G Strong Coffee 2400 G Shining Scales

2000 G Cappucino

500 G Phoenix Feather 20 G Chocolate

20 G Poison-Be-Gone 20 G Flan

40 G Blindness-Be-Gone 20 G Cake

40 G Sleep-Be-Gone 20 G Sundae

40 G Curse-Be-Gone 20 G Pie

40 G Confusion-Be-Gone 20 G Ice Cream

60 G Nix-Be-Gone

100 G Stone-Be-Gone 50 G Dumpty Egg

50 G Crispy Lettuce

10000 G Greatsword 50 G Crunchy Carrot

11000 G Deadeye Spear 60 G Tender Beef

14500 G Grand Ax 50 G Yogurt

13000 G Lazy Bone 150 G Fluffy Rice

200 G Green Grapes

10000 G Enchanted Armor 200 G Caramels

10000 G Magic Cloak


After the scene at the entrance, start making your rounds in the town to collect treasures. Just to the right of the entrance to the city is an urn containing a [FAIRY CHOCOLATE or BABANA FLAN or CARNATION CAKE], and on the opposite side near the familiar retreat is another urn; this one has a [BREEZE CAKE]. There is also a green chest to be had; stand in front of the peddler (who is beside the Cat's Cradle on the right), then take a couple of steps back, while staying in the grass. Face the east, and you should see the chest on top of the building; use the vantage point to retrieve a [HOT-BLOODED BADGE].

Stop inside the Cat's Cradle and open the chest to the left for a [PATTY CAKE]. Talk to the purrprietor in here to rest up, making sure that your HP and MP are maxed for the upcoming boss battle, obtaining the page for [XANADU] while you're at it.

Back outside, go up a set of stairs to be at the center area of town. Look to the upper right for an urn that has a [GAME PIE] inside, then go to the left. Just to the north of the entrance of the western building is a somewhat hidden urn, so plunder the [100 G or 150 G or 200 G] out of it, then open the chest to the south for some [SNOWDROP BONBONS].

Stop in at Swift Solutions on the right side of town, and you'll find Horace on the right side once again! Cast 'Spirit Medium', and he'll want to know what character of the Nazcaän alphabet only appears in one location in your Wizard's Companion. This one's kind of a pain, but luckily, we're here to help, so just answer to him "Old Smoky" for the correct answer. He'll reward you with the [VEIL] spell, which will allow you to travel past monsters unnoticed.

TIP: If you wanted to fight the Tokotokos for EXP, now it will be much easier; casting Veil on yourself will not alert you to their presence, and will allow you to sneak up on them much easier.

Two more treasures await on the north side of town, so climb the next set of stairs, then turn left and check the corner here to find a chest containing a [FRUIT FLAN]. From there, check the northwestern corner for a blue chest with a [PIXIE DEW] inside.

That's it for treasures, so go back to the center area of town, then enter the building to the west. Talk to the elderly lady, Anciana, for a scene. Save your game, then leave the building and proceed to the top of the area for another battle with a Nightmare.


Khulan's Nightmare Boss.

Stats: 5930 HP

Weak against: Light

Resists: Dark


1. Physical Attack [Single Target, Minor to Medium Damage]

2. Cruel Rain [All Allies, Medium Damage, Inflicts and leaves behind pools of Poison, Use Defend and All-Out Defense!]

3. Pitch Black [All Allies, Major Damage and Inflicts Blindness, Use Defend and All-Out Defense!]

Rewards: 2480 EXP, 2850 G, Cherub's Wing

As with the last one, the Nightmare is naturally weak to Light, so you can spam Arrow of Light if you like, but as usual, I recommend a direct assault with several All-Out Attacks with your strongest Familiars. With this, you have a good shot of cancelling attacks and knocking loose some gold glims for serious damage.

His Cruel Rain attack is largely an annoyance; it does medium damage to your party, and will also have a good chance of poisoning them. It also leaves behind pools of poison on the ground, so be careful when navigating so you can avoid them. Pitch Black is a bit stronger than Cruel Rain, and instead of poison, it will inflict Blindness on your characters. For each attack, I recommend Defending to minimize the damage and chances of status effects. Regardless of which status effects do hit you, be sure to use Esther's Chant to get your party back to normal as soon as possible.

After the battle, watch the scenes unfold, then take the extra bit of love that Kublai has and give it to Queen Khulan to return her to normal. After a few more scenes, you'll receive [THE SEVENTH TALE] of Wonder for your Wizard's Companion. When you regain control, head back outside and talk to Khulan to the north to begin the ritual! With it, you now have the new and improved [MORNSTAR], along with several new spells: [HEALING HAND], [FORTUNE'S FOOL], and [UNLEASH]. Unleash is extremely useful; it allows you to summon the Guardians that you have defeated in the past to help you in battle, dealing major damage to all enemies! Sweet!

We're now almost ready to take on Shadar. However, we must first clear the miasma, so to do that, we must make the Clarion. The supplies are in each of the three major kingdoms, so our first stop will be Al Mamoon.

Before getting too pumped up to go find them, there are a couple more things to grab here. First, know that with the new and improved Mornstar, you can now open the purple chests that we've been teased with throughout the game! Start by going to the elder's house (to the west, in the center part of town) and use 'Spring Lock' on the one inside to gain a bottle of [NOSTRUM].

Now that the people of the town are back to normal, they are more willing to help you out. Just outside of the elder's house is a boy to the north; talk to him, and he'll give you quite a few formulae: 004, 012, 048, 049, 055, 062, 066, 075, 092, 102, 117, 119, 120, and 123. After that, head ot the entrance of town, where the guard here will have one more formula for you: 126, the Herald's Harp for Esther! You need a Cherub's Wing (just won from the boss), a Powerstone (obtained from the forage point outside of town), and 2 Gustplumes (dropped or stolen from the Prohawks around Perdida.) Once you have these, upgrade her weapon!

With new story objectives unlocked comes more Errands and Bounties! And don't forget, you can now unlock Purple Chests, so we'll get those as well!

List of Purple Chests

List of Purple Chests (and other treasures along the way)

• Ding Dong Dell - Make your way to Swift Solutions, then proceed east and up a small spiral stairway that takes you up to another level. The chest is on the left side; open it for [SHINING SCALES].

• Ding Dong Well - Once you've made it to the well, use your 'Chart Chests' spell to see that it's at the end of the dungeon, just to the west of the Waystone in the section beside it, at a dead-end. Just follow the path from the start all the way to the end, but once you head north past the last lit torch, continue all the way north, then east to the dead-end. Inside will be [BLACKWYRM CLAWS].

• Golden Grove - From the southern entrance/exit, just head west of the Waystone here to find the chest. This one has a [HOCUS FOCUS GEM].

• Old Smoky - Thankfully we don't have to go far for this one. From the entrance, just go north to the first fork, then head all the way southeast and you'll find it at the dead-end. It has a [SPIRE OF FIRE GEM] inside.

• Hamelin - Go to the Black Market, and there is a purple chest waiting near the shopkeeper. It has a [TRICKSY NIXY GEM].

• The Tombstone Trail - If you use 'Chart Chests', you'll see that this purple chest is at the westernmost point of the map, between the first and second Waystones of the area. So just head east, then north, then west, and it should be on your left as you turn north again, at the base of a tree. This one contains a [DARK CLOUD GEM].

• The Vault of Tears - This one is at the far northeastern corner of the dungeon, so use 'Chart Chests' to pinpoint it. It's along the easternmost wall in the lower portion of the room, to the south, and has a [STEAM HAMMER] inside, an excellent weapon for your more burly Familiars.

• The Glittering Grotto - Make your way all the way north until you can descend to the lower level of the area - using Pulse along the way to make bridges - then use 'Chart Chests'. You'll see that it is directly north, in the section to the left of the next Waystone. Take the western north path here and follow it to the open area here to be able to get the [HELM OF HAMELIN].

NOTE: After finding all of these chests above, ALL of the places listed under 'Dangerous Places' by the Telling Stone should be marked as 'Percentage Explored: 100%', and 'Cleared!'

Now, for all of the purple chests in places that we can't just 'Travel' to.

• Russet Isle - Travel to Skull Mountain, the fly south-southwest of it back to Russet Isle. Enter the forest glade here in the center of the island, then open the purple chest here for a [BEAST-HIDE CLOAK].

• Shipwreck Shore - Travel to The Vault of Tears, then fly to forest glade directly east-southeast, which is on a higher plateau to the east, near the wrecked ship by the shore. The chest here has a [NIGHT BLADE].

• Alchemist's Cave - Travel to Castaway Cove, then fly just to the north, and look for the Cave once again on the eastern plateau as you go to fly into the Shimmering Sands. Open this chest for a [STARSPUN TUNIC].

• No Longer Mine Isle - Travel to The Fairyground, then fly north to No Longer Mine Isle. Enter the forest glade here at the southern tip of the island (the tiny isle covered in nothing but trees) and open the chest here for a [MEDAL OF VALOR].

• Hermit's Shell - As with before, you can only reach it by boat, so travel to Castaway Cove and head west in the Sea Cow. Once you're on Hermit's Shell, enter the Hermitage here and open the purple chest near the Puss in Boats for a set of [SORCERESS'S ROBES].

Now, for a mix of exploration while finishing up the purple chests.

Bungler's Bay:

This island is directly south of Old Smoky, or west of Castaway Cove, if you look at it that way.

• Have Tengri drop you off on the northern part of the island, just south of the trees. Check the forest all the way to the north to find a [DROWSY DROPS GEM].

* Head west along the mountain while saying on the high level, and you'll come across a forage point with [GREEN GRAPES].

• Hop back on Tengri and have him drop you off on the tree-covered island to the northeast just off the coast. There's a forest glade here, so head inside. Open the purple chest for a [BRINKMAN'S BADGE]. There's also a green chest way up to the east. Use your 'Chart Chests' spell, then stand directly west from the chest icon as far as you can, and face east to find the vantage point. Have Swaine crack it open for you to obtain the [DRAGONSTOOTH RING].

Turtle Crag isle:

This island is west of Russet Isle, or south of Yule. Travel to Yule, then head to the far south to Turtle Crag isle, the smaller island northwest of the lower left continent.

* Land in the center of the island, then check the forage point to the north for a [RUMBLENUT].

• From the center, travel to the northernmost forest to enter a forest glade. Open the purple chest on the right side for a suit of [ENIGMA ARMOR], then stand about halfway between the purple chest and the northern exit. Face the southwest from here, and you should see a green chest and Swaine's vantage point; open the green chest for a [SLOW POKE GEM].

• Make your way to the southeastern beach of the island, then follow along the eastern edge of it as you travel north to come to a dead end. There's a chest here with a [PIXIE DEW].

With all of that exploration done, it's time to take care of the Errands and bounties.

Errands / Bounties

• Errand #025 - Big Babana Love

• Errand #026 - Unrequited Love

• Errand #027 - A Woman's Best Friend

• Errand #028 - Cold as Ice

• Errand #038 - A Down-Hearted Wife

• Errand #039 - A Cold-Hearted Hubby

• Errand #062 - Out of This World

• Errand #063 - Beating a Bad Back

• Errand #064 - The Hungry Llapaca

• Errand #074 - More Creatures

• Bounty #107 - Icy Giant

• Bounty #108 - A Kingdom on the Brink

• Bounty #109 - Magmadeddon

Errand #025 - Big Babana Love

Description: A Mamooni farmer has suddenly lost his love for babanas, the crop to which he has devoted his life.

Goal: Restore his love and get him farming babanas once more.

Stamps: 5

Rewards: [ ] Golden Pie x2, [ ] 1500 G

Items: ---

In Al Mamoon, talk to the man in front of the Cawtermaster's store. He needs some love to keep going, but there's none here in Al Mamoon. Travel to Perdida, then go to the outside of the elder's house (west of Swift Solutions) to take some love from the woman here. Return to Al Mamoon to deliver.

Errand #026 - Unrequited Love

Description: A young woman from Castaway Cove no longer feels any love for her husband-to-be.

Goal: Restore her love and save her relationship!

Stamps: 5

Rewards: [ ] Fruit Flan x3, [ ] 1500 G

Items: ---

In Castaway Cove, there's a woman with a basket on her head on the northern part of town. Talk to her to find that she's lacking some love. The boy who is sitting on the ledge near the Peddler has plenty to spare, so make the switcheroo to make her happy again.

Errand #027 - A Woman's Best Friend

Description: A Hamelin woman is deeply concerned about her pet dog, who appears to be brokenhearted.

Goal: Restore the dog's love, and rekindle his loyalty.

Stamps: 5

Rewards: [ ] Cheeseburger x5, [ ] 1500 G

Items: ---

In Hamelin, you'll find a woman and her dog near the Cawtermaster's store. Her poor pet is dealing with a broken heart, so we need to find love for it. On the main street in the northern part of Hamelin, there's a large woman in the middle of the road who has some to spare, so take hers and give it to good old Fido.

Errand #028 - Cold as Ice

Description: A Yule man suddenly finds himself unable to care about his family, even though his child is ill.

Goal: Restore his love so that he can be a good father once more.

Stamps: 5

Rewards: [ ] Snowdrop Bonbons x3, [ ] 1500 G

Items: ---

In Yule, talk to the man to the west of the Cat's Cradle. He's being a real jerk to his family, so we need to find some love to set him back straight. Luckily, a kid just a few steps to the right has some, so take the spare and shove it into the father's heart to bring him back.

Errand #038 - A Down-Hearted Wife

Description: Once of the traveling merchants is suffering a crisis of confidence in Perdida. As ever, her husband is at a loss.

Goal: Restore her confidence and ease their anxieties.

Unlock Requirement: Complete Errand #037.

Stamps: 5 Rewards: [ ] Tonic, [ ] 1000 G

Items: ---

In Perdida, make your way west of Swift Solutions to find the merchant couple once again. This time, the wife needs assistance... well, confidence, to be exact. No worries; just to the right near Swift Solutions is a woman brimming with it, so swipe hers and deliver it to the wife to set things straight.

Errand #039 - A Cold-Hearted Hubby

Description: Since returning to Ding Dong Dell, one of the traveling merchants no longer feels any love for his poor wife.

Goal: Restore his love and save his marriage.

Unlock Requirement: Complete Errand #038.

Stamps: 5

Rewards: [ ] Nostrum, [ ] 1500 G

Items: ---

In Ding Dong Dell, after completing the above Errand, enter the city and look beside the familiar retreat to find the merchant couple once again. The husband's being a bit unreasonable, so we need to find love for him so this fairy tale marriage keeps on going. Go to the northern section of Ding Dong Dell, where you'll find a hopeless romantic with extra love for everyone. Take that chunk and return it to the husband so they're back in love with each other.

Errand #062 - Out of This World

Description: A young girl from Perdida wants a flower like those she saw in a dream. A dream about her soul mate in Motorville.

Goal: Agree to help the girl.

Stamps: 6

Rewards: [ ] Carnation Cakes x2, [ ] Wildflower Sundae x2, [ ] 2500 G

Items: [ ] Hometown Flower

In Perdida, talk the to girl outside of Swift Solutions looking at the flowers. She had a dream that turns out to be what's going on in Motorville, and she wants to see the flowers from there. Use 'Gateway' to switch worlds, then go to the center of town southeast of Ollie's house. Talk to the girl here, then examine the flowers and cast 'Rejuvenate' to bring them back to life. Talk to the girl again to receive the [HOMETOWN FLOWER].

With the flower in hand, return to Perdida and give it to the girl to end

this Errand.

Errand #063 - Beating a Bad Back

Description: An old man in Perdida is suffering from a terrible backache.

Goal: Agree to help the old man.

Stamps: 7

Rewards: [ ] Tonic, [ ] 2500 G

Items: [ ] Cold Compress

In Perdida, talk to the man in the center of town who is leaning on a cane near the walkway to Swift Solutions. His back is killing him, and he needs some more cold compresses to help him. They're made in Yule, so travel over there.

In Yule, the Tomte you're looking for is standing to the left of the Peddler to the northeast. He'll give you what you need, but in the meantime, you to take out five Manglerfishes out on the World Map. Do so, then return to receive the [COLD COMPRESS]. Return it to the old man in Perdida to finish this one out.

Errand #064 - The Hungry Llapaca

Description: A llapaca in Perdida longs to taste something more refined than its customary diet of hay, hay, and more hay.

Goal: Agree to help the food-obsessed llapaca.

Stamps: 6

Rewards: [ ] Leech Gem, [ ] 2500 G

Forumulae: 017, 022, 027, 032, 037, 042

In Perdida, you'll see a Llapaca to your right as soon as you enter. Use the 'Nature's Tongue' spell to talk to it, and you'll learn that it just wants different food to eat. Stop at each of the following cities and buy one of each of the following foods (if you don't have them already):

• Al Mamoon (Babana)

• Castaway Cove (Glowshrimp)

• Hamelin (Black Truffle)

• Yule (Snow Radish)

After you've fed him all four, you'll receive your reward, as well as a lot more formulae!

Errand #074 - More Creatures

Description: Derwin has moved on to Perdida in search of more creature data.

Goal: Agree to help Derwin with his research.

Unlock Requirement: Complete Errand #073.

Stamps: 7

Rewards: [ ] Jumbo Moondrops x2, [ ] Jumbo Sundrops x2, [ ] 5000 G

Items: ---

In Perdida, to your northeast as soon as you enter, is Derwin, and he has a a new, excruciatingly painful task for you. He needs a Wispula, a Flash Fry, and a Trumpy-Pumper. However, you can't catch these; they need to be metamorphosed from their weaker forms. (In the listing below, the left one is the one he needs, and their evolution steps are to the right:)

• Wispula

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