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Items: [ ] Sprite Dew, [ ] Necromancer's Mantle, [ ] White Stag's Antler, [ ] Harrowfang, [ ] AllSeeing Eye

*Items: [ ] Ritestone, [ ] Old Oak Leaves, [ ] Ritestone, [ ] Old Oak Leaves

Enemies: Eggyptian, Hierophant, Full Boar, Sweetpea Sprite, Petramander, Batterhorn, Relixx, Florid Floret, Paleolith, Fightingale, Baarndancer, Scruffian, Supercogductor, Nightcap, Starshade, Weaver Diva

We have some more errands to take care of now, and after a short series of events, we'll be able to take on some more before finishing up the main story, so let's get started! Talk to Pea when you're ready to depart with Tengri.

Errands / Bounties

• Errand #065 The Cat's Whiskers

• Errand #066 The Artist's Muse

• Errand #067 Curry in a Hurry

• Errand #068 Wakey, Wakey

Errand #065 The Cat's Whiskers

Description: A Ding Dong Dell gatekeeper has had his precious Cat's Whiskers stolen by a monster.

Goal: Agree to help the gatekeeper.

Stamps: 8

Rewards: [ ] Radiant Blade, [ ] 3000 G

Items: [ ] Cat's Whiskers

Enemies: Rhinobore

In Ding Dong Dell, talk to the guard on the right at the entrance to find out that he lost his Cat's Whiskers, so we need to get them back for him. Go out onto the World Map, then make your way to the area that you had to make a bridge for to the west of The Deep Dark Wood. At the southern part of this area (directly southwest of The Deep Dark Wood) is a large yellow creature. Encounter and beat this Igneous Supremous to obtain the [CAT'S WHISKERS]. (Using Water attacks will drop it quickly.) Afterward, return it to the guard for your reward.

Errand #066 The Artist's Muse

Description: A Mamooni artist is looking for a model who can inspire him to complete his latest work.

Goal: Agree to help the painter.

Unlock Requirement: Complete Errand #022.

Stamps: 6

Rewards: [ ] Shield of the Pure, [ ] 3000 G


In Al Mamoon, make your way to the Cat's Cradle and talk to Con the Artist on the left. He wants you to find a wild girl with short hair and a necklace... Yeah, like we haven't seen a dozen or so of them throughout the game in different forest glades!

The one he wants is in the forest glade on Turtle Crag isle. Travel to Yule, then fly directly south to Turtle Crag isle, and remember that the forest glade is the northernmost forest on the island, on the eastern side. Talk to the girl in here and you'll both automatically head back to Al Mamoon. Talk to Con once again to wrap it up.

Errand #067 Curry in a Hurry

Description: The owner of the Raj Mahal curry stall is too busy to deliver

all the orders he's receiving.

Goal: Agree to help deliver some curries.

Unlock Requirement: Complete Errand #048.

Stamps: 8

Rewards: [ ] Tikka Mahala x20, [ ] 3000 G


In Al Mamoon, talk to Raj at the curry stand by the milk fountain on the right. He needs help delivering his curry, so agree to help. You need to visit the following people, in this order, one at a time, then return to Raj to obtain more food for delivery:

• Sheikh of Spice (Al Mamoon, outside of Swift Solutions)

• Governor (Castaway Cove, on the eastern docks)

• William Abel (Hamelin, the owner of the Black Market)

• Bartender (Tombstone Trail's Casino, in the back right)

• Wild Man (Forest Glade, far west of The Deep Dark Wood, then south to a deadend at the base of the mountains)

Return to Raj after you've made all five deliveries to collect the goodies.

Errand #068 Wakey, Wakey

Description: A Hamelin man is having great difficulty staying awake, and has requested your help.

Goal: Agree to help the sleepy man.

Stamps: 7

Rewards: [ ] Dragon Lance, [ ] 3000 G


In Hamelin, talk to the man walking between Swift Solutions and the Cawtermaster's Store to find out that he's been oversleeping. To help him out, you need to get several items for him:

• SleepBeGone (Hamelin's Hootique)

• Cappuccino (Perdida's Peddler)

• Rise and Shine Gem (You should have one from Errand #018 or on the beach of the Hermit's Shell, to the southeast. If not, or if you already used one or both of them, then catch a Turbandit and get him to Level 7 to learn the spell.)

Once you have all of these, talk to the man again several times. As long as you have the first two items, and a familiar in your active party has the Rise and Shine spell, you'll be able to cure the man.

With those three out of the way, let's progress the story just a bit more to unlock the rest available before the end of the game.

Hop on Tengri, then make your way to the continent to the far southwest that used to be covered in fog: Nazcaä.


You should've done all of your exploring on the surrounding islands beforehand, so all that should be left is the main continent.

Tengri can only land at the drawing of a bird in the southeast corner of the island, so you'll have to circle all the way around this isle to reach the actual tower. Of course, there are also lots of treasures to be had on the island itself:

• On the "head" of the bird drawing on the ground is a bottle of [SPRITE DEW].

* Head south down the hill, then proceed northwest through the valley. On your right on a small hill, you should see a forage point with a [RITESTONE].

* Directly west of the last forage point is another on a larger hill; check this one for some [OLD OAK LEAVES].

• Northwest of the last forage point and across the pond there is another hidden treasure; examine the western edge at the base of the mountain there to find a [NECROMANCER'S MANTLE].

• Continue to the northwest to come across a small stream. Search the rocks at

the edge of the stream before it pours down as a waterfall to find a [WHITE STAG'S ANTLER].

* Even further northwest is another stream; follow this one to the north to see an island form in the middle of it to find a [RITESTONE] at the forage point.

• At the furthest (walkable) point to the north is a waterfall; examine the base for a [HARROWFANG].

* Directly west of the waterfall at the top of the pond here is another forage point; check it for some [OLD OAK LEAVES].

• The last hidden treasure on the World Map is south of the last forage point. The path will go south, then as it turns southeast, look at the edge of the cliff to the west/southwest there for a [ALLSEEING EYE]. (Use Seek Fortune if you have trouble finding it.)

NOTE: Upon picking up the very last hidden treasure listed above, you should earn the "Treasure Hunter" trophy. Check the Progress Report under the Telling Stone to see how many you do have if you don't have 100/100. If you're missing any, start Traveling from city to city on each continent, casting the 'Seek Fortune' spell and looking on your map to see if there are any in the area.

Continue following the path until you finally reach the ruins. Right before entering, you'll notice a faded picture of another bird; use Rejuvenate to restore it, creating a second landing platform for Tengri. After creating a Bridge, enter Ara Memoriae.

Ara Memoriae

Put the three flowers inside the pots and inspect the altar in the middle. Naturally, cut scenes will play. Speak with Kublai afterward and rest up. After this, speak with Marcassin (twice) to begin an assault on The Ivory Tower. Oliver and crew will enter the tower with Tengri, whom you can always speak to if you want to leave the place. Of course, that's what you want to do, since we just unlocked the last set of Errands and Bounties before the final dungeon.

Choose to enter, watch the cut scenes, then when you regain control, hop back on Tengri to leave.

TIP: Before taking on those errands, visit Old Father Oak for the last time. You won't receive anything special, but you will see the last of the new dialogue.

Errands / Bounties

• Errand #084 Notes from the Fog

• Bounty #110 Vicious Venom

• Bounty #111 Save the Researchers

• Bounty #112 Terror on the Tundra

Errand #084 Notes from the Fog

Description: A man visiting Castaway Cove is rather flustered. Against all expectation, it would see he's misplaced his diary.

Goal: Agree to look for the missing diary.

Unlock Requirement: Complete Errand #83.

Stamps: 7

Rewards: [ ] Diva's Mantle, [ ] 3000 G

Items: [ ] Traveler's Diary

In Castaway Cove, you'll find our good buddy, the writer, standing on the bridge to the east. He's lost his diary AGAIN so let's find it.

Travel to Ara Memoriae, then make your way northwest. As the path turns north, you should see three large skulls, as well as a drawing of an even larger skull on the ground. Search the skull just to the east of the drawing to find the [TRAVELER'S DIARY]. Return to Castaway Cove for the return.

Bounty #110 Vicious Venom

Description: A mysterious beast has been spreading poison across the Spindle... Stop it before it gets to Hamelin!

Last Seen: On the Spindle (Eastern Autumnia)

Stamps: 8

Rewards: [ ] Darkness Beckons Gem, [ ] 3000 G

Enemies: Smoggy Fug

Your target is on the Spindle, which is the small island northeast of Hamelin. Land on the southern part of the island, then take on the beast!

The Smoggy Fug is weak to Storm, so equip your Bluster Blades and switch to your Drongotype familiar, blasting him with its most powerful Storm spells. It has a decent amount of HP, so the battle might drag on for a bit; if so, be sure to stay healed, especially with the poison draining your HP quickly.

Bounty #111 Save the Researchers

Description: A team of researchers investigating the Ara Memoriae have come under attack! Deal with their assailant!

Last Seen: In Front of the Ara Memoriae (Nazcaä)

Stamps: 8

Rewards: [ ] Cat King's Claws, [ ] 3000 G

Enemies: Doric Collum

From Ara Memoriae, your target is RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. The battle itself isn't as hard as the one against the Smoggy Fug; it has the same weakness as well, so equip your Familiars with Stormelemental weapons and control your Drongotype familiar and blast away at him with those Storm spells for an easy victory.

Bounty #112 Terror on the Tundra

Description: An exceptionally dangerous beast has taken up residence on Scrooge Island. Is anyone brave enough to take it on!?

Last Seen: On Scrooge Island (Southern Winter Isles)

Stamps: 8 Rewards: [ ] Earsplitter Gem, [ ] 3000 G

Enemies: Celestius Primus

Your target is on Scrooge Island to the southwest of Yule (the bottom island of the two), so fly from Yule and have Tengri drop you off at the center. The big beastie will be walking nearby.

Equip your Blazing Blades for this one, as he's weak to Fire. This guy is a bit stronger than the last two, and has some pretty strong Water spells, so have Oliver keep Ward on your party when it needs to be cast, and have him with his strongest familiar when it's not needed. Knock a gold glim out of him during the melee and have Oliver grab it, and Burning Heart will bring it to an end much quicker.

With all of those Errands and Bounties under your belt, cash in your Stamp Cards for another couple of rewards. (You should already have 'Jack the Giant Killer', so I recommend 'Crackerjack II' and 'JackofallTrades'.

Once you have them, it's time to finish this once and for all. Back to The Ivory Tower! (It's southeast of Ding Dong Dell.)

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