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Beginner Tips and Tricks

New World Walkthrough and Guide by Dennis (Sanzano)
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Beginner Tips and Tricks

Listed below are several Beginner Tips and Tricks which will help you to progress quickly during the early stages of New World.

Choose the Right Faction
You can only choose to become part of one faction - Marauders, Syndicate, or Covenant, so it is crucial that you choose the right one for you as it will determine which side you fight for when you venture into the late-game PvP side of New World where the objective is to conquer enemy Territories in PvP battles.

Learn the Basics in the Starting Area
You will begin your journey in New World in one of several low-level starting locations - Monarch's Bluffs, Windsward, Firstlight, or Everfall. It is recommended that to begin with you do not venture outside the starting area you have been placed as it is here where you are taught the basics of the game. This will involve being sent on a few simple quests designed with the objective of helping you to get to grips with gathering, crafting, and upgrading your character's core attributes. Remaining in your starting area will also allow you to learn new skills, such as how to set up camp and how to fish. Although still dangerous, your starting area is relatively safe, so take advantage of this while you get comfortable with the game.

Know your Equipment and Inventory weight
New World places a weight limit on your gear and the items in your inventory, so it is essential that you sell unwanted items or store them in your Storing Shed (an in-world building you can access from any settlement). Make sure you fully understand how the weight restrictions imposed on the armor you are wearing will affect you during combat. The game adds up the weight of all your gear and armor and gave you a classification depending on the total load. This will be Light, Medium, or Heavy, and will come with different benefits and drawbacks in combat.

Light: Roll dodge, 20% damage bonus
Medium: Sidestep dodge, 10% damage bonus, 10% crowd control
Heavy: Slow sidestep dodge, 20% crowd control, 15% blocking

Try Different Weapons
In New World there is a total of 10 different weapon types, and you are not restricted to any of them. The weapon types are the Sword, Hatchet, Rapier, Spear, Great Axe, Musket, War Hammer, Bow, Ice Gauntlet, and Fire Staff. As you are not confined to a particular type of weapon, it is recommended that you try each of them out as soon as you get the opportunity to find out which one best suits your style of play. It is important that you do this as quickly as you can as each of the weapons has different combat styles, strengths, and weaknesses, and draw from particular core attributes such as Intelligence or Dexterity, and knowing which weapon you prefer in combat allows you to upgrade the attributes tied to it and focus upgrading your mastery over that weapon which will unlock perks and skills relating to its combat style.

Check the Territory Level Before Entering Areas
Not all the Territories are the same in New World, some of them are naturally more dangerous and filled with higher-level enemies than others. This means before you venture into Territories, it is essential that you check the in-game map to make sure your character has the recommended level of that area to survive before you start wandering into it.

Water Heals
During the early game of New World you may find yourself struggling to get hold of healing items, this will probably occur when the quest difficulty starts to become more difficult. The most effective healing items during the early game are Healing Potions and Light Rations, but if these are not readily available you can use water which is a free alternative that you can collect from any nearby stream.

Use Auto-Run
You will need to do a lot of world traversal in New World, so make sure you take advantage of the Auto-Run feature to save a lot of time. The Auto-Feature button is mapped to the '=' button on your keyboard and when pressed will cause your character to walk forward automatically, all you need to do is steer. Using the Auto-Run feature will allow you to check the map without ever needing to stop, or do some light journal reading along the way.

Dying is Better than Fast Travel
It will cost you Azoth in order to fast travel to different locations in New World. There is a way though that you can avoid spending your currency on world traversal, which is expensive, and that is by dying. The game makes it possible to recall back to your set spawn point, which means you can simply kill off your character and choose to respawn back at your chosen starting location. This however can only be done once every hour and your items will take a minor degradation hit. Your equipment stats will remain the same until they fully break. In order for this to work, you need to make sure you have plenty of wood and flint and are constantly putting down camps when you venture into new areas. To place down camps, you need to hold the 'Y' key on your keyboard. Take advantage of this trick to not only travel to locations free, but also help prevent large losses or progress if you happen to die.

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