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Red Bricks

LEGO Marvel Avengers Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Red Bricks

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Below is a complete list for the locations of all the red bricks is the game.

Chapter 01 - Struck Off the List (Part B)

Studs x2 Red Brick: At the beginning of Part B (where Captain America is joined by Iron Man, there is a space that Vision can access, and beyond it is control panel where you must input the green numbers. This grants you access to the garage and destroy everything inside to find the Strucker's Monocle. The Collector that wants this is on a ledge to the northeast of the area that you must fly to reach.

Chapter 02 - A Loki Entrance (Part A)

Studs x4 Red Brick: Take a character who can fly and send him up onto the right side of the catwalk. Next hypnotize the person you see; pick up the rocket that drops and take it to the Collector, who waits along the west side on ground level.

Chapter 03 - Rail Hydra (Part B)

Studs x6 Red Brick: The collector on the catwalk on the upper section where you encountered Zola's cannons. Talk with him before jumping off to the lower level to activate the tech panel. You need to hypnotize a person inside the nearby room so that he operates the switch. Go to where the Collector is have Ultron open the black brick. Give the item to the Collector for this piece.

Chapter 04 - Shakespeare in the Park (Part B)

Studs x8 Red Brick: Check the northwest corner of the plaza and you'll find the Collector craving for a hot dog. The hot dog vendor is at the southeast section of the plaza. Hypnotize the guy so he gives you a hot dog to be handed over to the Collector.

Chapter 05 - Helicarrier Havoc (Part C)

Studs x10 Red Brick: The Collector can be seen chilling at the starting area and he needs to get his hands on a Captain America Card. Use Ultron to pry the black bricks from the wall just behind the Collector, and build a drone to get the card.

Chapter 06 - Avengers Assemble (Part B)

Fast Fix Red Brick After defeating Loki on Stark Tower, seek out the Hats and Wigs shop and have Scarlet Witch move the obstacles away from the entrance so you go in. Collect the wig in here and deliver it to the Collector who is at the building across the street.

Chapter 07 - Earth's Mightiest (Part D)

Unlimited avengers Team-Up Moves Red Brick You'll find the Collector chilling just outside Tony Stark's penthouse. Go inside and have Ultron move the obstacle in front of the elevator so you can claim this collectible within.

Chapter 08 - Lack of Insight (Part A)

Character Token Detection Red Brick: The Collector can be found by the elevator on the upper deck, and he'd looking for Zola's Eyeglasses this time. Proceed to ascend on the ladder to the right. Access the control panel to the bridge. Use that one more time with a Hydra agent and a laser pops up to destroy stuff. Look through the resulting rubble for the item and take it back to the Collector.

Chapter 09 - Ready A.I.M. Fire (Part C)

Gold Brick Detector Red Brick: The Colledtor has set up shop under the "ROXXON" sign board, and he is looking for a piece of Iron Man's armor. Fly over the Collector and send a stealth character past the cameras undetected and into a room. Smash the crate here, construct a switch and pull it. Enter the new room and have Cap smash the gold crate, then extinguish the flames so you can get what the Collector wants. Take that item back to him.

Chapter 10 - Lost in The Aether (Part C)

Minikit Detector Red Brick: At the third part of the level (London), you'll find the Collector chilling by the foreground of the area. To get his teacup, you need someone with telekinesis to open the trunk of the blue car to the right of the Collector's location.

Chapter 11 - No Strings On Me (Part B)

Stan Lee In Peril Detector Red Brick: Check the ledge over the bar just east of Tony's lounge to spot the Collector. For the vinyl record that he seeks, send Ultron to smash the turntable on the second floor.

Chapter 12 - Anger Management (Part A)

Quest Detection Red Brick: Proceed to the second level to find the Collector waiting at the west side. The vibranium he seeks is in the room opposite end of the area, after you destroy the door to get inside.

Chapter 13 - Korea Prospects (Part C)

Fast Build Red Brick: At the train's wreckage site, the Collect is waiting off to the left of the area. To find what he wants, search for a fish vendor and scan the area to discover a fish. Jump to it, only to have get buried. Send someone to dig for it and give the sea creature to he Collector.

Chapter 14 - Rise of Ultron (Part C)

Fast Dig Red Brick: The Collector has set up shop not far from the beginning of the Sokovia Streets. To get the flag he wants, scan the green van in the area and have someone like Hulk pull at the green handles. Build a speed pad from the bricks that you get, and send Quicksilver to get the item.

Chapter 15 - Ultron Undone (Part C)

Collect Ghost Studs Red Brick: Send some to dig up a spot in the alcove at the east side of area 2 to locate the Collector. Extinguish the flames, construct a crowbar and have Scarlet Witch use it on a casket nearby. Reassemble the skeleton then break it down to get the skull that the Collector wants.

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