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Chapter 15 - Ultron Undone

LEGO Marvel Avengers Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Chapter 15 - Ultron Undone

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This one-time playthrough section of the level involves yet another civilian rescue, with your team members being Black Widow, Captain America and Quicksilver. Start by tracking the ghost studs to the first civilian. To get the person out of the building, have Cap extinguish the flames before dismantling the car to construct a speed pad for Quicksilver to use. Build a switch from the remains of the debris and pull it.

The second person the studs lead you to is on top of a building. Break all the carts around the courtyard so you can build another speed pad for Quicksilver. Send him up the building to smash the satellite dish; construct a deflection pad with those new bricks. Put Cap on it and have him deflect enemy fire until the hostile aircraft is destroyed. Build a trampoline to rescue the civilian afterward.

Let the ghost studs lead you one last civilian who happens to be stuck in an elevator. Use Cap to climb to the roof of the shop via the food stand. Make use of the agility walls to get to the top of the elevator shaft and hit the switch there. This frees the civilian.

Minikit #01: This one is found surrounded by a ring of studs in the sky.

Minikit #02: You must destroy a total of three gold ships flying over the helicarrier.

Minikit #03: Keep an eye out for a cage tied to some balloons. Smash it.

Stay airborne as you look out for any distressed lifeboats. Once you see one, fly over it and perform the button prompts until it manages to get to safety. Complete this to start the second part of this level, with Thor and Vision battling Ultron. The first half of the battle will have you purely on the defensive so just roll to dodge Ultron's attacks as best you can. If Utron manages to catch your character in the bubble, just follow the QTE to break free. Once a structure gives way, smash through the cracks on the wall with Thor. Then use Vision's laser to fire at the pair of gold objects behind it.

Minikit #04: During the battle with Ultron, send someone to fly up to the archway just to the right of the cracked wall.

Minikit #05: Search for an alcove just to the left of the cracked wall, and have a brawny character pull at the green handles, to find some pieces you can reassemble into a minikit.

Minikit #06: Search for an alcove just to the right of the cracked golden wall, and have Ultron do his thing on the pile of debris there.

Minikit #07: Check for a dig spot next to the alcove to the right of the cracked wall. This collectible is buried there.

Thanso Character Token: There is a red handle for Hawkeye to pull at the alcove to the right just behind the cracked wall.

Ultron Sentry Officer Character Token: Use your lasers to destroy the bell found in the same spot as the crack wall.

Back to the battle with Ultron, have someone use telekinesis on the bell then attack the enemy. When Ultron retreats to his safe spot, go defensive and just dodge until another portion of the structure gives way. Create a passage through the gold wall with your lasers. Construct an organ from the new bricks. Use Ultron to do his thing on it so Thor can power up the electric panel under the organ. After Ultron wrecks the organ, move in close and attack him until he retreats again. Start dodging his attacks once again, and he'll eventually snag Thor. At this point, have Vision grab Thor's hammer to complete this phase of the encounter.

Minikit #08: Check the section next to the green vehicle to find a red handle on it for Hawkeye to use.

Minikit #09: Finding this piece requires a bit more effort, with you having to dig up boxes buried all over the area. There's one in the west alcove of area 1; another to the far left of area 2 and the last one is underneath a crate in an alcove in area 3.

Minikit #10: This one is buried under the dig spot in an alcove off to the right side of area 2.

Collect Ghost Studs Red Brick: Send some to dig up a spot in the alcove at the east side of area 2 to locate the Collector. Extinguish the flames, construct a crowbar and have Scarlet Witch use it on a casket nearby. Reassemble the skeleton then break it down to get the skull that the Collector wants.

Now for the next phase of the battle with Ultron, keep defeating the horde of hostiles while you wait for Scarlet Witch to prepare for her attack. Once a segment of the gauge at the top of the screen is full, have Scarlet Witch use her powers to uncover an Avengers Initiative Pad. Put Hawkeye there interact with Quicksilver to continue. Repeat the whole process again but put Thor on the pad this time so he can interact with Quicksilver.

Wasp Character Token: Search along the walls of the area for a blue and white object. Smash this and construct a speed pad from it. Use the pad to get the token.

Stan Lee In Peril: Send Cap to take care of the flames to the rear section of the area. Then smash the blue box behind it to rescue Stan Lee.

Wait on Scarlet Witch once again until her powers are charged. Follow through the QTE during the Vision and Ultron battle, until the Avengers triple team the enemy. Go through the QTE again to finish the encounter.

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