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Chapter 07 - Earth's Mightiest

LEGO Marvel Avengers Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Chapter 07 - Earth's Mightiest

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The level starts off with Captain America and Black Widow fending off enemies. Keep getting rid of these guys until the obstacle at the end of the road is removed by Chitauri. Use Captain America's shield to extinguish the fires then have him stand on the Avengers Pad. At this point, take control of Black Widow so she can interact with Cap.

Minikit #01: Once you're on the Leviathan with Hulk and Thor, you must find and destroy a total of six blue lights there to get this collectible.

Chitauri Tourist Character Token You need to check the area behind the Leviathan's spine to find this token.

Moving on to the right, smash the breakable objects on the spine with Thor's hammer then build an electric panel with the bricks that appear before charging it up. Break through the wall further to the right to proceed.

Minikit #02: Have someone with scanning abilities check the section just to the left of the green handle. Then move the revealed panel with telekinesis.

Minikit #03: You must smash the silver cage at the front of Leviathan to claim this collectible.

At the next wall, break some more stuff to gather bricks to create green handles. punch a path through the wall with these. Break through the floor next and have Thor and Hulk take turns in using the Avengers Initiative Pad to reach the second part of the level.

Bucky Captain America Character Token Blow up the car ahead of the taxi then attach a red handle on the mailbox for Hawkeye to pull open.

Minikit #04: This one is hidden behind a cracked wall off to the left of the area.

Have Hawkeye destroy a section of an overturned vehicle and use the bricks to build a switch that Captain America can use. Switch back to Hawkeye and fire at the gold target above the elevator to proceed.

Minikit #05: Send a flight-capable character to get this collectible on top of the elevator shaft.

Make your way up the agility wall and extinguish the flames at the upper section. Build a socket from the bricks then have Hawkeye fire at it. Use the new pole to get to the next platform. Create a red handle from the stuff on the platform after smashing it. Hawkeye should then pull the handle so you can enter the building. Once inside, break through the wall and smash everything on the other side. Create an electric panel out of the pieces; have Thor charge this up before trying to extinguish the flames to your right. Clear away some more fires and bust up some furniture to build a switch instead. Have Cap activate this to move on to the next section. Cross the bridge while Cap blocks the projectiles from the Chitauri then kill him when you get close.

Minikit #06: Use Hawkeye to break the glass window and go inside to find this piece waiting off to the right.

This is the last area of this level and your team switches Black Widow and Hulk. As Widow aim at the four target markers around the tech panel. Once activated click on Loki's image four times to find the real target. Use Hulk to mess him up.

Quasar Character Token Enter the penthouse by activating the control terminal near the Collector.

Minikit #07: You must operate the same control above with a Hydra agent.

Unlimited avengers Team-Up Moves Red Brick You'll find the Collector chilling just outside Tony Stark's penthouse. Go inside and have Ultron move the obstacle in front of the elevator so you can claim this collectible within.

Minikit #08: Access the tech terminal in Tony's abode and hit the buttons to replicate the pattern shown on the picture.

Activate Widow's stealth ability then make your way up the green-lit ladder to continue onward.

Stan Lee In Peril: From atop the green-lit ladder, hop onto the roof to your and eliminate the Chitauari enemies to rescue Stan Lee.

Minikit #09: Have someone with a laser cut through the slats close to where Stan Lee was and use Captain America to activate the switch you find.

Minikit #10: Instead of picking up the scepter, go left first and make use of the handholds to scale down the building for this collectible.

Clear the enemies once you reach the top of the ladder then break the object here to create a fan from it. Use this to propel you to the higher ledge and collect the scepter.This will initiate a QTE sequence. Go through it and be done with this level.

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