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Chapter 13 - Korea Prospects

LEGO Marvel Avengers Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Chapter 13 - Korea Prospects

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Start the level by circling around the side of the house, until the trail of studs leads you to some poles that can be used to get to the top of the tree. Head over to the swing is hanging from and hit the pin before hopping back down. The studs will then take you to a shed where an ax can be found. Take that to the front of the abode to start chopping wood until the next objective comes up. Take control of Tony Stark and head to the barn, scan the door then destroy the lock with his Iron Man suit. Once inside, keep a look out for a destructible crate where you can score bricks to build a fuel pump with.

The next step on the list is to get the tractor fixed. Blast the object behind the tractor to get a tire you can attach to the vehicle. Go around to the other side and fill it up with fuel by hopping on the valve a number of times. After that you can walk up to the tractor.

Minikit #01: You must check the back of the big blue and white truck to get this piece.

Defeat eight of Ultron's lackeys first and Ulron himself will come in to pick a fight with you. Attack him until he leaves. Repeat the cycle of Senrty-Ultron battles a couple more times and a QTE will be triggered. Go through this. After a car slams onto the truck, check the wreckage and construct a S.H.I.E.L.D. terminal from it. Use this to call Hawkeye for air support.

Ultron Prime Character Token: Once you're on the train, go left and clear away all the stuff there to find this token.

Minikit #02: Once you're on the train, go left and clear away all the stuff there to create a speed pad for Quicksilver to use and get this collectible for you.

Minikit #03: Head to the very back of the rear car, and have Hawkeye shoot the glass to break it.

Minikit #04: Search every carriage of the train for a total of five luggage pieces. Have Scarlet Witch destroy them and you'll be awarded with this minikit.

Continue east and clear away the rubble at the end of the first couple of cars. If you see some that are ablaze, have Cap extinguish the flames first. There are Ultron sentries along the way for you to defeat as well.Moving on through a couple more cars so Cap can clear the flames to gain access to the front car. Use Scarlet Witch's powers there to move on.

Komodo Character Token: Head to the second and use your scanner on the open window. Have Ultron do his thing on all that luggage to claim this token.

Fast Build Red Brick: At the train's wreckage site, the Collect is waiting off to the left of the area. To find what he wants, search for a fish vendor and scan the area to discover a fish. Jump to it, only to have get buried. Send someone to dig for it and give the sea creature to he Collector.

Minikit #05: Search the eastern section of the street for a food cart. The minikit is on a ledge of building above the cart. Fly over there to claim it.

You need to clear away all the debris by the train's entry point first, then hypnotize one of the passengers so he pulls the switch nearby. Construct a comm device from the bricks that appear. There's a red car off to the left that Scarlet Witch must destroy to build a switch for Cap A to use. This should unlock the garage door.

Minikit #06: As Captain America, douse the flames in the train then reassemble this minikit.

Minikit #07: This collectible is hidden inside the garage.

Create a speed pad out of the bricks you got from the boxes in the garage. Use Quicksilver to get on top of the train, and create a ladder from the electric pole you just destroyed. The rest of the team should then use the new ladder to join Quicksilver on top of the train.

Minikit #08: Send someone to the top of one of the structures on the left side of the area, and smash through the damaged wall. Construct a vent for Vision to get this minikit on the other side.

Minikit #09: Search the west side of the street for an awning with blue and white stripes. Hop on this repeatedly to get bricks that will be used to construct an electric panel. Power this up to produce a vehicle. Fix that car with Tony Stark or Ultron then use it to drive over a total of three manholes.

As Scarlet Witch, use the electric pole to get to the top of a building. Grab the AC unit there to be tossed down and used to complete your comm device. Have Cap access the terminal next to the comm device just completed.

Minikit #10: Send someone up into the room above the AC unit to find this collectible.

Stan Lee In Peril: Send Cap onto the roof of a building just to the right of the train. Douse the fire there to rescue Stan Lee.

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