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Chapter 10 - Lost in The Aether

LEGO Marvel Avengers Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Chapter 10 - Lost in The Aether

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Stan Lee In Peril: Send some who can use lasers to destroy the gold stairs near the cell then have Vision enter the vent and smash the silver object within. Create a pressure plate from the resulting pieces and stand on it to rescue Stan Lee.

Minikit #01: Head to west cell and hypnotize the person there. He will step on a pressure switch, while you stand on the matching one outside. Go inside the cell and break the toilet to get this minikit.

Continue eastward to the end of the path to find a pile of debris to destroy and transform into a turnstile switch. Push the switch from the green section to get an electric panel, then use Thor's lightning ability to power it up. Move onward until you get to a dead end smash everything there and you'll eventually uncover a set of stairs.

Minikit #02: Bust up the stuff in the room between the stairs and create a speed pad from the pieces. Make use of this to snag the bricks for this collectible and put it back together.

Minikit #03: Before heading the room where Sif is, fly Thor to the to-left corner of the stairwell to collect this minikit.

Climb the steps to get acquainted with Sif. Battle and defeat 25 dark elves to proceed.

Minikit #04: Use a scanner at the entrance to Sif's room then create a Deflection Pad. Have a shield-wielding person (like Cap) to deflect the enemy's projectiles at it until defeated.

Hogun Character Token: Have Sif extinguish the flames off to the left of the room.

Minikit #05: Send someone with a scanner to the wreckage site of the dark elf ship. Access the S.H.I.E.L.D. terminal that appears and it will give you the bricks needed to rebuild this collectible.

Go east to find something you can break to create a partial battering ram. At this point, Dark Elves will come in at intervals to destroy pillars so you can continue building your battering until it's completed. Then use it break the door down and proceed.

Minikit #06: At the starting area of the Svartalfheim, send Ultron to the rear section of the area and smash the object there to get this collectible.

Minikit #07: Send someone with a scanner to check along the eastern section of the area to uncover a dig spot. This minikit is buried under there.

Kurse Character Token: There is a ship off to the right of the area that has a breakable canopy. Have Hawkeye break through it to find this token.

Move east to find some bricks nest to a rock that you can use to construct some tools. Use Loki's telekinesis so he builds a statue of himself then have Thor crush the base of that statue, which in turn sends it down on Kurse. When Kurse tosses a black hole grenade, a QTE sequence will be triggered so go through it. Next, search the western section of the area for some pieces to build some more tools -- this time a shovel and bucket. Make use of Loki's telekinetic powers again to dig up the three blue rocks around the area.

Minikit #08: Send someone who can use lasers onto the platform Kurse was on, and destroy the gold rock there.

At this point, you need to break whatever remains of the rocks so you can construct a rocket. Have Thor power up the electric panel on it . Some QTE prompts will appear once the rocket hits Kurse. Go through the sequence to complete the battle.

Minikit Detector Red Brick: At the third part of the level (London), you'll find the Collector chilling by the foreground of the area. To get his teacup, you need someone with telekinesis to open the trunk of the blue car to the right of the Collector's location.

Minikit #09: Check behind the burning wreckage of a helicopter to find a rock you can destroy. Do so and use telekinesis on the object to get this collectible.

Minikit #10: Search for a phone booth off to the western section, and have Hawkeye open it for this level's final minikit.

Start by heading east to a plane's wreckage. Smash this and build a water sprinkler instead. Search the side of the structure to your for a tech panel that activates the sprinkler. This will stop the helicopter from burning.

Malekith Character Token: A trio of flowers will bloom after you extinguish the flames from the helicopter. Kill these flowers for the token.

Dismantle the helicopter to build something else out of it then hit the switch to power it up. Scan the pile of debris in the middle of the area using Jane Foster. When Thor returns to your roster, use him to damage Malekith with melee attacks. He soon retreats, leaving behind some Dark Elves for you to deal with. Kill these off and Malekith returns. Continue hitting him with Thor until they both leave again.

Check the left side of the area for some bricks to construct a turnstile switch. Push at the green end then use your scanner behind it. Defeat a total of about 25 Dark Elves this time. And once Malekith uses his beam attack, take control of Thor and go through the QTE sequence for the level to come to an end.

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