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Chapter 12 - Anger Management

LEGO Marvel Avengers Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Chapter 12 - Anger Management

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For this one-time only playthrough for this part of the level, track the ghost studs to a ship and have Iron Man use lasers to make a makeshift entrance at the side of the ship. After which you must make use of your scanners to find the destructible bits of the containers nearby. Use Iron Man's missiles to destroy them. Construct a turnstile switch from these, pushing along the green end which should open the container. Construct a fan out of the bricks for the object to your left, then go back to where the gold wall once was, to find more bricks to create a power supply for your fan machine. Use Black Widow to power up the electric panel, and you should be able to confirm that you found the correct ship.

Track the studs to scaffold which you must climb then scan for any destructible bits. Destroy these with Iron Man and use the resulting pieces to construct a path that leads to the HMS Churchill. As Widow, track the studs, climb the ladder here and follow the path until you see the cameras. Activate your stealth powers to sneak by undetected and access the tech panel to open the door that leads further inside the ship.

Quest Detection Red Brick: Proceed to the second level to find the Collector waiting at the west side. The vibranium he seeks is in the room opposite end of the area, after you destroy the door to get inside.

Minikit #01: Seek out a window at the top-right side for Hawkeye to break, then send someone who can fly up there so you can use your telekinesis ability on the fruit bowl.

Minikit #02: There's a forklift in the lower level that can be fixed with either Tony Stark or Ultron. Take the vehicle to a box on the left side and lift it to find this piece.

As Thor, fly to the rear of the ship on stand on the platform next to the crate hanging overhead. After the event with Quicksilver, hop down to the lower area and throw the hammer at the crate. It should drop with Quicksilver still on it. Attack him when he tries to make a grab for the hammer. Hop back down to the lower level, construct an electric panel from the bricks you see. Power it up with Thor to activate the elevator.

Take Black Widow up the ladder off to the west side, and make use of the agility wall inside the elevator to get the walkway above. Use her scanner then have Thor try to break through the damaged panel that you find. Quicksilver shows up once again; attack him when he gets stunned.

Minikit #03: There's a golden wall at the bottom of the elevator for someone who can use lasers to carve through.

Minikit #04: Smash the remains of the hanging crate to the left and create a speed pad from it. This should allow someone like Quicksilver to get on a walkway with this minikit waiting at the end,

Back on the lower area, use your scanners by the missiles to the right and have Cap access the switch you find. Have Thor try to break through the damaged panel behind Quicksilver and he once again tries to take your hammer; attack him when he gets stunned which should knock him out.

Hulk Killer Character Token: Enter the room Scarlet Witch exited from by fling into it. Access the S.H.I.E.L.D. terminal there. Do it for one more time with a Hydra agent to discover a Hydra emblem which you must break for this token.

Construct a deflection pad at the lower floor and have Cap reflect Scarlet Witch's attacks towards the gold brick underneath her position. You will now enter a world conjured up by Black Widow's subconscious.

Minikit #05: Break all the stuff at the right side of the area to uncover a vent for Vision to use. Use your telekinetic powers on the piano at the other side.

Count Nefaria Character Token: Search the area for an electric panel to power up and enter the room it opens so you can use telekinesis on the flower pot. Use Loki to freeze the water puddle for the token. Access the tech panel here afterwards to leave the room.

Destroy all three of the targets to proceed into another hallucination world, this time involving Peggy Carter.

Ravage Character Token: Head for the stage and have Hawkeye yank at the red handle.

Stan Lee In Peril: Take a brawny character to have a go at the green handle to the right of the stage. This will destroy the speakers and free Stan Lee.

Minikit #06: Quick one here. All you need to do is hypnotize the drummer.

Minikit #07: There's a box in the southeast corner of the room for Ultron to smash. Construct a camera from the bricks to get this collectible.

Walk up to Captain America to continue to yet another hallucination world, this time with Thor and Heimdall.

Minikit #08: Search the west side of the room for a table and break it. You should see damaged panel below. Break that too.

Approach the flames here and follow the QTE with Thor to complete this part of the level.

With "Hulkbuster" selected in the menu, aim at Iron Man with Veronica's satellite. Press the designated button to equip Iron Man with the Hulkbuster armor. Go through the QTE prompts and beat on Hulk until he moves to the safety of a building. Shoot lasers at the gold spot on the structure where Hulk is then use Veronica's "Cage" from which Hulk will escape and initiate a QTE. For the next bit, use Veronica's "Repair" on the Hulkbuster. After the repair drop lands, go through the next QTE sequence until Hulk moves away again. Finally, use Veronica's "Gas" ability on Hulk and keep at it until the gauge maxes out. Take control of the Hulkbuster again and approach Hulk to complete the level.

Minikit #09: Another quick one. Smash the silver traffic light.

Minikit #10: To get this collectible, you need to warn two groups of three people using the "Warn Citizen" ability from Veronica's satellite. The first group of civilians are in the first area and the remaining group is in the second area.

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