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Chapter 04 - Shakespeare in the Park

LEGO Marvel Avengers Walkthrough and Guide by mogg1342
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Chapter 04 - Shakespeare in the Park

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Hit the road right at the start of the level and simply follow the trail of ghost studs to where you need to go. At the end of the trail is a jet you can ride. Once on the carrier deck, send a cloaked Black Widow to sneak past some cameras to reach the switch for the runway lights.

Minikit #01: Activate the S.H.I.E.L.D. control panel next to the runway lights switch.

Head to the center of the area and double jump up the crates until you get to the top of the tallest pile. Use Widow's scanner here and shoot the two target markers that appear. This allows access to a lift so use that one to get to the upper deck. Destroy the blue box here to build a tech panel out of the bricks. Use this one to shut three circuits which opens a room where a cleaning vehicle is waiting. Get on that and drive over an oil spill to clean it. Next, speak with the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent near the garage and he enlists your help in locating a signalling flag. Ride the lift back to the upper deck, go left then use Widow's scanner too see some poles she needs to get the flag. Go hand it over.

When your new allies arrive, take control of Captain America and have him hit the elevator switch with his shield. Head over to the center of the area so you can go activate that switch.

Stan Lee In Peril: Destroy the silver dish next to the control tower and create a speed pad. Make use of it to go break some boxes next to the antenna just to the right of the tower. Finally, have someone with a scanner reveal a drone that will help Stan Lee.

Minikit #02: You can spot this minikit floating next to the control tower, just below where Stan Lee used to be.

Minikit #03: At the beginning of the second area (Loki encounter), destroy the lock on the bike and get on. Follow the trail of ghost studs to this minikit.

Minikit #04: Look at the building off to the left side of the area to spot a pink planter that you can destroy and create a vent from. Send Vision through it for this collectible.

Minikit #05: There's a building at the rear section of the area that has a clock that telekinesis can manipulate. Fly up there to make the timepiece cough up this minikit.

Suit Loki Character Token: Operate the S.H.I.E.L.D. panel located just below where the 5th minikit was. The banner should then drop so play with the control panel again using a Hydra agent to change the banner and get this token.

Minikit #06: Search the eastern section of the area for a car that Ultron can tear apart.

Studs x8 Red Brick: Check the northwest corner of the plaza and you'll find the Collector craving for a hot dog. The hot dog vendor is at the southeast section of the plaza. Hypnotize the guy so he gives you a hot dog to be handed over to the Collector.

Now for the battle with Loki, Aim to defeat all the mind-controlled cronies first before turning to focus on Loki. Loki will mainly do two things at this point -- either restrict movement by pinning down whichever character the player is using or trap you in a bubble and use his illusions to attack you. Simply switch to the secondary character to escape the former and hit your closest attacker for the latter. Eventually, Loki will move to the back of the battle area and conjure six other illusions. Just use Iron Man's scanning ability to find the real Loki and keep hitting him until he calls it quits.

Minikit #07: During the third of this level (Thor battle), you'll need to eliminate five spider webs to get this collectible. There's one at the start of this section; another becomes visible behind Thor once he takes position on a rock; a third is on the path to the left when you make your way back to the beginning; and a couple more are on both sides of the path to where Thor is after your second encounter.

As Iron Man, you must smash the silver objects on your way to a clearing and have him scan the tree stump when you get there. Once Thor attacks, just follow the button prompts that come up until the battle ends. For the next phase of the fight, Start breaking stuff until you have enough pieces to create a chainsaw, then put Captain America in the Deflection Pad so he can redirect Thor's lightning attack to the chainsaw's electric panel.

Ares Character Token: After the first phase of the encounter with Thor, backtrack to the first clearing and search for a red mushroom at the back of the area. Repeatedly jump on it until it sinks into the ground. Do the same to the second mushroom as well as the third one.

Minikit #08: For this piece, you need Hulk to smash through the fissures on the boulder that Thor uses as his perch.

Minikit #09: You must use telekinesis to move the plant next to the cracked boulder that hid the 8th minkit.

Viper Character Token: Check the east side of the area where "Thor's Rock" is for a spot on the ground that you can dig into to find this token.

Minikit #10: Head left from the area where Thor's Rock is and look at the lower portion of the path for a dig spot. Take the tractor you found to the right and finish the race for this piece.

When you're ready, use Iron Man to grab the chainsaw and chop down the tree where Thor is on. Go through the next QTE sequence until the battle ends once again. Move to the end of the path afterward to a rock that Iron Man can scan to reveal some destructible pieces. Destroy these and smash past the tree here. At the final area, create a tech panel from the bricks. Use this with Iron Man so you get more bricks to build a cannon. Finally, have Captain America use his shield to hit the switch at the side of the cannon to complete the stage.

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